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What dreams of rotten eggs?

What dreams of rotten eggs?

The symbol of the egg is associated with the birth of a new, bright future and the resurrection of Christ. Rotten eggs always cause unpleasant emotions, and in dreams warn of the occurrence of adverse times.

However, the accuracy of interpretation will depend on the characteristics of the dream storyline and the participation of the dreamer in it. What dreams of rotten eggs?

We learn what they say dream books about rotten eggs.

What dreams of rotten eggs?

What does dream mean?

The egg is a symbol of unrealized ideas, dreams and plans. If a spoiled egg dreamed, plans were not destined to become reality. However, the symbol of a rotten egg portends not only spoiled plans, sometimes it can portend:

  • early illness;
  • disappointment in something;
  • wrong actions in life;
  • trouble because of people.

If you clearly felt unpleasant smell in a dream, the subconscious mind warns to be prudent and careful in communicating with people. Take a closer look at your surroundings: aren’t enemies hidden under the masks of friends?

Sometimes the image of rotten eggs speaks directly about the dreamer’s own ideas that will lead to trouble. See broken rotten eggs with blood — Do not arrogate to yourself the results of the labor of others, for it will be retribution.

If you find yourself in a hopeless situation, do not violate moral principles and norms — later you will regret it bitterly, because it will be very difficult to wash away the stain from reputation.

More often rotten eggs warn of weakening the body, which will inevitably lead to disease. Therefore, pay attention to your food, dress for the season, take vitamin complexes.

Rotten eggs for pregnant woman are a warning about the complication or threat of miscarriage.

This dream is especially dangerous for businessmen. If you have started a deal, give up your plans — you are in for ruin and major losses.

Especially beware of the temptation of large profits — this is an illusion, the case will burn completely.

What dreams of rotten eggs?

Features of the plot of a dream

If you dreamed boiled rotten eggs, Beware of unexpected expenses, investing or lending money to anyone. It is better to postpone the savings and not invest them in dubious transactions.

If dreamed broken rotten eggs, expect deception of close people. Perhaps a close person decides to deceive because of a sense of shame or self-preservation. Treat the situation with understanding.

A bad sign is the attempt of a loved one to feed you with rotten eggs, this is a sure sign of treason on his part.

If a the eggs were fresh in appearance but turned rotten inside — Are you moving in the right direction? Analyze your plans, revise goals, check the integrity of business partners.

Sleep foreshadows major losses as a result of its own improper activities.

If you had a chance cook scrambled eggs from stale products, Beware of hidden enemies. Carefully review your relationship with others close people, the subconscious point to the hidden enemy.

More often the dream warns that some individuals enjoy your trust in their favor.

If you throw away rotten eggs in a dream, expect family conflicts soon. However, sleep is not a prophecy, but a warning — so do not succumb to provocations and keep emotions under control.

Beat in a dream raw rotten eggs — psychologists consider this image as a manifestation of irrepressible emotions of the dreamer. Work on yourself, keep yourself in hand and do not show your feelings too violently.

What dreams of rotten eggs?

What will tell dream books

Dream Miller He sees in this story a foreshadowing of financial troubles up to ruin. To avoid losses, simply save money to your account and do not spend.

Dreaming nostradamus warns of committing a cruel deed if the dreamer broke the rotten eggs in a dream. If someone else breaks rotten eggs in your dream, you will soon become an eyewitness to bad events — crimes or robberies.

Dreaming Veles warns men about unsuccessful marriage, and women — about the betrayal of the spouse.

Gypsy dream book he prophesies news of the dead man and major losses if in a dream the dreamer has drunk a rotten egg or picked it up from the ground.

French dream book warns of trouble «out of the blue» if there are rotten, dirty or broken eggs in the dream.

Modern dream books relate interpretation to the moon phases. If a dream dreamed of a waning moon, the interpretation is positive — they will take away all the trouble with them.

A dream on a growing moon will spell surprise — pleasant or unpleasant. It all depends on the feelings of the dreamer during the dream.

A bad omen is considered to be a dream on a full moon: it warns of impending disasters and complete devastation. However, you should not worry, because this is just a warning.

Breaking rotten eggs — to a quarrel with colleagues at work. Smell the smell of a rotten egg — invisible enemies will intrigue you.

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