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What dreams of roses: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of a woman and a man of roses: the interpretation of dream books

In spite of the fact that in reality roses personify femininity and beauty, the dream in which it was possible to see them is not always positive. In order to properly understand the meaning, you need to remember the shade of the colors, the quantity, what they were and what the person did with them. The interpretation of the dream of the gift given depends on the gender, age, marital status of the sleeper.

Different dream books offer different options for decoding.

The dream of roses is interpreted differently depending on the age, sex of the sleeper and other features:

Who dreamedValue
Unmarried girlA good sign, foreshadowing a joyful event of a personal nature. The dreamer will soon meet true love and be immensely happy with this man in marriage
Married womanIt is worth waiting for the emergence of passion in life. This may be a new round in the relationship with her husband or the emergence of an ardent lover.
Unmarried guyBy meeting a girl who will become the love of a lifetime
Married manTo family harmony and understanding with his wife

Businessmen and merchants dream foreshadows the conclusion of lucrative deals, the signing of successful contracts, large sales and a significant improvement in financial position.

The dream of fragrant roses promises a speedy recovery to the sick.

What dreams of roses: interpretation of the dream

An important point in deciphering the image is the appearance of colors: their condition, shade and quantity.

What dreams of roses: interpretation of the dream

For the correct interpretation of the dream you need to remember how many roses dreamed:

  1. 1. An odd number is a positive sign indicating an upcoming joy.
  2. 2. Even — the dreamer will not be pleased with the coming changes. This may be a dismissal from work or a break in relations with a loved one.

Values ​​of different numbers of colors are presented in the table:

One huge roseEmotional upheavals and overwhelming emotions
TwoThere will be a difficult period, which will soon be replaced by positive impressions.
ThreeTo stability
Huge bouquetTo life, like a fairy tale

What dreams of roses: interpretation of the dream

The interpretation of sleep depends on the color of the roses seen:

Rose colorValue
Red, scarletSymbol of love, the passion, the dreamer in the future
YellowTo jealousy and suspicions that may be reasonable
WhitesTo the help of a person from close surroundings in a responsible matter, with which the sleeper cannot cope
Multicolored, different colorsTo frivolity, dreaded windiness
BlueTo discord in a love relationship and break due to infidelity of a loved one
Burgundy, dark redAn exciting journey in which the dreamer will experience a whole gamut of positive feelings
Red and whiteBeloved person will help to realize our plans.
OrangeFor a varied leisure
BlackTo the tragic news
PurpleTo lust, sensual pleasures
BlueTo the new life stage
GoldTo financial independence
SilverTo spiritual cleansing and deliverance from long-standing problems
GreenThe past will remind of itself again
PinkTo bright hopes and dreams. Tender feelings will soon overwhelm the sleeper and cover him with his head
CreamFor long-term trips, moving to a new place of residence
BrownTo increase self-esteem and getting rid of complexes

In the plot of the dream of growing roses, an important place where the dreamer happened to see them:

A placeValue
In own gardenThe dreamer expects a feeling of comfort and coziness, a warm homely atmosphere
At the cemeteryTo irreparable losses
On the treeTo pleasant surprise
Under the snowTo longing for a long separation from a heart friend

Watching a rose bush in a picturesque place — a sleeping person is waiting for replenishment in the family.

Dream interpretation gives the interpretation of the negative nature of dreams, which happened to see faded roses. This is a sign of a poor and miserable life. The dreamer is waiting for loneliness and hopeless sadness, diseases of people from close surroundings are possible.

According to another version, the dream suggests that the sleeper has not yet known true love and has not experienced affection for anyone.

The value of specific scenes and images:

The plot imageInterpretation
Roses wilted in her eyesTo failure in all endeavors. After such a dream, it is not recommended to make important decisions, because the dreamer can make a fatal mistake
Find a dried flowerTrying to renew the feelings that have long died
Look at the showered flowersCloudless life will end soon
Watch lots of dried flowers in a vaseTo fading feelings of a love nature

See artificial flowers — to self-deception. Beloved man is indifferent to the sleeper, and his love is only an illusion.

