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What dreams of playing cards?

What dreams of playing cards?

Guessing on Gypsy cards is popular with girls and women. Maps reveal a veil of secrecy, allow you to look into the future.

Especially common divination at Christmas time and the new year. What dreams of playing cards, what symbolism express?

Consider all the values ​​of the interpreters.

What dreams of playing cards?

Symbolism of playing cards

A game deck dreams of changes in life, troubles and surprises. It can be a pleasant surprise or sad — it all depends on the suit, which was dreamed in a dream.

Plots with maps:

  • shuffle the deck;
  • playing cards;
  • drop the card;
  • other actions with the deck.

Card game — a symbol of the pursuit of the bird of happiness, trying to catch her by the tail. Endless bustle, “not a moment’s peace”, ghostly hopes and dreams. Play a dream card — Wait for failures, comes the black stripe in life.

Win cards — fleeting success, followed by failure.

See a deck of cards in a dream — to unpleasant news and changes. You can find out the secret information that will be the soul and not give rest.

Divination cards can foreshadow the loss of faith in yourself, dangerous illusions or the loss of property.

Buy a deck of cards — to risk. All that you have in mind. turn into a hoax.

If you are going to make a deal or sign a contract, it is better to postpone this venture. In love, this story also portends deception: perhaps your favorite has led someone on the side.

Shuffle cards or lay out — you are at a crossroads and can not choose the right direction of the path. Perhaps you should use the advice of a wise man to overcome an incomprehensible situation.

Play cards in a dream — to uncertainty and instability of the situation. Fate depends on an accidental set of circumstances, it is not known whether you are lucky or unlucky.

The dreamer does not control his life, hopes for good luck or will “carry it away”.

Play for money — to future financial difficulties. In the near future, you should limit financial expenses or minimize them. You should not invest in questionable projects, sign contracts or lend.

It is also not worth taking a loan or borrow from someone. All financial manipulations need to be frozen.

However, the card playing with friends for fun — good sign. Soon your hopes will come true, our plans will be realized.

If the dream sees a sick person, healing will soon come. Also, a dream may herald the arrival of guests and a pleasant pastime.

Watch the game of cards from the side — to deception and illusions. In love this story reveals the insincerity of the partner, deception in love.

If you see your friend playing cards, you will soon find out unpleasant information about him.

Drop cards — to the disclosure of secrets, shame and repentance. Everything that you tried to conceal and hide will become the possession of other people.

You will have to answer for your deed, to atone for your fault.

What dreams of playing cards?

What they say about the dream maps

ABC interpretation of dreams He sees in the image of a card deck a chance for luck. Further, the interpreter gives the meaning of suits, denoting certain areas of life:

  • worms — personal life;
  • tambourines — work;
  • clubs — finance;
  • peaks are obstacles.

If a saw aces in a dream a certain suit, which means that major changes are coming in life in the sphere which they symbolize.

  • The moon dreaming sees in the game of cards the foreshadowing of the quarrel.
  • The Russian dream book gives the following interpretation: to play — for fun, to win a game — for profit, to lose a game — for loss.
  • The dream-horoscope recommends that you limit the costs if you have dreamed of playing cards in your sleep.
  • Dream Lens recalls: enjoy life, do not think about the result of their plans.

Family Dream considers the card game to be a promise of fulfillment of hopes, if it was not gambling. Gambling for money offers various obstacles, to lose the game — to quarrels with opponents. A card win promises litigation and justification.

Seeing a lover for a card game — his intentions about you are not entirely honest.

Modern dream book He sees the image of greed in the image of a playing deck, considers the game of cards a harbinger of trouble. To see a diamonds suit separately — in profit, a heart suit foreshadows a love adventure, clubs promise a profitable business, and peaks dream of illness and deception.

If the game in a dream was hazardous, great difficulties await you, the loss of the game foreshadows the appearance of dangerous enemies, the winnings are in danger. Card suits foreshadow the following: diamonds — wealth, clubs — demanding partners, hearts — personal well-being, peaks — possible widowhood and ruin.

Dream interpretation 2012: moderate gambling, learn to enjoy the game. See tarot cards — to solve the confusing life situation.

Dream dream of the future this is the interpretation of card suits: tambourines foreshadow profits, worms — love, baptizing — a profitable enterprise, peaks — failures and illness.

Dream Dream considers the image of a playing deck a symbol of illusions and delusions. All expectations will be in vain.

To dream in a prediction through playing cards — the opposite will happen. The party in the cards with the familiar — to the insincere relationship with him, the party with a stranger — to a big mistake in life.

What dreams of playing cards?

Dream Interpretation From A to Z warns: the image of the playing deck foreshadows losses due to greed. Playing cards for fun promises the fulfillment of a dream, gambling — to trouble, to win a game — to an invitation to visit, to lose — to failure in life.

To see how a friend cheats when you play — opens his dishonest nature. If a friend plays fair and wins — avoid responsibility for his actions, if he loses — to a little quarrel with him.

If you cheat while playing, beware of wasting money.

Shuffle the deck — to the hustle and bustle, recalculate cards — to luck, to see marked cards — to anxiety, a sealed deck symbolizes an unknown future, a printed deck — you are in for fraud with a forgery. To build a house of cards — to a false rumor, to play cards in a gaming establishment — profit through a constant risk.

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