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What dreams of onions: interpretation by dream books

According to the dream books, onions are a negative sign, foreshadowing grief and a difficult life period. However, the interpretation of the dream in which this vegetable appeared appeared depends on many nuances: the type of bulbs, their location, the actions of the asleep, and the emotional coloring of the dream.

A particularly unfavorable plot of dream books is considered eating raw onions in a dream. After such a night vision, it can be expected that a black stripe will come in all spheres of life.

The interpretation of onions in a dream by various dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
MillerThe dreamer’s joy will be overshadowed by the negative emotions of those around him.
FreudGreen onions symbolize a partner in intimate relationships, which is much younger than a sleeping person. Golden bulbs indicate increased sexual interest from members of the opposite sex to the dreamer. A woman is in great shape, and no man can resist her burning temperament
WangiForeshadowing of serious life changes
TsvetkovaSuccess in a difficult task
PersianColdness in relationships with a loved one, major quarrels on the basis of jealousy
FemaleThe sleeper will be surrounded by evil and envious people who will do their best to lead him astray.
GypsyEnmity, family discord, mutual insults and insults
FamilyPowerlessness, malice
UkrainianA negative event will occur.
Small VelesovInheritance disputes
HasseWorsening circumstances

What dreams of onions: interpretation by dream books

Small bulbs dream of small everyday problems that a sleeping person can easily and quickly solve. Large — to serious troubles in their professional activities and in relationships with people from close surroundings.

Rotten onions in bags symbolize the decline of strength, loss of vital energy, the pre-depressive state, the vulnerability of the organism.

If you dream about onions in huge quantities — the dreamer will meet a lot of envy and anger, having achieved success, but nothing can break it.

What dreams of onions: interpretation by dream books

Depending on the actions of a sleeping person associated with onions, the interpretation of sleep changes:

Plant in the ground in the gardenWarning of imminent disease that will be protracted
CleanCleaning onions means unavailability to fight
BuySuch a plot foreshadows huge losses due to the fault of a sleeping person.
SellProsperity in the started case. In some cases, such a dream foreshadows participation in a dubious event.
Rip green onions from the garden bedTragedy will soon happen in the family of a sleeping person
Grow on a windowsill, see how a vegetable grows on the eyesThis plant predicts the appearance of the worst enemies who will be cunning and merciless.
Collect onionsSleeping man will soon get what he deserves

What dreams of onions: interpretation by dream books

The general interpretation of the plots in which the sleeper happened to cut onions:

  • Sign of the dreamer’s defeat in an unequal battle with rivals.
  • Surprises that will be negative.
  • Sleep symbolizes hard work, which will bear fruit if a sleeping person manages to hold out to the last.
  • Repentance for actions committed and torments of conscience.
  • Negative sign, foreshadowing frustration and strong emotional turmoil.

If a young guy or man dreams that he cries while cutting onions, the dreamer will not be able to act within the framework of the plan. The situation will get out of control, and events will become unexpected.

Cutting onions and crying bitterly at the same time — a sleeping person will have to shed many tears in reality. If the sleeper, when cutting a vegetable, did not shed a tear, the enemies will not succeed in accomplishing this.

Fry onions — to a serene life and business success. After such a plot, the dreamer can expect a small profit in business.

Cook cleaned — take care of your health and engage in disease prevention, lead a healthy lifestyle.

Putting unpeeled onions in boiling water — do not notice the obvious. If you dream that someone cooks a vegetable — to a happy coincidence.

If in a dream it was possible to eat a green plant or raw onions with heads, according to the interpreters, this story will bring mainly problems:

  • The dreamer soon learns a terrible secret that will be hard for him to keep.
  • This is a sign of dissatisfaction with one’s life, conflict with oneself.
  • Enemies will retreat before a sleeping man.
  • Imaginary fun will have disastrous consequences.
  • A sign of irritation, dislike of the dreamer towards people from close surroundings.
  • Tears of joy due to the misfortunes of enemies.

The plot, which had to eat boiled onions, promises good health to a sleeping person. If you dream of eating onion soup or salads that have baked vegetables, in order to make your life better and achieve your goals, the dreamer needs to make inhuman efforts.

Sick people dream of eating onions promises a speedy recovery and a surge of vitality.

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