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What dreams of robbery on dream books and the value of robbery

How to interpret a robbery in a dream by leading dream books

Robbery, robbery — an attack to seize the property of a potential victim, theft of funds using crude and primitive violent methods. Robbery in a dream means some internal conflict, which, quite possibly, has continued in reality.

Scenes with violence, chases, beatings, robberies in a dream are the most frequent. Nevertheless, under the bloom of civilization, politeness and good manners, humanity in its deepest essence remains an aggressive and vicious savage tribe. And it is beautiful.

Ability to violence, achievement of goals through overcoming, provides the very progress that takes us into space, makes us build, invent, master and conquer nature. No humanistic idea carries a creative beginning.

If you dream that they are robbing you, this is a reason to increase security measures, to think over the protection, to take a closer look at the people who were involved in the robbery in your dream. If you rob, it is quite possible that you are really ready for the most extreme measures.

Think about what you really want to get, and whether there is a possibility of obtaining the necessary with minimal risk, without direct exposure.

To resent and read morals on “how is it possible?” Is the most unproductive thing you can do. To understand what dreams of robbery in a dream, let’s turn to the dream books.

What dreams of robbery on dream books and the value of robbery

Basic Values

Basically, a robbery dreams of money. Beggars are not afraid of robberies.

After seeing the warning in a dream, you will be able to prepare for aggressive actions and prevent theft.

  • If you dream that someone is robbing you in your house, rummaging around in your absence at tables, safes and drawers, looking for jewelry, documents, designs, manuscripts — someone in reality is hunting for your developments, property and things cherish the most. Robbery home — a sign of self-doubt, vulnerability. Consider a security policy. It may be necessary to separate the venue of any public meetings and place of residence.
  • In some cases, a robbery is not associated with material values. For example, someone had an eye on your wife, whom you buy diamonds, softened her tender heart and dreams at her expense to improve her financial well-being. Perhaps she will ask for a nice and hard-working guy. In this case, you can well see in a dream how a nice guy fumbles through your pockets. Pay attention to such moments.
  • If you dream that a robbery scenario happens at work, you are battered, appropriated by achievements and successes. Maybe the robber does not apply to your company, but to competitors.
  • Rob a bank in a dream. You may have reviewed Westerns and become infected with the romance of the Wild West. Beautifully enter, palnut the ceiling — This is a robbery! All lie! Sweetheart, please add the money in this bag — a tempting scenario of rapid enrichment. You are a romantic person. It is a pity that in the modern world such scenarios do not work. But in a dream you can enjoy. This is a dream about dream and easy childishness. In reality, guys with large pistols rarely lived to be 25 years old. Sleeping with a bank robbery can mean lucrative business offers.
  • Shop robbery is a wonderful dream, especially if there is a good selection of goods and a cashier. In reality, this means entering new markets and advice to adhere to an aggressive marketing policy.

What dreams of robbery on dream books and the value of robbery

Strange robbery in a dream

Since a robbery is a sign of confusion, insecurity, doubts, dreams with a ridiculous mix of stories often appear when robbers threaten, steal a car, try to agree «on good», defiantly spoil and break property, behave illogically and inconsistently.

Such dreams in general show a complex attitude towards oneself, disregard for material values ​​and at the same time a lack of funds, an internal struggle. You need to calm down, buy yourself ice cream, relax, go to the movies. If sleep continues to bother you, go to a psychologist and sort it out with a professional.

Professional help is always a great time saver. Almost everything can be done independently, but longer and worse.

What dreams of robbery on dream books and the value of robbery

Interpretations of robbery by authoritative sources

  • Dream Miller argues that a robbery in a dream means your own helplessness and failure, willingness to act on someone else’s advice, to overly listen to recommendations from outside.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse believes that a robbery in a dream will allow you in reality to avoid the wrath of a great boss. Keep your nose in the wind and the storm will pass by. Do not talk about premonitions and prophetic dreams — everyone will run away and you will be left alone with the angry boss.
  • Dream Interpretation Longo pays attention to street robberies. If you are interested in a professional whose approximation you didn’t even notice, this promises good career prospects. If you are a burglar, be extremely careful in reality and, of course, give up illegal measures. In the end, go to the training «how to manage people» and regularly train on your own boss.

What dreams of robbery on dream books and the value of robbery


Robbery — a common story of dreams, characteristic of complex, crucial moments of life. Perhaps your worldview should change.

Some people will lose your trust, you will make new friends and, quite possibly, will acquire enemies.

The best enemies come from former friends who suddenly lose access to free benefits. Hold the tongue, do not chat too much.

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