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What dreams of plum: interpretation of the dream?

Most often plums, especially if they were ripe and fragrant, act as a positive symbol and foretell the sleeper only pleasant events: achieving goals, improving health, and good prospects in life. However, if the fruits were unripe, sour, or made an unpleasant smell, then everything may not be so rosy.

Perhaps the dreamer chose the wrong path and followed it in vain.

The opinion of the dream books about the plum seen in a dream does not always coincide:

MillerFor a pleasant acquaintance
TsvetkovaTo the deterioration of health, chronic diseases will remind of themselves again
EsotericTo a cold snap. Because of the bad weather, the dreamer will have to change his plans
UkrainianLarge fruits — to the promising acquaintance
EverydayRipe, appetizing plum — to fleeting joys and short-term successes, which do not bring the sleeper special glory. If the fruit is immature, then the people close to the dreamer are expected to get unpleasant news, they will have nothing to do with the owner of the dream.
AdasquinaTo the fulfillment of the dreams of the dreamer that will not bring him much joy
Simone CanaaniteFresh plums — to have a good time in a cheerful company, well-being, dried plums to sad events that will make the sleeper feel sorry
WandererTo the fact that the troubles that have piled on the dreamer are temporary in nature, soon everything will fall into place

What dreams of plum: interpretation of the dream?

Lonely woman mature, delicious plum prophesy interesting acquaintances and early success in his personal life. If the fruit was glimpsed by a girl who has a boyfriend, he will soon make her an offer, and the wedding will be lush and rich.

A married woman dream foretells a gift from her husband. If the plums were sour — the dreamer expects a tiff with her beloved.

A ripe, fragrant fruit promises easy delivery to the pregnant woman on time.

A man who dreamed of the dream promises success with the opposite sex, an increase in the career ladder and other benefits of life. Sweet fruits are predicting a pleasant acquaintance to a young guy, which will smoothly flow into a passionate romance.

What dreams of plum: interpretation of the dream?

Appearance, taste and maturity of plums are important aspects that must be considered when interpreting sleep.

The color and condition of the fruit:

What was the plumValue
LargeRipe — good news and success in business, rotten — some events will cause the dreamer to be disappointed in the closest people
SmallRipe — minor joys, immature — small problems that the sleeper can handle quickly and without the participation of outsiders
FreshNew acquaintances who in the future will grow into strong friendship
WormyDisappointment in your loved one
  • blue — success in business;
  • yellow — the well-being of the dreamer or one of his relatives will soon deteriorate;
  • green — sorrow and anxiety;
  • black — useful acquaintances, the emergence of influential patrons.

If you dream of a plum of an unusual color, then someone who is sleeping wants to cheat. He should be careful and reconsider his social circle.

Covered with moldThe people around the dreamer are insincere with him
  • sweet — the started business will have an enchanting success;
  • sour — the dreamer is surrounded by hypocritical people;
  • bitter — betrayal of loved ones;
  • astringent — problems encountered will be quickly resolved.

What dreams of plum: interpretation of the dream?

For a more complete interpretation of sleep, it is imperative to remember exactly where the sleeper saw the plums:

A placeInterpretation of sleep
On the treeSoon there will be a chance due to which the sleeper will be able to fulfill his most secret desires.
On the groundThe dreams of the dreamer do not come true
In a refrigeratorThe dreamer incorrectly prioritizes. Today there are more important things that will help him succeed.
On the plateVisit the gala event, meet old friends
In the basketTo gain unlimited happiness

The actions performed by the dreamer can also affect the interpretation of sleep:

  • to collect — if a person takes ripe fruit — his desire will soon be fulfilled, rotten — he is surrounded by hypocritical friends, immature — to the illness of a loved one;
  • tear — to gain wealth, promising acquaintance;
  • eat — new relationships will be the usual flirting;
  • to bite — to be disappointed in the beloved;
  • shaking a tree — his relatives will suffer because of the dreamer’s actions;
  • buy — the desire of the sleeper to improve their financial situation is not crowned with success;
  • sell — if the dreamer changes his tactics of doing things, he can achieve great success in the professional field;
  • give a gift — to quarrel, which does not affect the mood of the dreamer;
  • to steal — success will be achieved unfairly; Sometimes this dream promises the possibility of acquiring a valuable thing literally for a penny.
  • I had a dream about a whole plum garden — for a long, favorable period; now any business started by him will be a success, the main thing is not to miss the opportunity;
  • dream prunes — to a new acquaintance;
  • there are boiled plums — to the scandal;
  • to dry the fruit — to the fact that a loved one deceives the dreamer;
  • cooking plum jam — to the disorder in the family;
  • prepare a plum compote — for loneliness;
  • Plum wine — to misunderstandings, differences.

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