Dreamer actions associated with roses, and their meaning:

What dreamedValue
Inhale the fragrance of freshly picked flowers.Fate favors the dreamer
Pluck roses and spikesFor unbridled passion, followed by bitter disappointment
Decorate a beautiful bud hairTo the betrayal of a loved one
Break the rose, tear off the petalsTo the separation from the beloved through the fault of the dreamer
Bathe in the petals of scarlet rosesTo wealth and luxurious living. The dreamer is not accustomed to deny himself pleasures and lives by his own rules
Put in a vaseSleeping dreams of romance, he lacks the attention of his beloved, he needs affection and care
Laying on the graveTo strong remorse because of the committed act
Plant in the groundTo the serious problems that the dreamer created with his own hands
Cut, tear fresh flowers and make bouquets of themSoon the sleeper will receive an advantageous offer that he cannot refuse.
See drops of dew on a flower, iridescent with different colors of the rainbowThe dreamer has a bright future.
Trample cut fresh flowersTo commit in a fit of anger a perfidious act in relation to the object of his adoration
Find under the pillowBeloved person will soon present something very valuable and pleasant.
Buy an expensive bouquetFor unexpected expenses

Interpreters give ambiguous decoding dreams, in which the sleeping man was given roses. For the ultimate interpretation, the identity of the donor is of key importance:

Who givesInterpretation
The man
  • A husband gives a beautiful bouquet of living roses — in reality he has sincere feelings for his spouse;
  • the guy sleeping can have no doubt about the sincerity of the gentleman’s intentions. If the roses are two — to treason;
  • stranger — the dreamer will soon meet her chosen one
WomanA man who was presented with scarlet flowers in a dream has a secret admirer awake
ParentsTo trust relationships with households

If the husband or boyfriend gave flowers to an unfamiliar girl — you need to take a closer look at the person who is nearby. He may not be who he says he is.

Depending on the characteristics of roses, the following aspects stand out:

  1. 1. If the bouquet in the bouquet was an even number — someone wants evil to the sleeping person and wants his death.
  2. 2. Gave a broken flower — to stop communicating with the donor.
  3. 3. Presented a bouquet with small buds — for extramarital affairs and love affairs.

If a sleeping person is delighted with a gift, the cherished wish will soon come true. If the presented flowers have caused negative emotions — to vain expectations and unfulfilled promises.

The dream in which the asleep gives roses to someone is ambiguously interpreted. Such a plot may mean that the dreamer is eager for diversity in sexual life. He wants to experiment and experience unexplored sensations.

According to the alternative version, the image foreshadows a conflict situation between the donor and the person to whom the flowers were presented.

The interpretation, depending on who the sleeper gives roses, is presented in the table:

To giveInterpretation
SpouseThe dreamer is stingy with feelings towards his soulmate. It is necessary to pay more attention to it and show love in the form of beautiful words and unexpected gifts, warm spiritual conversations and tender touches, hugs, kisses
FavoriteThe sleeper will soon become disillusioned with the person he considered to be native.
Friend or girlfriendTo unreasonable allegations against a friend

To give someone a faded bouquet, to wish misfortune to this person, to cause pain, to make suffering.

What dreams of roses for different dream books:

Dream interpretationTreatment
MillerTo the proposal for marriage
WangiSleeping is always ready to help his family and friends.
TsvetkovaTo the wedding
IslamicTo pleasant memories and long fun
AzaraTo love adventures
AmericanThis flower symbolizes purity and purity of thoughts.
ChildTo get what you want, you need to make every effort
EnglishBlooming roses are auspicious sign and foreshadow prosperity and longevity.
FemaleTo cloudless happiness
ImperialThese flowers symbolize a long but sad life.
LoveGood luck will smile to the sleeping person soon
LunarFortunately in a love relationship
RussianSymbol of joy and love victories
NewestFor romantic dates and passionate kisses
FamilyTo the loyalty of a loved one
ModernSuch a dream foreshadows a favorable life period.
VelesovHappiness is near
GrishinaThe symbol of mystery
Denise LynnHigher forces patronize the sleeper
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaTo passionate friendships
AstromeridianUsually these flowers dream of lucky and successful people.
MuslimSuch a dream symbolizes a strong relationship.
ShereminskoyTo dangerous hobbies
GypsyThis is a happy omen. All plans will be realized, and the goals will be achieved in a short time.
MedievalSuch a dream testifies to the sound health of a sleeping person.
FrenchTo mutual sympathy, which will eventually grow into true love
FedorovskoyTo unclouded joy
EsotericA sleeping person does not notice the obvious. He is surrounded by hypocritical and greedy personalities, who he considers true friends.
Martyn ZadekiWell-being in all spheres of life
EroticSexual harassment by the opposite sex
For the bitchSleeping lucky with friends and loved one, because they are not capable of betrayal and always help the dreamer
For loversSecret admirer confesses love

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