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What dreams of pies: interpretation of different dream books

A pie is a symbol of replenishment in the family. A dream with his participation is favorable and promises changes in the fate of the sleeper for the better. He predicts harmony and peaceful family life.

In the fate of the dreamer, a new man will appear who will surround him with love. Sculpt pies in a dream — to hear the good news in reality or to spend time with benefit.

Baking with a filling symbolizes the selfish or secretive behavior of a person and predicts all sorts of profit, depending on the filler in the bakery product.

A dream about cakes promises the acquisition of meaning and moral satisfaction. Depending on the person to whom he dreams, the interpretation of night dreams and their influence on a person’s life changes:

  • For a married woman. A dream in which she sculpts cakes, means replenishment in the family with her or her blood relatives. Pies, beautifully laid out on a platter, predict a pleasant trip or a long-awaited journey. If she eats them in a dream and gets pleasure, in real life a woman flirts a lot with the opposite sex, people spread unflattering rumors about her. She sculpts herself — the dreamer rules her own destiny as she wants, is self-sufficient and strong in kind.
  • For a young, unmarried girl. Baking promises a pleasant evening in the company of a well-to-do gentleman. Gifts, profits and meeting with friends are possible. If she has a fiance, soon he will offer to start a family. There is a burnt cake means a cunning and treacherous fan, who sooner or later deceive her trust.
  • For a pregnant woman. The dreamed pies promise a safe delivery and a strong baby. If the expectant mother has a dream that she eats bad, stale or spoiled pastries, she needs to take care of her own well-being and the health of the child. Complications during childbirth and a long recovery period are also possible.

Spoiled cakes predict the return of old problems that will have to be resolved immediately, or a meeting with unpleasant relatives.

For men, bakery products in a dream are a good sign, promising a prosperous period, profits and empowerment:

  • For an unmarried guy. If a girl treats him with a sweet filling pie, he will soon have a bride. Buying pastries in the store — there will be a good opportunity to prove themselves. Sharing food with others — the guy will help, he will be well rewarded for it.
  • For a married man. Pies predict a strong family, stable work and a good, steady income. Accepting them as a gift means a friend who will help in any situation. Buy — to the protection and confidence in his position, which in fact is reliable.

A dream is considered to be a negative one in which a man eats or acquires burnt pastries. It should be considered as unforeseen expenses and debts.

If the cakes are not tasty, the dreamer will pay for his carelessness and carelessness.

What dreams of pies: interpretation of different dream books

From what the dreamer does with the pies, the meaning of the dream depends:

  • Buy bakery products — meeting with relatives.
  • The furnace in the oven (in the oven) — the dreamer has a hospitable character and is always happy to see close people in his house.
  • To fry in a pan is the egoism and capricious temper of the sleeper and his desire to satisfy his desires in the first place.
  • Burn, putting them on the stove or in the stove — to a surge of emotions. Feel at the same time a strong pain — bad, if there is no trace of the burn — the news will cause positive feelings.
  • Choking up a pie — to the surprise and unexpected news.
  • Knead the dough — for the upcoming work, which will require a lot of time and effort, but the dreamer will be well rewarded for his work.
  • To sculpt — the financial situation will improve significantly, a person can afford to rest, which he had long dreamed of.
  • Cooking the cake — for good health and family well-being.
  • There are products from the test — to the satisfaction of themselves and their actions. For women, sleep means the possibility of flirting with the opposite sex. For men — good luck in business and a good profit.
  • To treat a pie with a sweet filling — for a meeting with your loved one, a pleasant pastime and a joyful event. With savory fillings — to the right choice and confidence in their abilities.
  • Accidentally burn baked goods — to trouble and disagreements between family members. See how it turns into embers — to vain hopes.

If a girl dreams that she is frying pies in a strange house, she has a secret admirer. Cooking them in the kitchen, in the dining room or cafe — to the dissatisfaction with their material income.

To bite off a piece of cake and not to finish it means giving up a profitable occupation or a profitable offer. After a while, the owner of the dream will regret the wrong decision and make the right conclusion.

What dreams of pies: interpretation of different dream books

A lot of pies dream of prosperity and prosperous life. Bake a large number of bakery products — to the joy and welcome dear guests.

One large cake or loaf is a symbol of a happy family life and wealth.

