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What dreams of own wedding according to dream books and basic meanings

What does it mean to own a wedding in a dream and how to interpret a dream according to dream books

Own wedding in a dream does not always have an actual value. If you are preparing for a wedding and dream about it, think over the script, naturally, in a dream you will see your wedding.

It is possible, the subconscious will lose for you all your nightmares, like in a movie theater.

But basically a wedding in a dream is some decisive event, a new job, a change of occupation. In alchemy, alloys of metals, chemical compounds that require additional conditions or catalysts, were called weddings or marriages.

In order to successfully «marry» metals, everything must match, plus there must be some additional factor for the situation to take shape correctly, happily and in the right way. Therefore, a wedding is always some risk, experiment, trial.

Find out what dreams of their own wedding for the best dream book.

What dreams of own wedding according to dream books and basic meanings

Basic Values

  • To see your own wedding with a stranger — to great luck, unexpected events.
  • If you are married, but you dream of your wedding — to the problems in marriage, if the holiday turned out to be unhappy. If marriage partners change, sometimes they disappear, but this does not spoil the fun, although it can drive thoughtfulness — to a sharp turn in a career, travel, meaningful cash gifts.
  • The tattered, dilapidated, dirty dress of the bride means that your marriage has tired you a lot, you are disappointed. Whether you find the strength to continue building your family nest, or if you prefer to leave the nest for free flight, you decide. Circumstances will hurry you, but do not take rash decisions. Feel free to discuss and pronounce all difficult moments.
  • Wedding feast, where for some reason you find yourself on the sidelines — you feel some estrangement and detachment, isolation.
  • Wedding in church can mean an important event and be the beginning of a new stage in life.

What dreams of own wedding according to dream books and basic meanings

The most frequent nightmares associated with their own wedding in a dream

  • The guests did not come, no one came, the phone is torn from calls, everyone swears that you didn’t invite, didn’t call, indicated the wrong way and generally like you, marry is contraindicated. This nightmare is associated with fear of disgrace, dependence on public opinion. At the same time, you are not too friendly with your relatives and would secretly want no one to come, although the restaurant is almost already ordered. To get rid of the nightmare, scroll through guest lists and halve the invitation lists. If you are still afraid that those who are not called, will be offended, those who are called will be unhappy, cancel the public wedding. Enough of the hassle. Send relatives a record of high-quality video from the marriage palace. On the money saved, go on a honeymoon trip together.
  • The envelope for the money was empty, and you were hoping. What will be able to recoup the cost of the wedding. Most likely it will. Cut the budget and go to the dumplings.
  • You are late for your own wedding in a dream, take your time, hurry, catch a ride, a taxi, planes, but still do not have time. This is a great sign, although it has nothing to do with a real wedding. Sleep means that people who would like to make trouble will themselves become entangled in their own machinations and fail without the slightest effort on your part.
  • Did not come the bride or groom. You wander among the empty hall in wedding clothes and feel not too confident. Perhaps the wedding should be postponed. Even if it seems to you that this is your only chance to get a loved one. But if you are sure that this is your happiness — take a chance.
  • If in reality you are not planning a wedding, and in a dream you wander in a wedding dress to unfamiliar places — do not be intimidated. Sleep does not threaten your independence. You just can not decide and take a decisive step towards your happiness. This refers to enrolling in an educational institution, a mortgage on your own housing, to submit a questionnaire to a large company. Make coffee, think again and decide.

What dreams of own wedding according to dream books and basic meanings

Interpretation of authoritative dream books

  • Dream Miller says that to see your own wedding in a dream means that you get involved in an interesting adventure and will not regret it. At a minimum, you will get an adventure, as a maximum, significantly improve your financial situation.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation promises a strange and significant surprise from his closest friends. Not always a surprise will have a positive value, maybe you just crossed out of all financial documents or put a kilogram of heroin in your luggage. The surprise will be in any case. If you lose vigilance, the probability of an unpleasant surprise increases.
  • Dream Vanga treats his own wedding in a dream, as a sign of the approaching and significant changes. You will have to make serious decisions that will change your whole life. It makes sense to think about it immediately, so that the encounter with the problem does not become completely unexpected.

What dreams of own wedding according to dream books and basic meanings


To see your own wedding in a dream — always to significant changes. If you are not dragged in chains and on a rope, you yourself are striving for changes in your life, although you may be frightened by meaningful actions and their consequences.

The fear of change makes you treat the future like a secret sealed.

Perhaps your indecision is justified, but rather you delay the adoption of important decisions, as some suitors delay the wedding to the point that it becomes meaningless. Cheer up, change the situation, take time to think.

Take a walk or find another route after work, stay with yourself and sort out your desires. Treat sleep as a reminder that everything is well on time.

What dreams of own wedding according to dream books and basic meanings

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