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What dreams of others’ children: interpretation of different dream books

What do other people’s children dream of a man and a woman: interpretations of dream-books

According to modern interpreters, children in a dream can not only be precursors of joyful events, but also warn about various personal troubles. Depending on their behavior, actions, emotions of a sleeping person and other circumstances, the interpretation of dreams about other children may vary. For the final interpretation of the plot, it is important to remember the sex of the dream child and his appearance.

Male twins promise success in business and happiness in marriage. Twin girls say that the dreamer will reach the goal only if he makes an effort.

The value of the dreams of other children in various dream books:

Dream interpretationValue
FreudSleeping person is not satisfied with the relationship with a partner, he seeks novelty and unexplored sensations.
EsotericFor the sleeper, it is extremely important that others think about him. Such an obsession with the opinions of others will not lead to anything good.
WangiThe sleeper has to go through many small tests that will require endurance, patience and good faith from him.
MillerThe dream of children is a happy sign, foreshadowing a prosperous and secure life.
FamilyThis is an auspicious sign. The financial situation of the dreamer will improve significantly in the coming months.
GrishinaIn the family of the dreamer soon there will be a small child. This may be news about the pregnancy of a sleeping woman or the arrival of relatives with an infant.
HasseThe dreamer’s house will be a full bowl. A sleeping person will never know loneliness and lack of money
FemaleThere comes a light period when luck turns its face to the sleeping. He will be able to bring all his ideas to life.
FelomenaAliens in a dream are the personification of unrealized opportunities, desires and aspirations. In addition, the child can symbolize anxiety, self-doubt and a feeling of helplessness that overcomes the dreamer.
For loversThe dream of children foreshadows good health, mutual love and all sorts of material benefits.
LofaThe dreamed other children personify the dreamer himself: qualities that are inherent in babies in a dream are also characteristic of a sleeper in real life
NewestSign of prosperity and material wealth
ChildSleep is expected by great joy and incessant pleasures.

What dreams of others' children: interpretation of different dream books

For a more complete interpretation of the plot, you need to remember your actions in a dream in relation to other people’s children:

  • Play with a boy and a girl of preschool age. — business partners can substitute a sleeping person at the most crucial moment.
  • To babysit with someone else’s baby — dreamer waiting for success in work affairs and luck in his personal life.
  • Keep an unfamiliar newborn in her arms and see her smile — for a man, such a dream means career growth, for a woman, a favorable home environment.
  • Ride a little boy in a stroller — a sleeping person needs to be prepared for the betrayal of a relative or close friend.
  • Search for someone else’s child who was lost in the playground — if the dreamer managed to find the baby, he will soon receive a solid profit. If attempts to find a child in a dream turned out to be in vain — difficult times and material need await the sleeper.
  • Stand beside a crying baby and stay idle while doing so — the dreamer will fall into a hopeless situation.
  • Treat sick babies at home — unforeseen circumstances will arise that will hinder the implementation of the plans.

What dreams of others' children: interpretation of different dream books

The interpretation of the dream of other children depends on their gender and actions:

  • If healthy and cheerful boys dreamed of — the plot predicts family understanding, harmony and trusting relationships with people from close surroundings.
  • Capricious girls in a dream warn about future troubles and the collapse of hopes.
  • To see male twins in a dream — in reality all undertakings will end in a triumphal victory. For boys and girls, such a dream foreshadows happiness in love and a successful marriage.
  • The twin girls had a dream — their plans would come true, but the dreamer should make every effort to achieve his goals.
  • If you are dreaming of little girls who are having fun playing with each other, the sleeper will have a good time in the company of his friends and their children.

If a pregnant woman dreams of a female baby, she will give birth to a girl. If boys dreamed, a male baby will be born.

Childbirth will be easy and relatively fast.

To see a lot of newborns in a dream — in real life will change soon cardinal character. It is possible to change the type of activity and dismissal from the previous place of work at will, moving to another city or replenishment in the family.

I dreamed of a sick baby — the dreamer’s expectations do not coincide with reality.

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