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What dreams of repairs in the apartment house: the interpretation of the dream book

If you had to dream of repairing a house or apartment, you should prepare for a change. Basically they will be associated with the inner world of the sleeper, as well as those areas of life that are closest to him. The interpretation of the dream depends on the location of the repair, the type of work performed and the actions of the dreamer.

Repeated vision can signal health problems that have not yet made themselves known in reality.

The interpretation of a dream depends on whether the man or woman dreamed a dream, as well as the marital status of the dreamer or dreamer.

The manWoman
  • Married. Dream promises success in new beginnings. With the support of the household, the man will be able to overcome any difficulties. An overhaul made in his own dwelling indicates that the dreamer is tired of the current relationship and sees divorce as the only possible solution to the problem. The repair is handled by a stranger — the spouse will go to another.
  • Single. The guy is not destined to tie himself to marriage. The already intended engagement will not take place, or the girl, whom he considered as a future wife, will declare that she has no such serious goals as the creation of a family and the birth of children.
  • Diluted. A man should listen to the words of the ex-wife. She has already planned a lawsuit to increase the amount of alimony, and if he receives a salary in an envelope, she will try to reclaim money or property in more sophisticated ways.
  • Married. If the married lady makes repairs herself in a dream, in real life she will have to help her husband in matters that relate to his business or work. If a woman sees how wallpaper is being glued into her apartment — soon the spouse will stop pretending, will tell you about true feelings and intentions.
  • Free The girl will get a chance to meet a promising young man if she starts actively attending cultural events. If events occurred in a dream in another country, you should go on a trip; at home, but with the involvement of foreign specialists (designers, builders) — the gentleman will be a foreigner.
  • Divorced. Do not worry about divorce. All changes will be only for the better. Repair in the apartment, where the woman lived with her ex-husband, dreams of reconciliation.
  • Pregnant. A woman will be able to endure a child without any problems and give birth easily. The newborn will be healthy and calm, will not cause unnecessary trouble. If in a dream she argues with her spouse about how the housing should look after the renovation, there is a high probability that double-sex twins will appear.

What dreams of repairs in the apartment house: the interpretation of the dream book

The interpretation of the dream depends on whose house the dreamer saw:

  • Own. Posh repair indicates that life will change for the better soon; superficial, for which the cheapest materials were used, warns of deterioration in financial condition.
  • Alien. A person pays too much time to solving other people’s problems, not paying attention to the fact that it is time to put his own affairs in order.
  • Parental. The sleeper expects help from his close relatives, although he is not on good terms with them. Doing repairs yourself is to hope that the conflict is resolved on its own, and if professional builders are engaged in this, then a common language will be found after the intervention of other people.
  • Grandma. It symbolizes the struggle with its helplessness, failure. The dreamer is haunted by nostalgia for those times when someone cared about him. To repair housing inherited after the death of a grandmother — to solve problems that have arisen because of the carelessness inherent in a person in the past

What dreams of repairs in the apartment house: the interpretation of the dream book

The room where the repair took place in a dream indicates the events that will occur in reality, as well as the goals and desires of the sleeper.

