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What dreams of snow, white or dirty on dream books

Why dreamed of snow, white or dirty: interpreted by dream-books

Snow in a dream is a sign of peace, purity. Quite often, snow means having to hide or completely forget the past, start life from scratch.

Change of opinion, revaluation of values, revision of meanings.

For women, the snow-covered landscape can also mean an unconscious desire to embody a new social role — motherhood, divorce, the desire of grandchildren, the return of a carefree childhood. Be attentive to your desires, they are really easy to confuse.

The desire to return to childhood is very similar to the desire to have children, but these are different things.

Often, people spend half their lives in pursuit of false goals and face frustration. To see snow in a dream is a complex sign; you should spend most of your time on clarifying the meaning of sleep for yourself.

Changes are needed, but they should be carried out with minimal injury, without the slightest haste, gently and carefully.

What dreams of snow, white or dirty on dream books

Basic Values

  • Snow in a dream often means sadness that can cover and completely change the whole life. All that was significant is wrapped up in a cold white veil and is unavailable for the time being. In all likelihood, you have reason to be sad, but this is a sign of renewal. You need privacy, rethinking values, peace of mind and lack of haste. Over time, things will get better, although it is unlikely to become exactly the same as before.
  • In some nations, snow in a dream is associated with virginity, inner cleanliness, some frozen feelings, coldness. In a broad sense, virginity refers to reason and implies doubt, an inquiring and sober mind. These are qualities that deter men who prefer hot and thoughtless passion. If you want to call the location, learn to smile and hide the coldness. On the other hand, coldness is a good barrier against familiarity and inappropriate attempts at service romances.
  • Hiding, hiding from the snow — you quite successfully avoid the fate prepared for you. It is possible that your fears have a foundation. It is necessary to stop, think, carefully weigh everything and make a decision about which you will not regret too much.
  • Buran, blizzard — a sign of serious and dangerous tests. Find a safe haven, ask your friends for help. The storm is even charming if you watch it from their windows in a warm and secure home.
  • Falling into the snow — you are adamant and stubborn, prefer short and quick decisions, but this does not always work. Think of a more effective and less time-consuming strategy of behavior. The use of minimal technical means makes walking in deep snow ten times easier. Stop battling with windmills and act like stilts. You can easily increase your efficiency if you think about it.
  • If a snow avalanche catches up in a dream — it seems that you are carried by a ruthless wheel of fate. The dream is subjective. In reality, find a way to dodge and get out of the series of too rapid events. Buy yourself a cup of coffee or ice cream and sit quietly for half an hour, until the facts themselves add up to the right picture.
  • There is snow — get a new source of strength. You need it. Find occasions for joy and time for fun. Without joy, a person is quickly exhausted and tired. If you do not want to lose efficiency — by all means take a break for fun. It would be better to go to the theater, cinema, restaurant, go somewhere with the company.

What dreams of snow, white or dirty on dream books

What dreams of snow on dream books

  • Time of year matters. If the snow had a dream in winter — its value greatly decreases. Perhaps this is just a reflection of reality. Pay attention not unusual dreams. For example, it is muddy on the street, and you dream of a pure white cover and sledding — such a dream means trying to forget problems and solve them as quickly as possible, as in childhood. This dream is a success if the skiing is fun and enjoyable. If something scares you, there are unresolved moments that you deliberately ignore.
  • Seeing pure white snow is an intuitive solution to problems. Perhaps you already know the solution, it takes time to speak it out loud or formulate it for yourself.
  • If you dreamed of snow at a time when there is no even a hint of it outside the window — according to a female dream book, this is to excellent health and, possibly, to a desired pregnancy.
  • Sparkling sharp snowflakes, light snowfall — a pleasant pastime, excellent mood.
  • According to Menengetti, snow in a dream means sexual coldness and frigidity, excessive control and rationality.
  • Dirty snow, melting — to the problems and the disclosure of secrets.
  • English dream book appeals to prudence and promises extremely pleasant values. Sleep means peace in the family, well-being, professional success and untainted reputation. The intrigues of ill-wishers are possible, but you will easily overcome their efforts.
  • Eastern dream book warns of the danger of internal burnout, empty snow, apathy, indifference.

What dreams of snow, white or dirty on dream books


To see snow in a dream is an excellent sign, especially for the intellectual elite. On the other hand, it is also a warning about possible emotional cooling. Do not forget that a person is a warm-blooded creature and needs a warm heart to achieve meaningful results.

Snow — a sign not to rush to conclusions.

Haste only hurts. Some delay in making decisions will only be on hand.

Be sure to take time for fun and entertainment, invite friends, or go to a noisy place.

Changing the situation will help you focus and find new solutions. Maybe you miss the snow.

Go to the ski resort. This is not unusual. There will always be winter on a large part of the planet.

Someone is chasing the summer, someone needs sparkling snow.

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