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What dreams of someone else’s blood on dream books and the practical importance of sleep

What does the blood of others mean in dreams?

Blood in a dream is a strong sign that can mean injuries, real or mental, and support. Your own blood refers to family members. Alien blood — to the rest of the world.

Since we are predators, the blood of animals is eaten, blood sausage is made, Hematogen tiles, special cocktails for nursing patients with anemia.

To dream of the blood of animals can mean the complaints of strangers. Consider in detail what dreams of someone else’s blood, positive and negative values ​​of the dream.

Do not forget the fact that the dream is yours and everything that happens in it is exclusively in your head. Consequently, all acting characters are you.

Or other creatures, but only in your own interpretation.

You should not be angry with someone who offended or even killed you in your dream. Likewise, it is not necessary to be surprised if you yourself destroyed someone in a dream, but here you are alive and healthy.

This is the case when the realization of the actual meaning of sleep does not contribute to universal harmony.

What dreams of someone else's blood on dream books and the practical importance of sleep

Basic Values

  • Blood is a sign of vitality. Without injury, blood cannot be seen. Traumatic situations are usually associated with blood in a dream. If you see in a dream that someone, bleeding profusely, does his job or goes courageously ahead, you may be beginning to get tired of this person’s complaints about life, you begin to be more critical of the feats of labor and the actions “despite everything”. For example, a husband is covered in blood with a gift for you — a touching bouquet from the next flower bed. Such a dream means serious doubts in effort and a significant amount of irony.
  • Alien blood in a dream, appearing on the walls, ceiling, on the floor of your house is in no way connected with brutal murders. This dream means that you are wasting time and vitality.
  • Bloody tears — you are still gullible and sincerely believe in touching and terrible stories about the suffering of others, empathize and waste your own strength. Save your sympathy for loved ones and for yourself. Alien blood on the face or flowing from the wounds means your sense of guilt, helplessness, empathy, the desire to prevent the terrible. Such dreams are characteristic of all religions. Are you dreaming to redeem your guilt, often imaginary? Help yourself first. Do something useful for yourself. Go to creative courses to have more opportunities to express your delicate and sensitive nature.
  • Someone else’s blood is on your hands — it seems to you that you are abusing someone else’s trust, you are tormented by your conscience.
  • Murder, injury, dreams, in which you act as an aggressor and ruthlessly shed someone else’s blood. Probably. Your annoyance has reached its limit. You are tired of endless demands and need rest. Go on vacation immediately.
  • Cooking blood sausage — you enjoy the manipulations and consider yourself a strong owner who will find a way out of any situation, be able to negotiate with the most uncompromising person. You can threaten and scare, find weaknesses. Sleep shows that you replay and it’s time to change tactics. Otherwise, you run the risk of being alone.
  • If you see someone else’s blood on a person’s clothing, it means suspicion. You doubt this man and fear him.
  • Someone donates his blood voluntarily — donation or ritual goals — personality devaluation and sacrifice. To drink someone else’s blood in a dream is energy vampirism, the use of people solely for their own benefit and for their own purposes.
  • Bloodied animals tend to get into the house — you are tormented by a sense of guilt in front of the animals you ate. Decide for yourself whether you are ready for vegetarianism out of guilt. This is a personal choice.
  • Bloodied children or other people — you blame yourself for someone’s death. Are you really guilty or thought up guilty? Do not indulge in despondency, try to find a way out in charity. Do something good. Share your life force with people.

What dreams of someone else's blood on dream books and the practical importance of sleep

Authoritative sources about someone else’s blood in a dream

  • Dream Miller treats the blood of a friend that you want to stop as a sign of guilt in front of him.
  • The body of a stranger in the blood means trouble in which you will be involved one way or another. To avoid involvement is extremely difficult.
  • A female dream book claims that a dream in which you bathe or smear in someone else’s blood promises excellent health and complete well-being. But if the blood is thick, black, with clots, with prozeleny — serious health problems are possible, especially with the liver.
  • Dream Vanga sees someone else’s blood as life force. How you use it in a dream — it is in real life. Perhaps you torment those around you with endless cavils, wound your loved ones with ill-considered words.
  • Family dream book considers blood sausage as a sign of peace and well-being within the family. Perhaps you are jealous of the neighbors and the relationship is not the best. Beware of accepting gifts.

What dreams of someone else's blood on dream books and the practical importance of sleep


To see someone else’s blood in a dream is in most cases a sign of manipulation that oppresses you. Manipulation and repression is a normal part of the functioning of human society.

It is annoying balance shift and imbalance, unequal relationships.

For example, when forced to work hard for 16 hours in a row for a meager salary, it’s still nothing, but if you force a person to also show joy and gratitude, it will be an imbalance that can turn the most friendly and calm people into bloodthirsty maniacs.

Change jobs, improve family relationships, stop feeling guilty and inconsistent. Go to a few sessions to a good psychologist.

A few days of calm with the phone turned off will bring you back to normal.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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