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What dreams of Roma: interpretation of the dream

What dreams of Roma: the interpretation of various dream books

The dreaming Roma are a multi-valued symbol, the interpretation of which depends on the details of the dream. Some dream books interpret a similar plot as a warning against making mistakes, others point to approaching changes.

If a girl dreams of a gypsy, she will soon marry her lover. For a married woman, this dream indicates that the spouse will give her a reason for jealousy.

For a man, a dream in which he sees a gypsy or gypsy camp is a harbinger of dramatic changes in life.

The interpretation of the dream depends on whom the person saw:

  • To dream of a dancing gypsy — forerunner of fun. Soon, the dreamer or someone close to him will have a reason to celebrate.
  • Singing gypsy with a bewitching voice indicates that a productive week awaits the sleeper. All planned business can be successfully implemented, and there will be free time for recreation and personal life.
  • Gypsy with a baby in her arms promises household chores.
  • Young gypsywith baby — attention from the opposite sex.
  • Pregnant gypsy indicates that the dreamer will be inspired, and he will surprise others with his original ideas and plans.
  • Happy Camp — auspicious sign. Dreamer will have a good time with friends. He will be able to relax and relieve emotional stress after a hard working week.

What dreams of Roma: interpretation of the dream

It is important to remember exactly where the sleeper saw the gypsy:

  • Meeting in the street indicates problems in relationships with loved ones. The dreamer should pay more attention to relatives and respect their opinion. Do not neglect the interests of others in order to satisfy their desires.
  • To see a gypsy in the yard of your house — the precursors of change, the scale and nature of which depend on the efforts of the dreamer. If he fully concentrates on what he wants, he will have a happy future.
  • Attend the gypsy camp — a sign that, in reality, the sleeping person will be made an offer that will force him to take a different look at his life and change some priorities.
  • If gypsies come to the dreamer’s house, he will soon learn important information or receive the long-awaited news.

I had to expel a gypsy from my home — a quarrel with my neighbors is soon possible.

What dreams of Roma: interpretation of the dream

The table contains interpretations of the popular scenes of the dream of the Gypsies:

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