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What dreams of prison for dream books Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Tsvetkov

I dreamed of prison — the nuances of interpretation of the dream books

The famous proverb says: «Do not renounce the prison and the prison.» Indeed, the modern reality is such that even an innocent person who is suspect can be imprisoned.

What dreams of prison, we learn in the popular dream books.

General interpretation

A prison in a dream is a symbol of mental or physical isolation, restraint. You may experience this forced condition because of illness, moral trauma from an unsuccessful love experience, attempts to undermine your career growth.

The limitations of freedom during this period can be experienced perfectly in any sphere of life. It all depends on what is currently the priority for the dreamer.

Seeing yourself behind bars foreshadows the danger that comes from your environment. If you saw someone else in the dungeon, then you want to limit or interrupt communication with this person.

In many interpretations, prison bars are the inner experiences of a sleeper, his pain, anxiety, anxiety, and discomfort. But if it was speculated that you canceled the court decision and released to freedom — it means that soon it is necessary to hope for good events.

Freedom is your state of mind, you are free to move and choose your own path.

What dreams of prison for dream books Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Tsvetkov

What else does prison mean in a dream

  • escape in a dream — in reality a favorable confluence of circumstances for a dreamer who is in a difficult situation. To a sick person, such a vision indicates a speedy recovery;
  • to see oneself among the prisoners — to betrayal. You will not be warned of a threat or danger;
  • taken into custody — to an obstacle in personal growth and self-education;
  • brightly consecrated windows of the colony — a sign that your insight and inner intuition will help to avoid trouble;
  • to avoid punishment and arrest in a dream — to bypass the troubles and misfortunes, to give greater importance to the true values;
  • the prison punishment cell had a dream — in reality to be under the strong pressure of a man from whom cruelty and injustice emanated.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Walking around the perimeter of a solitary cell in prison is to experience depression from impotence. Your strength is decreasing, perhaps because of stormy youth or approaching old age.

Now we are ready to rethink the way of life, but it will not give the desired result.

For some, such a vision expresses his desire to suppress strong feelings of attraction, self-satisfaction. See your beloved in prison — in reality you want intimacy with the one that does not give you the right to be near her.

The desire to possess and conquer this person can cause aggressive behavior and unrestrained perseverance on your part.

The negative message of the prediction awaits those who saw the dark prison in a dream. This may reflect the silence of the dreamer, who was entrusted with a terrible secret. This situation will adversely affect your mental state, add anxiety, anxiety and feelings.

To tell someone else’s secret you do not allow Puritan upbringing, but you will not have the strength to keep it to yourself.

What dreams of prison for dream books Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Tsvetkov

Dreamed of being behind bars — in reality, you will not be able to defend yourself, to influence difficult life circumstances. This is most likely to be the cause of the treacherous behavior of people whom you trusted.

To see a loved one in the walls of imprisonment — to put a relative in a difficult position, using his name, status and influence in society. The moment when he really needs your support and help.

To show your participation in his fate means to smooth your guilt, restoring good and sincere relations.

To go beyond the prison gates to freedom — to free oneself from painful worries and responsibility. You came out on a light strip, the troubles behind, it remains only to decide what to strive for further.


A prison personifies certain trials that fell to the dreamer’s share and limited him in actions or thoughts. As a result of certain events there can be loneliness, isolation, fear of publicity.

The image of a hermit allows you to be at the mercy of your complexes, developing the fear of intimacy with the opposite sex.

What dreams of prison for dream books Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus, Tsvetkov

To look in confinement through the bars of a window means to be under the strong influence of an authoritative person who is trying to suppress your independence, initiative, ideological values, imposing your values, attitudes and decisions. In order to prevent total control from this person, one should renounce his patronage.

Dreamed of breaking the prison bars — it means you will be able to take the position of a strong, self-sufficient person, in which you will immediately feel self-confidence and personal freedom. This will be a serious step that promises great changes in the life of the sleeper.

To rescue a stranger from imprisonment — to find a reliable and loyal companion, friend who dispel the fear of loneliness. By showing your responsiveness, care and compassion, you win the heart of someone who in the future may be your second half.

Gustov Miller

A bad sign is to see yourself in prison. Such a dream hints at a period when you have to limit yourself in actions, words, restrain emotions.

For a business person, this foreshadows difficulties and barriers in career development. Perhaps your ideas are deliberately left without consideration, so as not to give a talented employee a chance to succeed outside the organization.

For those who are in love, such a plot points to suffering. You have to hide your feelings without considering options for a happy family future.

The reason may be marriage, the opinion of relatives, parents, from whom you are currently financially dependent.

To a young lady to transfer the package to the prison of a beloved one — to be disappointed in his lifestyle, goals and intentions. You were expecting from the chosen one a secure family life.

But he is absolutely not ready for a serious relationship.

I had a dream of my own release, due to the amnesty — to unexpected pleasant news. You will cope with all material difficulties, will find stability and calmness.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

To serve time in a solitary confinement cell in a dream is a bad sign indicating a series of complex events. If you remember the number of years that are destined to spend there — it is this period that the period of bad luck will last.

A single man dreamed that he was arrested — in reality, someone deliberately wants to marry you. Such a turn of events may benefit you and turn fate into an interesting new course.

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