Few pies on a large platter mean temporary financial difficulties or disagreements between the household. Surprised by a small size — be dissatisfied with someone from a family member or relative. Other features of the plot:

  • To fry or bake beautiful products — to the desire to stand out or splurge.
  • Rosy crust — the friendliness of the owner of the dream and his friendly character.
  • Burnt — the dreary and intractable temper of the dreamer. Lightly burnt flour products predict a difficult task and its long completion.
  • Moldy pies — a person will be remembered by old acquaintances and will ask for him to visit.
  • Hard — in real life to be faced with some difficulties.
  • Flat — to the material profit and profitable offer.
  • Magnificent — the dreamer is sympathetic to people and is always happy to see him on a visit.

One big pie with a crust on a beautiful dish means happiness in family life, well-being and good health of the sleeper and all households.

Half-baked pastry reports that the owner of the dream does not bring things to the end. Fried cakes mean replenishment of the family budget and prosperity in the house.

Baked — rest in close, cozy company.

What dreams of pies: interpretation of different dream books

Sweet flour products with a filling characterize the sleeper as a soft, trustful and pliable person. Dreams about them say that he needs to be firmer, learn to defend his point of view and not put his own interests in the background.

Unsweetened patties:

  • With potatoes — dreams of joy and fun pastime.
  • With meat, good luck in business and the selfish nature of the dreamer.
  • With fish — to rest in nature and a full life of a sleeper.
  • With cabbage — to profit and cash receipts.
  • With peas — for a short journey.

Sweet cakes:

  • With cherry — predict the receipt of a long-deserved reward. For an unmarried girl they mean a meeting with the betrothed, for a woman — a gift from her husband. Men dream of such a dream of meeting or having an intimate date.
  • With apples — dreams of people who have a trusting relationship with relatives and friends. The hotter the bakery, the stronger the bond.
  • With cottage cheese — this filling characterizes the sleeper as a cautious person. Eating a pie means a profitable situation that should be used if the dreamer does not want to suffer a loss.
  • With fruit jam — they promise the pleasure of meeting and chatting with friends. Girls — a non-greedy groom, women — a lover, men — a pleasant meeting with a charming stranger.
  • With candied fruit — to the desire for an easy life. Such a pie is dreaming to dreamy and impractical natures who do not like to strain themselves.

Different dream books explain the meaning of dreams about pies in their own way:

Dream interpretationInterpretation of sleep
MillerEven the most delicious food in a dream predicts trouble in real life. If the dreamer eats pies in night dreams, in reality he should watch his ill-wishers intently, who will cook him meanness at the most unexpected moment.
FreudPies dream to enjoy intimate life. A dish with beautiful, sweet buns or pies indicates that there is no shortage of claimants for the hand and heart, among which you can choose the most worthy person. Sugary taste indicates sexual satiety and the desire to diversify the established marriage. Burnt pastries warns about scandals, raw — about alienation and indifference
TsvetkovaIf the dreamer bakes or fries pies on his own, a serious crisis is brewing in his life. A turning point is possible, after which it will be difficult for him to recover from the shock and direct his life to a calm channel.
WangiTo give your bun to a stranger is considered a hint hinting that you need to remember the departed relatives. Throwing the pie — to the disease, to feed him to a pet — in reality the dreamer will spoil relations with close people. A big cake that a woman bakes predicts family replenishment
AdasquinaMaking pies in a dream predicts family triumph, profits and joyful events in the life of the household. To sculpt them out of dough yourself — to the good work that falls on a person who is sleeping. Frying in the oven (oven) — to the surprise. In the pan — to have a good time with the opposite sex
EverydayIf a young girl dreams that she is frying pies in butter, she should not allow men to give too explicit signs of attention, otherwise communication with them will end in insult, deceit and spoiled reputation. In order not to get into trouble, you need to behave with them with restraint and caution.
AngelicBaking dreams of insignificant but pleasant changes in the dreamer’s life. Promises good luck, good health and peace of mind
EsotericThe person who saw sweet baked cakes in real life will be in abundance. Burnt cakes mean financial difficulties, and stale ones impair family relations.
MuslimOf particular importance is given to sleep about cabbage pies. He predicts the birth of a child and unexpected joy
Old Slavic
  • If a woman dreams that she sculpts pies, she wants to have a baby or will soon become pregnant.
  • A man’s dream promises good luck in business and an economic spouse.
  • A young girl — a non-poor groom.
  • The guy — the bride, who will like his parents
AesopLush, ruddy bakery products characterize the dreamer as a hospitable hostess. Burnt or stale — like a cold, scandalous person. If a man dreams of pastry baking, he will be happy in marriage with a good, economic wife

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