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What dreams of silver and how to understand the value of the dream

Dreamed of silver — transcript of popular dream books

Silver from ancient times is considered a magical, magical metal. It is silver bullets that kill vampires and werewolves outright, silver dishes disinfect a significant number of bacteria, water in a silver flask stays fresh for a long time without a musty aroma.

In many homes drinking water is kept in jars and jugs with a silver spoon.

Such water is considered beneficial to the stomach. Silver jewelry helps maintain health and darkens in case of problems.

It is believed that silver protects against envy and the evil eye. These qualities have pure silver, but not fake, the so-called sterling or Chinese.

Let us examine what dreams of silver on the main dream books.

What dreams of silver and how to understand the value of the dream

Basic values ​​of silver in a dream

This metal symbolizes unselfishness. Expendable material against evil. If you are afraid of vampires or terrible dreams torment you — order a chain of real silver with a simple decoration — a silver bullet or a four-leaf clover.

For the price of silver jewelry is available even for high school students who save on breakfast. But this does not mean that silver dreams of poverty. Rather, to moderation.

Silver is merciless to greed, envy and destroys them with the same enthusiasm as other evil spirits.

Silver paths, moon bridge, city with silver spiers — these dreams have a common interpretation of deception, which you follow, not wanting to see anything but a false reality. In fairy tales, the silver bridges and paths were arranged by elves. For greedy people, trails were arranged, dotted with fake coins, along which a person confidently and joyfully walked towards his doom, choking with happiness and delight.

Be careful if you see such signs in a dream, do not enter into unearthly feelings or untold riches.

Silver is considered the moon metal. In this case, the moon has two meanings — the exposure of vile tricks and sweet deception. Rude lies will be exposed, but only to be replaced by a beautiful and destructive mirage.

To dream of the moon and something silver at the same time — beware of the subtle cunning.

Dishes, cutlery — beware of poison. This refers to verbal poison, lies, flattery, slander.

Buy yourself a silver spoon. You can even a small, coffee.

Such an amulet to some extent protect against evil tongues. It is believed that the spoon will darken from the poison, or if there is a person who hates you. Remember the expression «being born with a silver spoon in your mouth»? it is associated with the tradition of giving a silver spoon for the birth of a child in the wealthy families of the nobility.

Treat yourself to the reality.

What dreams of silver and how to understand the value of the dream

Chains, jewelry — you have true friends. Perhaps you are not giving them enough attention, the dream reminds you of this.

To clean silver objects in a dream — perhaps to the disease. If you touch a decoration or a household item in a dream, and it immediately shines with a pure light — the fate of you smiles slyly, use it.

Any enemies will be powerless and, quite possibly, they themselves choke on bile from envy.

What dreams of silver and how to understand the value of the dream

What does silver mean by dream book

To see silver in a dream is the beginning of a new business in which you will be unheard of. But do not rely too much on luck and charm. Constantly check the soil under your feet.

At the moment when you lose control of reality, everything can fly to dust.

Dream Miller urges not too trust the feeling of omnipotence, which often appears as a result of dreams with silver. This feeling is deceptive.

Assess your strength really.

The female dream book pays special attention to pair jewelry — bracelets, earrings, cufflinks. Paired subjects suggest mutual deep feelings.

On the other hand, if you are attracted to loneliness — in a dream you will see pendants, single magic items, mirrors made of silver.

Double cups, the pressure of the dishes for a dozen people mean the possibility of a large and strong family. To lose a spoon or other cutlery — to lose or weaken family ties. During the quarrels, the loss of spoons and forks in a dream is especially relevant.

If you dream that knives disappear, even fruit ones, someone has planned something unkind.

The dream interpretation of Medea also pays special attention to dishes made of noble metal. In her opinion, boilers, ladles, bowls and cutlery symbolize the reliability of the family hearth. What the English say «my home is my fortress.»

Medea draws attention to the jewelry in the form of thin chains, chains and bracelets. Perhaps this is not only protection, but also shackles.

Almost all silver objects have a double meaning in a dream. What value applies to your life depends solely on you.

According to the Nostradamus dream book, to discover the treasure of coins — to monetary reform and revision of finances. Discover the silver vein — find an inexhaustible source of joy.

What dreams of silver and how to understand the value of the dream


To dream silver is a complex sign. You are probably under the protection of light forces. You are not afraid of rude attacks, slander, flattery.

In this case, you will need restraint and sanity, so as not to succumb to the charms of deception. Be careful not to believe in mirages, flattery, too glittering prospects.

Do not lose the sense of reality.

Passing a check is not easy, but you need this test to truly believe in yourself. You are waiting for interesting and exciting adventures. It is not necessary to sit still and wait for the mirages to unfold before you.

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