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What dreams of police, patrol, police visit, the arrest of the dream

Why did the police dream: how to interpret according to dream books

What dreams of the police or the police should be calculated from the context of the dream. It’s one thing to just see a policeman in uniform and during a parade — a warning that your actions are to some extent controlled.

Quite another — a dream in which the police break into your house or on the contrary, pursues the villains who have offended you.

The difference between the police and the police is not only in the title. The militia is a people’s body that is formed on the basis of self-defense detachments and then supported by the state. The police is a state body, part of the state apparatus initially.

If the task of the police is to protect citizens, then the police should first of all protect the state and its interests.

That is, the police initially have some principle of formation that is oppositional to the state. But if you do not understand political science or do not enjoy history, you will not notice the difference between the police and the police in a dream.

There will be no such plot, where a brave policeman rescues a rebel detachment from the state police.

What dreams of police, patrol, police visit, the arrest of the dream

Basic sleep values

  • Just to see the police in a dream — to witness some not quite legal event. The policeman in the crowd at the post — everything is calm. In the booth, on the dais — you are supervised, you are being watched. Do not make sudden movements.
  • The police in a dark passage, on a deserted street, a group of policemen are heading towards you, and you understand that it is too late to run. Helplessness, fear, helplessness. You had to deal with a system that is stronger than you. Do not go ahead in real life, try to retreat gently and imperceptibly.
  • Your office may have a problem. Do not enter into frank and trusting conversations with your superiors, your every word will be used against you. If you begin to give information, share your thoughts — they will not leave you alone. You will become a useful consumable resource. Do not even expect to stand out and express themselves. The most imperceptible and irreplaceable will be saved. Hide yourself. Imitate the willingness to share any information, complete ignorance and impassable stupidity. The second meaning is you feel under control. Perhaps you are a bright employee and management feels the competition on your part, seeks to limit you and prohibit your methods of work. Conclusion — soon you will have to change jobs. Start preparing, look for a new site.
  • You run away from the police. Perhaps you feel some guilt behind you and are trying to hide from the consequences. The projection of the police in a dream is your own conscience and fear.
  • You dream that you wake up by knocking on the door “open the police”, open it, and there stands Darth Vader surrounded by a storm trooper squad, the chief accountant, or your boss with a villainous face. Sleep means that your soul also has a dark side. In vain you dragged ballpoint pens from work and even stole a stapler. Now you are tormented by the horror of retribution. Act like a real villain — create yourself a good reputation. It’s enough just a couple of times to bring a basket of pies and laugh at other people’s anecdotes. Ideally, listen to the revelations of colleagues and leave with a sympathetic look.

What dreams of police, patrol, police visit, the arrest of the dream

What does the militia of the dream book mean

  • Dream Miller sees an appeal to the police or to any law enforcement officers asking for help as a sign that you are not coping and need strong support. If a patrol addresses you, wait for the proceedings and clarification of the details, quibbles.
  • The arrest from Miller’s point of view can be an interesting offer, a choice. Escape from the pursuit — you are tired of family life or work. Find a way of relaxation, time only for yourself, go on holiday alone. You can not? — it means your life does not belong to you.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation sees appeal to law enforcement officers as a craving for forbidden pleasures and tightness in sex. Too strong personality control prevents you from relaxing and getting maximum pleasure. in sex, you prefer to be a passive victim with minimal activity. Learn to be proactive, keenly interested in the details of the process.
  • Dream Vanga treats the conversation with the police as a major quarrel, identifying serious disagreements in the family or at work. You see in a dream, as the police detain your neighbor for the wrong removal of garbage, a colleague for chatter and theft of donuts — you yourself want the authorities and are ready to punish the apostates. You need to understand yourself and establish normal relationships with others. Learn to understand people.

What dreams of police, patrol, police visit, the arrest of the dream


To dream militia — a sign of control. External or internal. In any case, these are limitations.

You can put up with them or avoid contact. The life of every person in the modern world is not free and regulated. Each step is strictly controlled.

But in some cases, the control reaches critical values. Fight for your inner space, personal time, freedom of movement.

Already opening the eyes of a modern man should. Get up quickly, clean up, look decent, make breakfast, take care of children, run to work.

Any deviation from duty is punished and condemned, as if an invisible police officer constantly stands above you, ready to write a penalty for the slightest offense. To see the police in a dream is one of the manifestations of protest against total control.

You must find a way out of this situation.

Even if you are a good citizen, direct contact with the state and supervising structures never bodes well. At best, you will be released, and everything will remain the same. Do not waste time in vain.

Spend your time on yourself.

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