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What dreams of salted fish in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

Dreamed salted fish — the correct interpretation of the dream

If a person eats something salty at night, he will dream of water. But what you need to eat to see the fish, and even salty?

Why dream of such a delicacy, how does this dream interpret the dream book?

What dreams of salted fish in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

General interpretation of such fish sleep

  • As a rule, fish in a dream is a good sign, even salty. It can mean improving your financial situation and even the birth of the desired child.
  • Sometimes a similar dream (no matter what kind and size the fish dreamed of), is interpreted as follows: you see your life too monotonous, passionately dreaming to dilute it with bright emotions.

What was she like?

  • Fresh, delicious, with a huge piece (or dreamed of a lot of carcasses). This is to profit, and the more you see the fish, the more easy money will fall on you.
  • Rotten. You are in trouble. Maybe it will be direct losses, or a seemingly successful contract will suddenly become «rotten.»
  • See salted fish, which was also dried — ambiguous dream. If you touched her, this is a “verdict” to your current work, there will be no sense from it. Well, and if you are fond of gambling, the dream is vice versa, a good one: he says that fortune will finally turn its face to you and smile broadly.
  • Salted and dried vobla suddenly scored tail? This dream also foreshadows good luck.
  • Red (salmon, salmon). This is a bad sign, promising a lot of tears. And if the delicacy in fact turned out to be more spoiled, that is, rotten, a difficult test awaits you — however, friends will help to survive it.

And who is the dreamer?

What dreams of salted fish in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

  • Student. What did you do? If salted fish was fried, sleep may promise training far away, it is quite possible that abroad.
  • The man. In this case, salted fish in a dream — to the «profits». And you yourself do not expect income from this source.
  • Girl. Soon a very courteous man will appear on the horizon of your personal life. Carefully, in such a charismatic guy you can fall in love almost at first sight!
  • Woman. Sleep does not promise anything good: tears, disappointment await you … Emotions that cannot be controlled will simply overwhelm you.
  • If it was just a herring, the dream dreamer promises material loss. However, after a while everything can be worked out.
  • Old man. Soon the sad news will come to you, which will lift the forgotten pain from the depths of your soul.

What did you do in your dream?

  • Roasted her. If you are not a student, the dream promises rest in the company of close relatives.
  • Salted raw fish: despite the minor differences, your «weather in the house» will be very harmonious.
  • Salted, and the fish was smoked? «In real life,» you are waiting for failure.
  • Have you eaten this gift of rivers or seas? Soon you can complain about the ailment. If you get a piece of exceptionally large, in real life, you can reveal a secret that your own people carefully hide from you.
  • What dreams of salty fish that you eat with an unusual greed for yourself, and then suffer from thirst? Sleep warns of anxieties that will fill your life.
  • Did you enjoy the taste of red fish, and when you cut the carcass, did you find caviar inside? You will find out what you do not need to know. Because of the declassified facts, the head will hurt not only you, but also those close to you.
  • Did you choose to buy such a fish in a supermarket or on the market? Sleep promises a fun, noisy company in which you relax. Was the choice huge? You will meet a very interesting person there.
  • Just to see a salted fish as a commodity — important information will soon fall into your hands. If you use it correctly, you will win.
  • To hold in your hands, to touch such a fish: the business that you started will end if not with a crash, then it will come out «to zero», without bringing the desired profits.
  • Did the fish carcass suddenly slam in its tail and run away from your palm into the river? You can improve the situation of your affairs, even doubling your condition, if you manage to catch a bird of fortune — fate will give you such a chance.

Decoding from world famous interpreters

What dreams of salted fish in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

So you learned the most popular interpretation. But would the dear authors who created the nominal dream books agree with them?

Let’s check it out now!

Dream Miller

  1. As this dream book assures us, salted fish is a sign of future profit. And it may not necessarily be money — perhaps the garden will please you with an unprecedented harvest.
  2. Was she fried? Sleep promises a trip with business overtones. If the piece or carcass was large, the trip may be very far.
  3. In a dream of a young girl (maybe even a schoolgirl) such a fish means either a cool party, or a guy in love with her. Older girl fish promises unhappy love, and an adult lady — a new phase of family life with her husband.
  4. If a dream girl in a dream with a big appetite ate such fish, sleep for pregnancy, which will end with a wedding and a happy family life.
  5. Salted fish ate older lady? If it was tasty, you will soon be warmly thanked. If the fish turned out to be a rare filth, and even spoiled, beware of problems soon.

Dream Vanga

  1. Bulgarian seer disagrees with most interpretations. For her, salted fish in a dream is a bad sign warning of a meeting with a bad person and financial loss.
  2. The fish was very poor quality: there would be such difficulties at work that you would have to “turn on” the most stringent savings of the family budget.
  3. If you ate salted fish, it means that a «wolf in sheep’s clothing» lives or works near you. Guess who it is — so it will be easier for you to defend yourself against its wiles.
  4. To hold in hands a very beautiful, appetizing carcass — for profit, and unexpected.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

The most famous expert in the analysis of the unknown considers the fish (and salty including) the symbol of the penis. It is not surprising that Dr. Zigmund deciphers this dream almost entirely in a male context.

  1. If a man ate such fish in a dream, it means that in bed he thinks about himself, and not about his mistress. And if the taste of fish was excellent, the dreamer is satisfied with everything in such a relationship.
  2. If he caught a fish, took it out of the water — there is a fear to seem like a bad lover. And the more he is afraid, the more “misfires” happens. Nerves, what can you do!
  3. Did you cook something with such fish? So you are a very attentive lover who respects your partner (or partner, if the dreamer is a woman).

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