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What dreams of sex with her husband in the dream and the basic meaning of sex in a dream

Dreamed sex with her husband — transcript for different dream books

Sex with a husband in a dream means a strong passion. You can assume that you are very lucky.

Most women during real sex with her husband are happy to fantasies and represent very different people — imaginary handsome men, singers and film actors.

The same thing often happens with men. Who in this case is actually making love is generally incomprehensible, because fantasies do not intersect.

To see sex with your husband in a dream is a sign of real desire, lust, sensual side of love.

But there is a negative side. Sex in a dream is a sign of a strong unfulfilled desire.

We always want what we don’t have, or we don’t have enough. To dream of having sex with her husband can mean jealousy, mistrust, low self-esteem, dissatisfaction with relationships, fear of rupture.

What dreams of sex with her husband in the dream and the basic meaning of sex in a dream

Common meanings of sex with a husband in a dream

  • Sex with my husband in a dream, if he is away on a business trip or is missing — you are strongly attached to a dear person, you are bored, your imagination is trying to compensate you for the missing. Enjoy the dreams. Most likely, you will have a great opportunity to test imaginary scenarios in practice a little later.
  • If you dream of someone else’s husband, doubt, probably does not exist. For you, it is extremely attractive. Do not realize the dream scenario in reality — the feeling of guilt will spoil the sensations. In addition, there will be unpleasant memories. If the script still seems attractive to you, you think that you have enough dexterity and cunning to do everything imperceptibly — immediately go to a psychologist, or better, to a neurologist. Because a psychologist you will be able to circle around your finger. Do not create problems from scratch and do not make enemies.
  • Sex with a husband in an unfamiliar place — you are looking for new sensations. Perhaps you are on the verge of treason, but still hold on. Tell your husband about your wishes in plain text, discuss your fantasies. If you think that your marriage will not sustain the power of your desires, but you would like to save it — you will have to look for realization on the side.

What dreams of sex with her husband in the dream and the basic meaning of sex in a dream

  • Sex with the husband and his friend — such a dream often means the completion of the novel. This is an attempt to galvanize the corpse of relations. You need more attention and you are ready for almost everything to get it. The same applies to sex with her husband and girlfriend — you are desperately bored and want a new one. Take a vacation, go climbing or diving. Write an action novel. New thrills can be obtained in different ways.
  • If you dream of having sex with a husband in a public place, you want to demonstrate your feelings, to consolidate the right of ownership. In reality, such a dream can mean gossip and bad rumors, the reason for which becomes your inappropriate frankness.
  • Sex in weightlessness — such dreams show a separation from reality in a good sense of the word. At least with the imagination you are all right. Most dream books will celebrate your high spiritual growth, but we honestly admit envy. Because half of the globe dreams of sex in weightlessness.
  • If you dream that your loved one is having sex with someone else — you are very jealous. It is possible that your concerns are well-founded. Try to learn more about her husband, do not take for granted his messages. But most importantly — decide what you need. What will you do if the suspicions are true? Some women put up with their husband’s betrayal for the sake of material goods and even strive to look like a perfect couple, smile cheerfully and take diamonds. Some prepare ways of retreat and consult a good lawyer. To arrange a scandal with denunciations — the most stupid and ineffective option. Maybe you have a hormonal failure, stress, or increased anxiety. Think about your actions well anyway. Increase doses of friendliness and smile.

What dreams of sex with her husband in the dream and the basic meaning of sex in a dream

What does sex with her husband in the dream?

  • Freud’s dream interpretation interprets sex with her husband in a dream — a sign of prolonged abstinence, hormonal storm, desire, regret for lost opportunities. Sex in a dream, from the point of view of Freud, is an extremely frank sign, which is more characteristic for puberty. Also, sleep may indicate hormonal abnormalities. Sexual discharge is necessary, otherwise the enraged hormones will make your behavior not quite adequate.
  • Female dream book advises to pay attention to your feelings during the dream. Did what was happening in the dream give you pleasure? if so, you miss your husband or the person you consider to be your husband. If pleasures are not or impressions are rather negative — it may be worth thinking about changing attitudes or even status.
  • All dream books converge in the fact that a woman who even in a dream sees her beloved spouse deserves the highest reward and praise. Most likely, in real life you will receive recognition in the professional field. Learn to use your sexuality, while maintaining inaccessibility and loyalty to your spouse — this is a great way to the top of your career.

What dreams of sex with her husband in the dream and the basic meaning of sex in a dream


Sex in a dream is a deep sensual experience, the frank eroticism of which can confuse. The meaning of sleep is quite simple — you desperately need sexual intimacy.

Perhaps you do not have the opportunity to have sex with her husband, but are not ready for an intimate relationship with another man.

It is also logical to assume that self-gratification is not a worthy alternative. Perhaps you should use the services of a massage parlor with erotic programs — this method was offered by English physiologists at the beginning of the last century.

This method of sexual discharge will allow you to get sexual feelings without guilt. But if sex in your life is enough, and the desire does not weaken, visit an endocrinologist and a neurologist.

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