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What dreams of own death on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Veles

Dying in a dream — seeing yourself dead from the side

Night vision, in which the dreamer happened to die, scares and shocks. Even more unpleasant emotions cause a dream in which a sleeping person sees himself dead from the side.

However, the interpretation of such pictures is very diverse, so do not panic ahead of time. To understand why dreams of their own death, you should look into the dream book and remember all the details of the dream.

General interpretation

In general, dreams, in which the dreamer’s death is involved, are interpreted in a positive way. It is believed that they portend a long and happy life devoid of serious illnesses and other burdens.

Frightening night sees from the side of his dead body, located on the operating table, heralds a new life coil, which will bring updates in different areas of life — at work, in relationships, hobbies. These changes will fill the dreamer’s life with happy emotions, relieve him of longing and sadness.

What dreams of own death on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Veles

Own death in a dream is interpreted in two ways, if its cause was a car accident. In this case, it all depends on what the dreamer’s body was:

  • The wounded and badly damaged body with numerous fractures and visible blood foreshadows the overcoming of obstacles on the way to any goal.
  • The whole body says that the task will be completed easily and in the planned time.

Night vision, in which a sleeping person first dies, and then rises from the dead at his own funeral, symbolizes the difficult task set before him by the leadership in real life. But do not worry — thanks to the talents of the dreamer, he will cope with all the work.

Interpretation of the reaction of relatives

A dream in which the native people who have lost the dreamer cry for his doom suggests that in real life he does not have the strongest family relationships. Frequent quarrels and conflicts that do not lead to compromise contribute to their deterioration.

Worth more wisdom and patience.

What dreams of own death on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Veles

On the contrary, a dream in which relatives rejoice at your demise symbolizes strong family ties in reality — you are dear, loved and irreplaceable.

Interpretation by cause of death

The correct interpretation of the dream with its own death will depend on what exactly killed the dreamer.

  • A dream in which a sleeping person was killed, foreshadows the appearance of a greedy person in real life who wants to get any material benefit from the dreamer. Perhaps to appropriate his work or merit. It should be on the alert.
  • The dream in which you had the opportunity to become a drowned man foreshadows significant life changes for the better that will occur in the foreseeable future.
  • To die of a heart attack is a good omen. It promises a sudden, but great happiness.
  • To die from poisoning is not a good sign. In real life there is a risk of incurring losses as a result of false and unfounded accusations against the dreamer.
  • To be crushed and die is a symbol of the fact that in real life you can suffer from the actions of malicious people. It is necessary to beware of rumors and gossip.
  • Own funerals do not bode well. Most often, they warn a sleeping person about a possible serious illness.

What dreams of own death on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Veles

Dream Miller

According to the interpretation given by this dream book, his own death symbolizes the dreamer’s vibrations in real life. Perhaps a sleeping person is not sure that he is right, or simply cannot decide what to do next, what step to take.

If, during his own death in a person’s dream, there is gnawing longing and suffering — in real life he did wrong and admits his guilt. Soon he will try to redeem her with all his might.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Own death in night visions is observed by those who in real life are afraid of engaging in romantic relationships because of the fear of losing their independence and freedom, their unwillingness to take responsibility and lose their individuality.

A dream in which a person sees himself as a dying child suggests that he is not ready to enter into long-term relationships, much less secure them with marriage.

Dreaming Veles

Own death in a dream foreshadows boundless happiness in real life — after such a dream the life of a sleeping person will sparkle with new colors, there will be many positive moments in it that will be remembered forever.

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