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What dreams of raw fish according to Tsvetkov, Freud’s dream erotic

Raw fish in a dream — is it a good sign, interpretation features

Why dream just caught, butchered raw fish? What can a dream book say to a person who cleaned, chopped, ate it in a dream?

What dreams of raw fish according to Tsvetkov, Freud's dream erotic

General interpretation of this fish dream

  • The most extensive interpretation of this dream is: it is a sign of deception and illusion.
  • Any manipulation of this product indicates your willingness to act.
  • In a female or girlish dream, such a fish is an excellent omen, promising happiness in the family.
  • What dreams of raw fish especially large format? You earn a lot of money.
  • Have you seen a lot of small fish? You will be much nervous and bother with small matters.
  • Was the carcass very meaty and almost boneless? Again, sleep to earnings.

Was she undressed?

  • It was a filet. Sleep promises romance. Fillet of a particularly large carcass: large salary.
  • The piece was with a large number of bones: it is a sign of impending poverty.
  • A carcass without a head reminds: you shouldn’t think only about your wallet, you should think about the soul and internal development too.
  • Shredded and frozen fish: you can fall in love unsuccessfully (for a short while), or fall out of love with a person to whom you still feel warm.
  • She lay before you already fully processed: you will be able to profitably invest money, or succeed at work (in business).

The variety of fish is of great importance!

  • To see raw fish of red varieties (salmon, salmon) — for dinner in a good restaurant in the company of a bright personality. If the dreamer is a girl, this sign is interpreted differently — as a promise of marriage with a rich man.
  • However, the dream in which you saw raw salmon has another explanation: some of your close ones will act meanly towards you.
  • Trout: you are deceived.
  • Flounder: lose weight (quite possibly due to bad gossip).
  • Karp: you will have to run around and grope, but in the end you will be left with a profit.
  • Karas: life is filled with problems.
  • Perch promises you a «fly» (that is, an unplanned pregnancy).
  • Pike: you upset something.
  • Mackerel: Get ready to meet guests.

What dreams of raw fish according to Tsvetkov, Freud's dream erotic

What did you do in your dream?

  • We cut up the carcass into pieces: you will argue when sharing property. It is possible that your opponent will be a business partner. Sleep suggests: settle for a compromise!
  • A large filet was cut into steaks: you will be disturbed by problems — however, soon you will completely forget about them. You ate it: your family income will increase (maybe your salary will change nicely or your spouse, or some of the children will get a job). Marinated it before smoking: an important transaction can break.
  • They bought raw fish: you will live prosperously. It was not marketable? Someone will deceive you.
  • Cleaned the carcass: life has prepared you a difficult test.

Did you eat it?

  • Often a similar sign says: you waste your energy on something. Soon, the case for the successful completion of which you hope may disappoint you.
  • The second interpretation of this dream: you (or someone from your neighbors) can get sick.
  • You ate it with enviable appetite, and it was delicious: you will soon become financially independent.
  • If the dreamer is a woman (girl), and the fish was fresh and tasty, the dream may promise pregnancy (and if you are already on the run, then easy delivery). Stuffed meat can warn of illness, and a completely spoiled product is an excellent sign that promises you wealth.
  • A pregnant woman can tell fortunes in such a dream about the field of her unborn child. If the fish was masculine (say, sturgeon, carp) — wait for the son, and if the female (flounder, mackerel) — the girl.
  • Before you was a huge table, piled with carcasses or raw fish dishes: you will be pleased with yourself.

And what did famous books write?

What dreams of raw fish according to Tsvetkov, Freud's dream erotic

Each eminent interpreter looked at this sign in his own way. We offer to get acquainted with the most successful books that most accurately hit the target when deciphering dreams.

Maybe one of the following quotes will tell you the truth?

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

  1. According to us, this dream book, raw fish, which at the same time was completely spoiled (with a disgusting smell, decaying) — this is an excellent sign, promising a lot of money that will come from where you do not expect them.
  2. If you felt a dead fish, it means: you can get sick.
  3. If the fish swam in the water and was alive, sleep promises success in business.
  4. Did you catch her? For men, such a dream promises big salary, career advancement and major success in general. For women — the rich groom.
  5. If another fisherman fished out a fish in front of you, the dream promises you a child’s birth.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. Did you fish in your sleep? This means that even in bed with your beloved (beloved) you can not get rid of your daily routine. Learn to relax and think only about your partner, because otherwise you will not get an orgasm, and he (she) will be offended, having decided that you are not interested in his (her) company.
  2. If your fishing is a complete fiasco (no fish are caught), your subconsciousness hints at the fear of fooling in bed. Perhaps such thoughts are dictated by your very first bad experience. Leave the past in the past, read, practice — and be on top.

Erotic dream book

  1. If in a dream you were fishing, it means that you will soon be called in marriage. And the offer will be more than profitable.
  2. Raw fish in a dream that you butchered is a sign: you will never be able to find a guy (girl) who is completely perfect in bed.

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