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What dreams of sex: interpretation of the dream

Sex in a dream may indicate the absence of erotica in real life. If the dreamer has no shortage of sexual relations and he still has dreams of an erotic nature, changes that will affect not only heart matters, but also professional activities. The interpretation of dreams depends on many factors: the day of the week, the sex of a sleeping person, the sign of the zodiac, emotions and actions, the environment, partner and other details.

For example, if a married man dreams that he is engaged in same-sex sex — the spouse will present an unpleasant surprise. A dream of this nature promises a happy event and material prosperity for a woman.

What dreams about sex:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
Interpreter SchillerBeautiful eroticism symbolizes positive emotions and success in love affairs
Modern dream book
  • Dominate — to achieve the goals.
  • Be passive while making love — show little initiative in real life
Predictor Vanga
  • For women: public shame and condemnation of others.
  • For a man: to general recognition and success in work
Pythagoras InterpreterIf the bride or groom dreams of their first wedding night on the eve of the upcoming celebration — to an unfavorable period of life that will last no more than 10 days
Sonny Jung
  • For a man: protest against criticism and recriminations of relatives.
  • For woman: the dreamer wants to change something in her life, but does not dare to do it
Female interpreterIn real life, the dreamer lacks romance and she feels deprived of male attention.
Family DreamFor hanging out with your relatives and close friends
Noble soothsayer
  • For men: to success in a professional field.
  • For women: to love disappointments and grieves
Dream MillerTo dissatisfaction with your partner in real life
Interpreter TsvetkovaConceived not realized due to unforeseen circumstances.

What dreams of sex: interpretation of the dream

The meaning of the dream depending on the type of sex and circumstances:

  • Oral sex. It symbolizes the talkativeness of a sleeping person and the inability to listen to his interlocutor. Such a dream can dream a woman or a man who failed to keep someone else’s secret and now very regret that the secret has become public.
  • Anal. Heralds the perfidy of a loved one.
  • Same sex. If a man dreams of having sex with a man and this process is disgusting to him, the dreamer cannot control his emotions in real life. If in a dream the dreamer himself is offered to have sex with a boyfriend — to an unexpected turn of events: the wife can tell about her infidelity or will be convicted of infidelity. For a woman, the dream of sex with a girl promises a pleasant pastime and a trip to another city or country.
  • Group. The dreamer wants to try something new and unexplored.

Having fun while making love in a dream is easy to cope with life difficulties in reality.

To dream of others having sex — to difficulties in professional affairs and a series of unpleasant events in personal relationships. First sex — you need to make in your life more tenderness and sensuality.

What dreams of sex: interpretation of the dream

The meaning of sleep, in which there was sexual intercourse, is interpreted very widely depending on who participated in it:

The dreamer yearns for fame and popularity, he is vain and ambitious:

  • For a woman, such a dream prophesies the fulfillment of a cherished desire and stunning success with members of the opposite sex.
  • For a man — career advancement and financial prosperity
Husband or wife (girlfriend or boyfriend)To family well-being and idyll in relationships with your loved one
Familiar, familiarA new venture will be successful
Native sister (brother)For help from a close relative
Unknown personExcessive shyness and notoriousness in communicating with members of the opposite sex
ColleagueTo commit an impulsive act or make spontaneous and rash decisions
Late relativeTo hopeless sadness and sadness: the dreamer really misses this man
Friend’s wife or friend’s husband
  • For a woman: the dreamer is jealous of her friend, since the love affairs of her are not as successful as those of a friend.
  • For a man: to quarrel with this man and to stop communicating with his friend
Famous actor or actress
Friend or girlfriendTo a strong and trusting relationship between the dreamer and the dreamed
Former or formerSorry about lost time and opportunities or to renew the relationship with a former partner
Fantastic creatureTo a rich and vibrant period of life and interesting acquaintances
Black or Black WomanTo a pleasant shock.

What dreams of sex: interpretation of the dream

What dreams about sex on different days of the week:

Day of the weekValue
MondayTo a surge of vitality and readiness for decisive action
TuesdayTo cardinal changes in all spheres of life
WednesdaySoon the dreamer learns something very pleasant and joyful. For a woman of childbearing age — pregnancy, for a man — news from distant relatives
ThursdayTo deterioration of health and loss of vital energy
FridayThe dreamer needs good rest and getting rid of negative emotions.
SaturdayFate has prepared many tests for a sleeping person, but if the dreamer is able to overcome them, he will receive a generous reward.
SundayAll the troubles in the life of the dreamer are due to his negative thoughts and pessimism. You need to believe in your strength and not dwell on failures.

Interpretation of erotic sleep for different signs of the zodiac:

Zodiac signValue
CrayfishThe dreamer is surrounded by liars and deceivers who spread dirty rumors about him
a lionYou need to trust your partner more and rely on your own intuition
VirgoBefore the sleeping man will soon have a choice. If he makes the right decision, the situation will be resolved successfully and will bring material well-being.
LibraBy the arrival of distant relatives
ScorpioTo achieve success you need to make maximum efforts and be patient
SagittariusEnemies will deal a crushing blow
CapricornTo baseless suspicions and jealousy on the part of the elect
AquariusTo the inner struggle and despondency
FishThe dreamer inadequately assesses the situation and prematurely gives up
AriesFortunately and prosperity
TaurusIt is necessary to devote more time to spiritual development and to think not only about material values.
TwinsTo losses and irrecoverable losses.

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