A placeInterpretation
A private houseSleep symbolizes work on relationships, attempts to find a compromise between family members, a desire to receive moral support from the household. If a person is forced to do repairs in the house, and he himself does not want to and cannot explain why, this is a sign that he is used to getting rid of the negative, finding fault with relatives and criticizing any of their actions.
ApartmentIf the dreamer has lived in it before, then family troubles await him in reality. Renovation of a newly acquired apartment promises improved health, and if there were plans to decorate a room in a minimalist style and with a predominance of white color in the interior, it means that a trip to a sanatorium is coming soon
Country houseIt means the desire to preserve the confidentiality of information and the measures taken to this end. Stop work long before they are finished — tell an unreliable person what it would be prudent to keep secret
Separate room
  • Bedroom. The dreamer will do everything so that passion may flare up between the sleeper and his other half. If the wife dreamed that her husband was doing repairs in the bedroom of another lady, there is reason to suspect him of treason.
  • Living room. A person feels tired, and he urgently needs rest, otherwise development of physical ailments is possible.
  • Kitchen. The sleeper will have to demand explanations or refutations from those who in real life spread about him defamatory gossip.
  • Corridor. A dream suggests that moving an important business off the ground will be impossible. To influence the situation, you need to change your thinking, take a fresh look at the problem.
  • Bathroom. Means getting rid of the negative. People who poisoned the life of a sleeper with their criticism or dastardly deeds will no longer be disturbed. To remove the old tile in the bathroom and put a new one in its place — the need to throw out all unnecessary things out of the house, all that has not been used for a long time.
  • Pantry or dressing room. We will have to use all the accumulated experience, to recapture the knowledge gained many years ago. If before the start of repair it was possible to take a lot of rubbish out of this room, remove a large amount of cobwebs from the walls or clean the floor from dirt, then a person will get rid of illusions and errors
BasementFight against complexes that interfere with a full life; the completion of a period full of anxieties and fears; an attempt to change their behavior, to become less dependent on the circumstances and opinions of others
RoofTime to rethink your goals, plans and dreams; bring something new to old ideas; adapt the worldview to the current realities
StudySleep symbolizes the restoration of the former well-being. The unemployed will find a way to earn money, and those who are already employed may hope for a promotion. Transform a living room into an office — an indication that the dreamer devotes too much time to work and deprives his family of attention
ElevatorFor a long period of time, the sleeper did not encounter the need to solve everyday problems, since other households did this for him. Now you have to worry about everything yourself.
The entranceOutsiders will ask the dreamer for help, and he will not find a reason for refusing, but afterwards such intervention will turn into troubles for him.

Repair «from scratch» in the new building dreams of dramatic changes in the life of the sleeper. To do it yourself is to go ahead, overcoming any obstacles and not expecting outside help.

Such efforts will surely be rewarded by fate.

Restoration of an old apartment or house speaks of attempts to revive old feelings or to reverse the events of many years ago. If there are traces of fire in this room, the person subconsciously wants to have the same qualities or skills that were inherent in him before, and now irretrievably lost.

If the repair is done only indoors, the sleeper is more concerned about the problems associated with the family. The exterior design of the house is also being updated — it means that the person has a desire to correct some situation that has occurred in society.

What dreams of repairs in the apartment house: the interpretation of the dream book

What was done in a dream during the repair symbolizes the development of events in real life.

Type of workValue of sleep
  • Instead of the old ones that were removed from the walls, confidence will be restored after suspicion of infidelity (this applies to both marital and business relations).
  • Expensive, dense wallpapers of fabric predict career growth or increase in material well-being. A person will achieve this at the cost of tireless work and continuous improvement of the skills necessary in his work.
  • Walls. The desire to change the environment will finally be realized. The sleeper will find a new social circle or move to another city, will have the opportunity to engage in a radically different business.
  • Ceiling. If for this it was necessary to climb a writing or dining table, the dreamer expects a change of leadership and the need to please the new superiors, performing tasks that are not related to his immediate duties. To paint the ceiling, standing on a stepladder or goat — to high professional achievements.
  • Window. The sleeper will change the view that he had previously considered unacceptable.
  • Doors. Soon the person will face something unusual, unexplored, and it will be a positive experience. For example, he will visit a concert of an artist unknown to him earlier; try a dish that has never heard of; will discover a new way of growing seedlings.
  • Floor. The dreamer will receive a lucrative offer. If the floor is painted black, then it is better to abandon the deal
Wall demolition
  • Combining two rooms in one house in one house — the spouses will find a compromise on a question that has long been a stumbling block.
  • To demolish all partitions, turning housing into a studio apartment — to solve complex household problems.
  • To remove only a part of the wall — the family will begin disputes on a question that no one has ever doubted.
Replacing items
  • Pipes. The dreamer will have to change priorities. If an unexpected situation happened during work, in real life the dreamer will create problems for himself with actions aimed at improving existing working conditions.
  • Wiring. A person is inclined to overestimate his capabilities and knowledge, so he will undertake a business that will be fatal for his career.
  • Window. Gaining psychological comfort.
  • Doors. An indication that the sleeper is too jealous. This is reflected not only in his desire to control every step of his second half, but also in relationships with friends. He very painfully perceives refusal to communicate and is ready to break off friendly relations forever if a friend begins to pay more attention to outsiders or occupations.
PlasteringSymbolizes temporary success. Doubt the strength of the plaster — in reality the dreamer will face a case that will require perseverance and a creative approach to solving problems; plaster crumbled off the wall — a person will make many serious mistakes that will have to be corrected independently and in a hurry
Floor repair
  • Tile. Tiles of the same color foreshadow stability. If the tile is a different color or with a different pattern, it threatens the lack of peace in the family.
  • Parquet. Dreams of acquiring real estate. Re-lay the old parquet boards — to operations with existing housing. If the work is performed by invited specialists, this means a lease; the dreamer himself is doing this — there will be an exchange or sale of the house.
  • Linoleum. Deeds that adversely affect the reputation of the sleeper.
  • Board. A person is characterized by a bright manifestation of emotions. He does not know how to restrain his feelings and always says what he thinks. Changing rotten floorboards with new ones is a family scandal involving other relatives.
  • A rock. Relationships built on material interest. If a man who is planning a wedding, had a dream that stone floors are being made in the bride’s house, then she is getting married according to the calculation.
  • Cement strainer. Dissatisfaction with their financial situation and attempts to radically change the scope of activities
WarmingIndicates a desire for capital accumulation and the ability to save, without compromising yourself in good food or entertainment

