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What dreams of skiing in the longo and modern

What do the skis that you dreamed in a dream mean — the correct interpretation

Why dream skating on these wooden or plastic «sticks»? Not every dream book is familiar with skis, but we have found for you the most complete transcript of dreams, one way or another connected with this “transport”.

What dreams of skiing in the longo and modern

General interpretation of such a fun dream

  • Skiing in a dream is good: most often they are associated with recreation, nature, and health.
  • If you admired a skier competing in a competition, a dream means: you will reach your new «heights».
  • If you watched a group of skiers skating, it means: your relationship with your friends is getting warmer. Maybe even a comrade about which you have not heard for many years will return to your life.
  • Was a real friend a skier performing somewhere or just rolling around? Soon this person will need your help. Do not refuse! Over time, this friend will «rise» and generously thank you.
  • If you skied not quite on skis, but on a snowboard, the dream promises a pleasant surprise from your close friend.

Appearance of skis

  • They were bright colors. Your subconscious hints: you are stuck with life, which means you urgently need to «shake it up». It will help rearrange the house, redecorating, changing the menu.
  • Old, dilapidated skis: you will be reminded of the days spent at school. It is quite possible, you will meet someone from old comrades, or you will schedule such a meeting.
  • Broken skis: problems will enter your life.
  • On the contrary, they were new: in life you will only be a winner. Skis stood on the window: you will gush forth with fresh ideas.
  • They were very long: you are “shined” by a very boring job, requiring maximum perseverance. But you really try — get a decent payment.

What did you do in your dream?

What dreams of skiing in the longo and modern

  • You slid on a grooved track (ski track), or on a flat road: in your life everything is as “smooth” as on this track. Most likely, in the near future, nothing will change.
  • You made your way through the high snow, making your way in person: life prepares you for a “rake”. If you adequately overcome everything that has fallen to your lot, life will get better, and it will also improve.
  • Getting stuck in the snow on the ski track: moving towards your goal will be hindered by something personal.
  • What dreams of skis that you bought? You want to “refresh” your own life by bringing something new into it. For a long time to choose them: think well what you plan to do. The second interpretation of this dream: you finally buy a thing that you have long dreamed of.
  • Have you bought very bright skis (red or something)? To brighten up fresh life, you need to enter into it extreme — for example, a hobby bordering on danger.
  • In your dream, skis bought another person? So, in real life, you can expect a surprise from a close relative or friend.
  • To rent skis in a dream: you will need to prove your authority before minors. It will not necessarily be your children — maybe you will be saucy for the children of relatives or acquaintances.
  • To take care of the skis (say, to smear them with a special tool or with the usual lard): a situation that greatly irritates you will soon be resolved thanks to your ingenuity. This dream has another interpretation: you are respected at work, including your boss.
  • Nervous in a dream because the skis were stolen: in real life, you lose something.
  • You yourself were such a thief? Your affairs simply stalled, and you need to make attempts to somehow “revive” them.
  • You jumped from a springboard with skis: you are destined to act increased responsibility. How did you land? If successful, you will quickly achieve your goals. If you fall, there will be additional problems — although of course, you will be able to solve them.
  • Wear skis in a dream, zip up (fasten) shoes: in your hands there is some information that you can use skillfully.
  • You rode on broken “sticks”: some kind of your deed will spoil your life.
  • Skating with friends: friends will make you happy, or maybe you should sit together well. If you were skiing alone, it means that you like calm and inner harmony (maybe you are an introvert?)
  • Did you throw them away? Your head will visit the idea-fix.

Was it not winter skating?

  • The most common interpretation of skiing without snow is a rather extravagant act.
  • Water skiing in a dream promise a carefree holiday.
  • Fall from them into the water: a person you trust will upset and (or) disappoint you.

Was there an injury, a breakdown?

  • Have you fallen from skiing? You will soon get in trouble, and you only need to blame yourself.
  • Due to the fall, did you break a limb? An envious colleague secretly puts you sticks in the wheels, making it difficult to grow in a career plan.
  • In the dream, you skated with plaster? Sleep warns of a possible illness or injury. Be careful!
  • You broke skis: to achieve the goal, you need to win a few small problems.

Opinion of the most famous books

What dreams of skiing in the longo and modern

Not every dream book can decipher the appearance of skis in a dream — after all, this type of movement is far from popular in all countries. But these books well know what you were riding in a dream over a snowball!

Dream of the white mage Longo

  1. As this dream book says, skiing is nothing but a hint: your life must change before problems start. And trouble will bring something for which you are so desperately grabbed.
  2. Broken ski is a “rake” on the way to the goal to which you are far from the first day. Yes, the obstacle seems difficult, but do not give up things — you will overcome everything and still achieve your goal if you do not lose heart.
  3. Did you rent skis? In real life, a child (maybe even a non-native) will ask a childish question. You will have to include all your intelligence and ingenuity to answer it correctly.

Modern dream book

  1. In the dream, you were not an athlete, but a simple vacationer, skiing for fun? «In real life» you urgently need to change the situation. Take a vacation and roll away.
  2. Have you processed skis with a cream for easy gliding? Your environment is sure that you are a wise and serious person.
  3. Did you fly on skis from the mountain and at the same time desperately trot This means that you work on the principle of «the eyes are afraid, the hands are doing.» Yes, you doubt yourself, and yes, you are afraid that it will not work out — but you don’t give up, and as a result you will get a perfectly completed work.

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