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What dreams of red apples on the interpretation of authoritative dream books

What do red apples mean by dream book — interpretation features

Red apples — a real pantry of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Apples are used not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology.

Extracts and fruit acids make the most effective anti-aging products.

To see red apples in a dream is a sign of excellent health, mental and physical, complete well-being and absolute harmony. Sleeping with red apples means absolute calm happiness and peace.

Enjoy the moment and try to use it with maximum benefit.

What dreams of red apples on the interpretation of authoritative dream books

Basic Values

  • In Eastern mythology, apples, especially red ones, are a sign of eternal youth, a long and happy life. In Russian fairy tales, the hero is not in vain sent precisely for apples as the medicine and means of immortality. The main significance of what red apples dream about is health, well-being, wisdom in achieving goals. To see red apples in a dream — to good luck.
  • Red apples mean a confident pursuit of goals that you think are wonderful and wonderful. For some, it is peace in the whole world, for someone it is beautiful shoes. To dream of ripening fruits poured in rich red color — you are close to getting a long-awaited result and are waiting for the right time.
  • Working on picking apples in a dream means practicing self-improvement. It is hard work that brings pleasure and results immediately.
  • If the desired fruit on the tree hang too high — you do not see the real possibilities of achieving goals. But if these are your own apple trees, you look at the high-hanging apples with a master’s eye, you know perfectly well where the stairs lie and you can even tell someone to gather ripe fruits — you know your prospects excellently and know how to count on the result.
  • Rip a beautiful red apple from the branch, bite it off and make sure that it is sour and immature — to the disappointment in life. If you have bitten a plastic or wax fruit, decoration that lay as a decoration in the kitchen — there are problems with the perception of reality. It seems that you are too gullible and take advertising and propaganda information at face value.
  • A rotten, broken apple means disappointment at the very goal you were aiming for.
  • Worm in a ripe fruit — detractors will try to do everything possible to darken your joy of victory and have already begun to work in this field.
  • Biting a sweet and juicy red apple — you enjoy your success with pleasure and, perhaps, do not shy away from boasting and bragging.
  • Stealing red apples through the fence — life can bring surprises. For girls, an unexpected pregnancy is possible.

What dreams of red apples on the interpretation of authoritative dream books

Values ​​by Authoritative Interpreters

  • Dream Vanga treats a large ripe apple as a sign that the universe favors you. Hurry up to start important business, make the right offers — this applies to both business and family creation. Good luck on your side, do not miss it.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation considers a big red apple as a symbol of sexual desires, a sweet forbidden fruit. Beautiful fruit means that you are quite pleased with your progress in this field. A small apple or many small fruits in a dream show some dissatisfaction. Chinese red apples, fresh or in jam — kisses or fleeting sexual connections. Be careful, do not get carried away stirring on trifles. The devaluation of sexual relations will lead to the devaluation of relationships, feelings, and then to the devaluation of his own personality.
  • Female dream book promises excellent health and the desired pregnancy. If the addition to the family as a baby is not yet included in your plans, you will receive a material increase — an increase in salary, an increase in status, in the position.
  • If you dream that you are giving a red apple — you want to get this sexual partner and have a strong attraction. Most likely, your passion is fleeting, if you are bound by marriage, it is better to find the strength to resist and not to succumb to temptation. An apple that is given to you in a dream shows the interest of the opposite side, which you have noticed.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse foreshadows the quick joy of victory.
  • Dream Miller claims that seeing red apples is a sign of wisdom and readiness for hard work for high goals.
  • To shake an apple tree in the hope that ripe fruit will fall from it — to the partner’s distrust in the sexual sphere. You are gnawed by doubt, you need a serious and frank conversation. If the relationship in your couple is such that a frank conversation is impossible, this is a reason to think.

What dreams of red apples on the interpretation of authoritative dream books


To see red apples in a dream — to great luck. And there will be a great temptation to relax, to enjoy the long-awaited moment of peace and luck.

He wants to arrange a holiday for himself and for loved ones. Relax on the wave of well-deserved good luck. That would be a mistake.

Do not relax, the fruit still needs to be collected and preserved.

The most positive significance are large red fruits, beautiful fresh and ripe. Dreaming means luck, vitality, wisdom, superior health.

All this is true in the event that ripe fruit are not rotten, not wormy, available to you, have a good sweet taste.

Unattainable fruits, drawn or located on the top of a tree, behind a high fence mean the wrong choice of target. You prefer to dream of the obviously impossible, you yourself are poisoning your life, better than any envious person.

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