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What dreams of someone else’s apartment on the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller

Dreamed of someone else’s apartment — how to interpret according to dream books

This dream does not seem scary or disturbing, but dream books interpret it not very rosy. So why dream of someone else’s living space?

General interpretation

  • To see someone else’s apartment in a dream is considered a bad sign for people who are married or in a serious relationship. It is believed that this is a sign of future partner treason. Perhaps not yet held, but already planned.
  • On the contrary, seeing yourself in an unfamiliar bedroom means that you will soon have to endure the jealous attacks of your beloved or beloved. And most likely — baseless.
  • If you remember an unfamiliar hallway, where you waited for the host to arrive for a long time, it is possible that unpleasant conversations or perhaps even humiliation will “shine” on you.

What dreams of someone else's apartment on the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller

  • In general, a stranger’s apartment in a dream means that disturbing changes will begin in your life, and it’s not long to wait.
  • See the fire and even try to extinguish it — you will be forced to solve serious problems.
  • Doing cleaning in an unfamiliar apartment — a scandal will soon break out in your family. Sometimes such dreams foreshadow the beginning of squabbles at work.
  • To make repairs in someone else’s home — you start cooling to your spouse (spouse), although you yourself do not want to admit this.
  • If you stood and watched how a stranger worked — perhaps you have a close friend who needs your help, and very soon you will have to help him out.
  • To see a terrible mess in an unfamiliar home — you are threatened with frivolous but numerous problems.
  • To a woman who got into someone else’s apartment in a dream and saw an unfamiliar girl or lady there, the dream sends a warning: you have a rival, be careful!

However, sometimes such dreams are and good news

  • Big apartment, many rooms — soon you will know success at work, or your material condition will improve.
  • Clean apartment, with a fresh renovation — this dream means that changes will soon begin in your life, and you will like them.
  • If you know that you are standing in your apartment, but you don’t recognize it, you will receive pleasant news, and maybe not even one.
  • Stand on the staircase and see the door open for you in an unfamiliar apartment — guests will soon arrive.
  • Are you an unmarried girl, and see yourself as a guest in an unfamiliar home? It is possible that soon you will be offered a hand and a heart.

What do the authors of famous dream books say?

Sometimes the same dream is interpreted by authors of different dream books differently. We have collected for you the opinion of the most authoritative interpreters.

Read them all — their judgments do not refute, but complement each other.

What does Dr. Freud see in your dream?

What dreams of someone else's apartment on the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller

As usual finding, and active cleaning in someone else’s apartment «grandpa Zigmund» sees the same: your favorite (favorite) changes you. Your subconscious mind already guesses everything and tries to warn you with such dreams.

It is possible that soon you will find not only circumstantial evidence, everything will end in scandal and separation.

However, if from the outside you feel free to enter unfamiliar rooms, the psychologist warns: if someone in your couple is prone to treason, it is you yourself. However, if you do not enter, but break into a dwelling that you do not belong to, you may soon have to face intimate-type harassment.

And what does the “interpreter of 10,000 dreams” by Henry Miller say?

Did you feel yourself the master of these unfamiliar square meters? If yes, sleep is good — your wallet will soon be seriously replenished.

Have you tried to swap real estate? The interpretation is all the same — probable betrayal.

What dreams of someone else’s apartment that you want to rent? For marriage, if you have not been to the registry office.

And finally, the opinion of Vanga

Bulgarian prophet said: if in a dream you tried to sell real estate that does not belong to you, you will be separated from your beloved.

To dream of someone else’s apartment on the lower floor means a lower self-esteem of the sleeper, and if, on the contrary, it is almost in the clouds — be attentive to others, especially to relatives. Perhaps you offend them with your arrogance.

And besides, as the dream book says, someone else’s apartment in a new house is a sign of future success in life (moving to a good place and even marriage), and in the old one — that all your work or efforts in your personal life are wasted and needless productive will not.

Opinion psychics

What dreams of someone else's apartment on the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller

These people are considered to be great lovers of “making a fog”, however their interpretations are the most logical and reasonable. “The root of all evil” psychics are advised to look in their own feelings.

  1. See the unfamiliar apartment? Perhaps, in fact, you want to change something in your life: work, relationships with loved ones … Finally, move somewhere.
  2. Do you see someone else’s but familiar apartment, say, a neighbor’s apartment, or your relatives? It is possible that you “think” about it even after turning off thoughts, that is, something in it attracts you. Most often it is banal envy. Remember what exactly can attract you — fashionable repair, cool appliances, large living space?
  3. Walls with holes, a ceiling with gaps, in general, is not an apartment, but a “victim” of the bombing — such is the dream of only people who are thoroughly entangled in their lives. Understand yourself!
  4. Dark and uncomfortable rooms? Your vitality has seriously dried up. You need to rest and do a mental «reboot», otherwise not for long and get sick.

Did you find the interpretation of your dream, and you did not like it? Knowledgeable people say: you can ward off a bad dream.

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