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What dreams of onions?

What dreams of onions?

Onions are subconsciously compared with tears, because peeling and cutting into slices is accompanied by abundant tearing. However, there is another interpretation of this vegetable from the garden — onion from seven diseases.

Why dream onions — to tears or joy? Consider all interpretation options.

What dreams of onions?

General interpretation

Interpretation of the dream depends on the accompanying details in the plot of the dream:

  • your emotional state in a dream;
  • how many bulbs you saw;
  • your actions in a dream;
  • where was the bow.

See the image of a bow in a dream — to tears. Your enemies will bring you many unpleasant moments with their malice and envy.

The reason for the enemies’ malice is your life success.

If you are in a dream harvested onions, This promises recognition of your success and merit. All your goals are realized, and your plans will be translated into reality.

If in a dream you had to clean the onions without tears, in reality, all efforts will end successfully, and you will achieve all your goals. If you were crying while cleaning your bow, get ready for the attack of loved ones: you will have a fight due to clarification of the relationship.

Buy onions in the market / in the store — to the recovery of a loved one. To cut a bow with a knife and cry — to a skirmish with enemies: they will cause you trouble by their actions.

Sell ​​- to be drawn into the intrigue of enemies.

See a lot of onion heads — to great success in business. However, get ready for the actions of ill-wishers, they will try to spoil your mood and morale.

See vegetables in the garden — to interference from enemies. You will be plotted and interfere in the implementation of plans.

Collect will into a fist and act.

Plant onion — to great business success. Fry the onion in butter — to a serene future.

Fingling a bow — to doubt in choosing the right direction. You do not believe the facts presented, doubt the information received.

What dreams of onions?

Dream interpretation

Universal interpreter makes trouble in the personal sphere and business life. Enemies will gossip behind your back and build intrigues.

To eat vegetables — to health problems: you need to take measures to strengthen the immune system. Cut the vegetable into slices — to the successful resolution of current issues.

Growing onions in the garden — to the probable robbery of your apartment.

Modern dream book treats the harvest as a foreshadowing of success in the planned affairs. However, the victory will be hard for you: you will have to put a lot of effort and overcome many obstacles.

To buy vegetables on the market — for a successful large purchase: perhaps you will purchase a property or a car. To eat bitter onions — to grief.

Dream Miller considers the vision of a bow in a dream to the manifestation of black envy from the environment. Be careful not to share your plans for the future, and also do not tell anyone about your personal life.

Eat onions in a dream — the enemies will leave you alone. Grow vegetables in the garden — to compete with opponents.

Buying onions promises trouble from relatives or close people: they will need your support.

Dream Medea He considers the image of the onion to be a harbinger of life success. To clean a vegetable from the husk — to cope with a difficult job, to harvest — to unplanned profits, to eat bitter onions — to a quarrel with tears.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation interprets the green arrow of the bulb as a craving for sexual pleasure with young partners. Fruits with golden husk talk about wonderful sexual opportunities, garlands of bulbs — about your sexual gluttony.

Rotten fruit — the harbinger of impotence.

Dream lynn Considers this vision as a harbinger of life trials. Dreamer awaiting suffering, tears and heartache.

Dream for the whole family He sees only bad in the symbolism of the bow. The dreamer will have to cry from impotent malice because of the machinations of the enemies, who will be luckier and stronger.

If you cried while cutting onions — enemies will cruelly laugh at you. Eat onions in a dream — to victory over enemies.

Dream Interpretation From A to Z foreshadows a scandal with relatives, perhaps because of the inheritance. There is a raw vegetable — to trouble with friends. Peeling husks is a sign of success.

Slice and cry — to win the enemies. Cook dishes with onions — to stable profits and material success.

How to interpret a dream if the meanings and interpretation do not match? When interpreting, one should trust the intuition, because in a dream a person receives information from his own subconscious.

You should also consider your current situation as a starting point when interpreting.

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