If the work was performed incorrectly or poorly, the dreamer must be prepared for the fact that circumstances that cannot be controlled will violate his plans.

The actions of the sleeper also play a role in deciphering the dream.

Interferes with repairA person is prone to conservatism and is not ready to accept the changes that should happen in his life. If strangers interfere with carrying out repairs in the apartment of the sleeper, then someone from the environment has its own benefit in maintaining the current state of affairs
Doing it yourselfA dream in which to perform all types of repair work is necessary on its own, indicates the absence of a number of people on whom you can rely. It may also indicate a desire to achieve everything through their own efforts.
Watching the buildersA person is not satisfied with his current position, but he shifts the responsibility for his failures to other people. Either he has problems, however, every time he tries to delay the moment of their decision.
Purchasing materialsPrepare for a crucial step, plan dramatic changes
Takes workThe dreamer requires others to strictly follow the rules established by him and ignores the fact that this infringes upon their legal rights.
Is an employeeVoluntarily take on other people’s chores
Lead the processThe sleeper tends to take a dominant position. If repairs are made at his home, this means trying to establish leadership in the family; similar actions in a room belonging to another person indicate an intention to get a promotion at any cost.
Quarrels with neighbors because of the noise in the apartment during the repairSomeone from relatives causes the sleeping person inconvenience, but he is afraid to say so directly and accumulates negative emotions in himself, throwing them out on innocent people.
Sorry for the high cost of consumablesUnwillingness to change anything for the better in your life, arguing that there is no opportunity
He lives in the room where the repair takes placeSleep overwhelmed by doubt or tormented conscience
Expresses discontent with the resultThe dreamer understands that you need to put your thoughts and feelings in order, but subconsciously is not ready to change
Enjoys fresh beautiful repairThe end of the black band; life will improve, long-standing conflicts will end

To learn that someone of your friends is planning to make repairs — a conflict with this person is possible soon. The dreamer is envious of the financial situation of another family, or he will be offended by the refusal of financial assistance.

To think about repairs in a dream, but not to see how they did it and not to participate in it — in reality a person will show indecision and miss a good chance.

Treatment of sleep repair in popular dream books:

Dream interpretationDecryption
MillerTo make repairs — to help someone. Consultation with relatives about updating the interior — excessive naivete prevents the dreamer from achieving the desired result
FreudThe famous psychiatrist found parallels between repair and dissatisfaction with his sex life. Hiring people for work — have potency problems
LoversA woman will support her man in everything, and he will reciprocate her
BitchAccording to the information from this dream book, the repair foreshadows the tender and trusting relationship between lovers or spouses
EsotericCollection of documents, references; troubles associated with the registration of property or proof of its correctness
Dmitry and Hope WinterAccording to the authors, the repair is a signal that it’s time to change something in life, otherwise there is a risk of losing the success achieved.
Family DreamRepair in a dream foreshadows the absence of health problems. Seeing work done on an object means that the dreamer will find a new job.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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