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What dreams of plum on dream books and basic interpretations

Plums dreamed: nuances and features of decoding by dream books

We find out what dreams plum on the actual values. Plum — a low tree with surprisingly beautiful and delicate pink flowers.

The fruits of plums are diverse, there are many varieties of this useful fruit. Blue, white, yellow, red plums, juicy and not very sweet and sour.

Plums are dried, boiled compotes and jam, used for the preparation of marinades and vinegars. Some varieties make great plum wines.

Fresh plum has a mild laxative effect, for which in the Middle Ages they didn’t like plum — then overweight, a synonym for health and wealth, was fashionable. For this reason, draining in a dream is considered a sign of frustration, fatal passion, unhappy and unresponsive feelings.

What dreams of plum on dream books and basic interpretations

Basic Values

  • Sweet plums — joy, pleasure, simple and innocent entertainment in the average price range — walking with children or friends, going to nature or to the park.
  • Immature, green — problems due to great haste, haste. If you collected things on the road — open the suitcase and double-check the list, take away deeper tickets and documents, do not leave things in a prominent place, so as not to forget — this is the maximum chance of forgetting and losing sight of it.
  • Ordinary blue plums mean stability, the arrival of small money.
  • Yellow juicy fruits can mean travel, unusual places, strange names.
  • Dried fruits with a stone — the bitterness of parting, separation.
  • Compote — to the treatment of colds, talk, routine, minor disputes.
  • Boil compote or jam — your efforts will be appreciated.
  • Prunes — for pleasure. Meat with prunes — to a good date with a person who is interested in you. Prunes with almond bone, especially in chocolate — to your own pleasures, the acquisition of expensive things, a great evening alone, without the slightest regret.
  • Tearing sour small fruits from the tree — to disease. It is worth paying attention to the stomach and intestines. Sleep may indicate increased acidity or gastritis.
  • Shake the plum in a dream — to commit ill-considered actions. Slow down a bit, don’t act rashly. If you plan to ask for an increase in salary — wait a bit. Favorable moment will be a little later.
  • One or a small amount of fruit means insults, petty abacus, envy. Stop such tendencies in reality, or risk being bogged down in petty squabbles. Small fruits mean unproductive work, poor organization, shirking.

What dreams of plum on dream books and basic interpretations

What does a drain on authoritative sources

  • According to the eastern dream-book, wild plum means extra-marital love. In bloom — a romantic and passionate feeling. Plum, covered with ruddy pink or red fruits, means the birth of a girl in an extra-marital union. Green and white fruits mean boy. The second meaning of a plum in a dream is shame and secret passion.
  • Large and juicy on the outside, but spoiled and rotten on the inside of the fruit means the collapse of hope.
  • Dream Miller promises pleasant entertainment, if in a dream you eat ripe and juicy plums. But if there are worms and pests in them — you have chosen the wrong moment for amusements and it is better to do things that do not tolerate delay. If at the time of eating ripe fruit a wasp attacks you — beware. There are people who sincerely hate you and will not stop at nothing to bring trouble and deprive of joy.
  • For a female dream book, plum flowers in a dream mean a memory of past hobbies, a slight nostalgia. Medium fruits mean the onset of the autumn pore, a reminder of household chores and preparations.
  • The English dream book compares the large and juicy fruits of the plum with an aristocratic and tender woman in romantic fantasies. Try to restrain your desires and whims, so as not to incur tests that will surely temper your character. If you want to avoid violent hardening — immediately take action and reconsider your attitude towards others. If you notice a rotten flank or pick fruit from the ground, you will be disappointed in people whom you consider to be close. Perhaps even a breakdown of the wedding or dismissal from work, a change of business. Take your time to make decisions. Even if you have revealed the hidden motivation of people and you did not like it, you can use knowledge to your advantage. Yellow juicy and large fruits promise special pleasures. Perhaps you have a chance to expand your sexual experience and part with some prejudices.
  • Plum jam — you have an exquisite taste and a tangy tongue that can harm you. Bite the tip of the tongue at least once. The British advise in such cases to wear uncomfortable clothes, so that constant concern for a decent appearance interferes with overly unforseen explosions of wit.
  • The flowers of the plum in the English dream book mean light sadness, romance, a journey to warm countries, interesting new impressions. Dream Interpretation advises to be economical in traveling and not to overspend, not to show stacks of money. If you show off — you risk falling victim to fraud.

What dreams of plum on dream books and basic interpretations


To see plums in a dream is generally a good and good sign. He promises home comfort, coziness, small but important family matters.

Sour reminder of prudence and the fact that not all thoughts make sense to express out loud, not all spiritual impulses must be followed.

Sometimes it is worth wearing too high heels to not be able to run headlong over imaginary happiness. Compotes, blanks, pastila, jam — plums in a dream are reminiscent of simple but important things that should be done in reality.

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