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What dreams of pike: big, live, pike in a dream to a woman

Pike is a thunderstorm of small fish from freshwater bodies of water, and a welcome trophy of anglers. People even composed a fairy tale about this predator, giving the toothy a fantastic ability to fulfill desires.

Understanding what pike dreams, you need to remember all the nuances.

Dream Miller caught predator interpreted as a victory in the competition. During the confrontation, the help of friends will be important.

What dreams of pike: big, live, pike in a dream to a woman

Dream Vanga A pike caught from a river is considered a symbol of the fact that enemies will fall into their own traps. According to the Bulgarian prophetess, dreamed dishes from predator serve as a warning.

Soon someone from the inner circle will try to deceive.

By female dream book if the pike is bitten, in reality an act of an envious person will bring trouble. It is necessary to beware of the perfidy of imaginary friends.

When pike dreams a man, interpretation of what he sees applies to all spheres of life. A meeting with an attractive woman is likely, and a passionate, but short-lived romantic connection. Toothy predator warns that in reality it is advisable not to lend money.

Chances are that the borrower will violate obligations.

Like any other fish, pike a woman may be a premonition of pregnancy. For the dreamed of marriage, this is a warning about the likely appearance of a rival.

Gutting the carcass — an attempt to wake up to avoid unpleasant conversation

Pike a girl means the onset of a period overshadowed by quarrels with loved ones. If the sleeping person is giving the fish to a friend, this is a sign that in reality this person needs help.

Dreamed pike pregnant prompts the sex of the child. Predator «promises» the birth of a daughter.

Large The pike symbolizes the grandiose perspectives that open to the sleeper. However, new projects will be quite risky. A huge pike is an angler’s dream, but in a dream a valuable trophy has a different meaning.

Achieving the goals will not be easy. Big pike prophesies that it will be necessary to mobilize your own strength and talents.

You will also need agility and quick response to a change of scenery.

What dreams of pike: big, live, pike in a dream to a woman

The share of the sleeper will fall a lot of trouble and confusion, if dreamed small pike. However, due to the passed tests, the character will be tempered.

Live pike — caution. A dream indicates that in the near future it will be impossible to relax.

If a fresh pike in a dream has flaws, for example, it does not have a tail or fins, it is necessary to strengthen control over its own health because of the possibility to get very sick. It is also a call for sound financial management.

When pike dreams with caviar, suddenly to be nervous because of a certain event. This vision has a more favorable meaning: the opportunity to improve financial affairs will soon be presented.

If a caught pike was in a dream placed in the bath, it is a very good dream. The cunning plan of ill-wishers will be unraveled, and they will not be able to harm.

Sleeper used to keep everything under vigilant control — that’s what pike means in hand. It is also a reflection of adventurism in the character: the stronger the risk, the more the project is of interest.

Pike in water reflects the state of affairs in his personal life, and the interpretation is based on the appearance of the fluid that appeared in the dream. Clear water warns of a passionate, but dangerous romance.

The warning symbol is a lot of pikes in a dream. Because of the actions taken by envious and ill-wishers, in the business sphere will have to face difficulties.

Good sign when dreaming pike on the table. It will turn out to “keep abreast of the most significant events, and perfectly adapt to them.

Stuffed pike is also treated positively. Ahead of a favorable period of life without shocks.

Rotten pike — to the turmoil. Dead fish suggests: you should not participate in projects whose topic seems incomprehensible or surprising.

Incompetence will result in losses.

Catch pike in a dream — a plot symbolizing the sleeper’s ambitious plans. At the same time, the vision warns: in the quest for success, we should not forget about caution.

If succeeded to catch pike hands, all things started will flourish. However, the cause will not be a happy confluence of circumstances, but diligence and purposefulness. Catching a pike is a good sign.

Through insight, the treacherous plans of the enemies will be exposed. Failed predator fishing is a reason to reconsider one’s wishes, because in their present form they are impossible.

Buy pike in the store — to the problems. The source will be familiar people.

Clean pike — a symbol of superiority over the spiteful critics. Find inside a valuable thing — a smile of fortune.

Should carefully consider the state of health, if dreamed there is pike It is better to cure a small ailment than to deal with a serious problem.

Care must be taken, here in the most generalized sense of what the pike dreams of. This advice will help to avoid many troubles.

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