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What dreams of scissors in a dream — Sonny G

Dreamed scissors — interpretation features by dream books

All our inner experiences and fears are reflected in dreams. Often, night vision can warn us of danger or lift the curtain of the future, and it also gives us tips for solving a particular situation.

Well-known dream books endow paired objects with a special meaning. For example, scissors are both a symbol of life and death.

But how to understand the dream in which you saw the image of this tool? Now we will understand.

Dream Scissors «by G. Miller

  • Scissors in dreams are an unfavorable sign. Spouses will be jealous of each other, and lovers will have differences, which will lead to constant quarrels. Also, the future of your activity is very ambiguous.
  • In a dream, you break an instrument — you will probably avoid people who are trying to impose problems on you that are of little interest to you.
  • If in a dream you see already broken scissors, then you should restrain your ardor, otherwise you risk losing close friends.
  • Well-sharpened scissors in dreams — it means that you have to do the work that causes you deep disgust.

What dreams of scissors in a dream - Sonny G

Why dream of a scissors on the dream book of the writer Aesop

  • Like scissors are a pair object, so its interpretation has its duality. This tool regularly serves us in everyday life, but at the same time it can hurt us with careless handling. It is also used by lovers of divination: with his help, one can predict the betrothed and conduct a seance.
  • If this object dreamed you in a dream, then it means that your enemies are preparing to strike.
  • In the night vision you drop the scissors out of your hands — it means wait for unexpected guests. Perhaps it will be distant relatives or old friends.
  • If, in a dream, you sharpen a blunt tool, then you probably easily manage to find a way out of any difficult situation.
  • Cutting yourself in a dream about a sharp object — this means that in reality you are overcome by fear and uncertainty about your future.
  • In the night vision, you are engaged in cutting out various parts from paper — this means that in reality you are trying to “pile on” your problems to other people when they have enough without your worries.
  • Guessing in dreams with the help of a pair of tools means that in reality you are conducting very dangerous and unfavorable business for you.
  • Seeing rusted blades — such a dream suggests that you need to be attentive and wise before you take decisive action.
  • If you have your hair cut in dreams, it foreshadows a monetary loss to you. Probably, you will be offered a case that will become a result of failure.
  • In the dream, at the ends of the scissors, you hold a thing — this means that in reality you need to beware of thieves.
  • Asking to borrow a sharp instrument — probably due to some misunderstanding in the circle of your family, a serious conflict will arise.

What dreams of scissors in a dream - Sonny G

How does the dream dream interpretation of the XXI century

  • Seeing in dreams the image of scissors — you may have to share your savings with relatives.
  • A broken instrument was dreamed up — in spite of the fact that harmony reigns supreme in the family, there is no mutual understanding among its members.
  • Scissor-cut fabric — for a man, such a dream promises an unsuccessful marriage.
  • I dreamed of cutting something off with a tool — you will probably be offered a lucrative offer that will bring a lot of income.
  • For an unmarried woman, a dream with a pair of scissors foreshadows an acquaintance with a person with whom she will later want to tie the knot.
  • For a woman who already has a spouse, sleep promises replenishment in the family.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

1. According to the psychologist, the image of scissors in a dream is a symbol of your success in all undertakings. The people around you will cause sympathy and respect, which will entail a lot of new acquaintances and a lot of unrestrained flirting.

2. Trying in a dream to cut a thick matter with a small tool — this means that you are overcome by doubts in your sexual abilities, but you don’t know what you really dislike. In such a situation, do not “give up”.

First you need to analyze your interests, what feelings you would like to experience, and, having drawn conclusions, you can experiment to get pleasure. Also refrain from all sorts of accusations about the sex of your partner, as this will not help you get closer and solve this problem, but will only lead to distance and constant quarrels.

What dreams of scissors in a dream - Sonny G

Dream Interpretation from A to Z: sleep «scissors»

  • If you dreamed of this tool, then in reality you can save yourself from serious consequences that may arise as a result of a serious illness.
  • In dreams, you scissor paper — it means that your spouse or lover suspects you of treason.
  • Seeing the image of golden scissors is the personification of happiness and well-being in the house. Also, such a dream foreshadows replenishment in the family.
  • Sharply sharpened tools — you will probably take on someone else’s business, which will bring you continuous losses.
  • Trim the bushes in a dream with shears — this foreshadows you monetary losses, which may arise as a result of unsuccessful investment.
  • If in a dream you are using a special tool for cutting metal, it means that someone is encroaching on your freedom and independence.
  • Old scissors — you can safely buy a lottery ticket and bet, because now you are the unsurpassed lucky.
  • Tailoring shears are dreaming — it means that a period of quarrels and offenses will come to your family.
  • Blunt tool in a dream — you should refuse an invitation to visit, if communication with these people is unpleasant for you.
  • See broken scissors — probably you should pay attention to their behavior. After all, precisely because of your impulsiveness and the inability to stop yourself at the right time can lead to the fact that you lose close friends and find yourself the object of dislike for others.
  • If the night vision was wounded by a scissors blade, it means that someone will dismiss the rumors that you are a scruffy mistress and an unprofitable mistress.
  • Sharpen this instrument in dreams — you will become a participant in a scandal that will be featured in the press for a long time.

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