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What dreams of someone else’s house on the main dream books Vanga, Freud, Miller

What does it mean if you had a dream about someone else’s house by main dream book?

To understand what dreams of someone else’s house, you have to deal with the basic values. On the one hand, a foreign house is always an adventure, a quest.

On the other — the adventure is not always pleasant.

Traditions of psychoanalysis consider a visit to someone else’s house as a serious love affair, perhaps a short, but with deep emotional overtones, a desire for intrigue on the side.

Probably, one should not consider someone else’s house in a dream solely from the point of view of erotic experiences, there may be enough other interests in life. From the point of view of classical psychology, an alien home may show a propensity to examine oneself when one’s self seems to be an unknown and alien space.

A dream about someone else’s house cannot be unambiguously classified as good or bad, for good or vice versa. Sleep simply reflects the current state of things, your own desires and fears.

The games “get out of someone else’s house and investigate detective stories, like dreams, are based on a person’s fear of himself, the need to research his own capabilities, the secrets of his personality.

What dreams of someone else's house on the main dream books Vanga, Freud, Miller

What dreams of someone else’s house in terms of psychologists

The common plot of sleep — you walk through a suite of rooms, long corridors, look around alone. The value of sleep — you really lonely, but quite comfortable alone with yourself. You are ready for a change of destiny, looking for comfortable and interesting opportunities.

Advice — be more active in real life, distract from the contemplative role.

Alien dwelling house — you invade foreign territory. There may be a version of a love affair or excessive hobbies of someone else’s life.

If you dream of someone else’s house from the series — you would like to try on someone else’s life, try to become someone else, change.

Hotel, motel camping — you need a temporary shelter, you do not consider the current state of affairs as permanent.

Non-residential house, abandoned warehouses, industrial premises — you are prone to detailing and consumerism towards yourself. Abandoned and non-working facilities mean missed opportunities.

You could realize them and regret the loss. Do not drive yourself to despair, missed opportunities can be a good hobby.

And there, who knows how your life will turn.

Quite often, hobbies became a source of basic and good income. Go to the courses, watch the training videos, try yourself in forbidden areas.

All problems are solved if they deal with.

What do emotions mean in a dream with someone else’s house

Since the classic version of exploring someone else’s home, as one’s own alter ego, seems to be the most convincing, emotions are important. Your emotions show your own attitude towards yourself, your capabilities, desires.

Emotions are not always significant in a dream, but in the case when you happen to see someone else’s house, this is important.

Fear, fear of aggression, you are pursuing someone or running away — you are afraid of yourself, do not dare to be frank within yourself. You are pursued by your own desires or you yourself are trying to find them.

Curiosity, interest, you consider various objects, notice successful details, think that you would need to learn some moments — you are busy arranging your life, bring order, try on new opportunities. This is a positive approach.

To see someone else’s house, furnished in the way you would like to arrange your own — to have a good and proper dream.

You feel alienated. This alien house in a dream has nothing to do with you, it is unpleasant to you.

Most likely, you blame yourself for some act and are not ready to forgive yourself.

Fire and other disasters in a strange house in a dream — you are disturbed by apprehensions, you sense a possible storm and have not yet decided how to prevent it.

What dreams of someone else's house on the main dream books Vanga, Freud, Miller

Dream Interpretation Alien House

  • Dream Vanga treats someone else’s house as a wish fulfillment. The dreamy figure of the ideal house appears in the Vanga dream book. In fact, the cheaply-gingerbread image of someone else’s house speaks of infantilism, the desire to be liked, the dependency.
  • Dream Miller treats someone else’s house as a promise of change in life. Good changes, if the house seems pleasant and interesting, bad changes, if the house inspires horror and fear.
  • Freudic dream interpretation shows the possibility of entering into your life of strangers and new hobbies. How happy the union will be shows the overall condition of the house.
  • If you dream that you are busy working in someone else’s house, clean up, clean up, maybe you are not the happiest in marriage. If work in someone else’s house is annoying for you, you are being commanded, you are angry — an unpleasant situation has developed in real work or in a family. Someone is trying to solve their problems at your expense.
  • The fence around someone else’s house shows the degree of protection of your thoughts and ideas from the outside world.
  • Cleaning in a foreign house according to the female dream book shows involvement in other people’s problems.
  • Fire — treason.

Population of another’s house

This factor shows how much you are willing to put other people into your soul. The people running away or hunting for you are not counted, these are also your projections, the same guests as you are. People who are with you in a miracle house have access to your inner world.

These are really close people, regardless of the nature of what is happening.

What dreams of someone else's house on the main dream books Vanga, Freud, Miller


Dreams with someone else’s house show a tendency to introspection. Other people’s homes are your possibilities, your true desires.

You see calm houses — you want to relax. Designer interiors — explore your artistic abilities.

In fact, someone else’s house in your fantasy is yourself, as you see yourself from the inside. Life is changeable, the dream shows only your attitude to yourself at the moment.

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