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What dreams of nuts — the values ​​of nuts in a dream according to dream books

Dreamed of nuts: features of interpretation and meaning

Nuts are a powerful source of protein, fat, vitamins with the highest nutritional value. Nuts of some species are food climbers, warriors, the best and easiest food on a hike.

Nutritional value of nuts is extremely high. The main value for what dreams of nuts — wealth, wealth satiety.

The second meaning is a mystery, mystery, solution of interesting problems, studies, scientific and creative activities.

Eating nuts contributes to excellent physical shape, good condition of the skin and hair, improves sexual and brain functions. However, caution should be exercised and not eating too many nuts — it can affect the liver, like any very nourishing food, you can even lose weight control.

A daily sandwich with nut butter can cause a loss of thinness.

What dreams of nuts - the values ​​of nuts in a dream according to dream books

In the dream rarely dream of exotic foods that you rarely use. But that also happens. In some cases, you have to find out from photographs and Wikipedia what was really a dream.

Nuts of cola dream with a long hike, in which you will need maximum endurance and courage. Cache is a dream to chagrin.

Basic values ​​of nuts in a dream

  • Nutmegs are a subtle seasoning that gives an interesting complex taste and smell. Used in salads and meat dishes, in the preparation of sauces. Famous aphrodisiac, successfully acting on both sexes. In the dream means sexual attractiveness, fulfillment of desires, power and wealth.

What dreams of nuts - the values ​​of nuts in a dream according to dream books

  • Coconuts — to crazy sex, romantic meetings in unusual places. In business activity, a serious decline is possible. We’ll have to spend a lot of strength to overcome obstacles.
  • Walnuts — to luxury, bliss and bliss. This especially applies to cleaned whole halves. Stronger effect only in cedar nucleoli.
  • Collect hazel — fortunately, wealth, successful business. Type a full basket of hazelnuts — you should try your hand at business. You can make money from almost nothing.
  • See thickets of hazel — to great luck.
  • Nut mix — you are faced with a variety of exciting challenges. You may have to break your head, but you will like it.
  • Peanuts — many small pleasures. Candied peanuts — for fun adventures. Salty — to possible trouble.
  • Pistachios — to the difficulties, annoying interference.
  • Almond in a dream foreshadows complexity, an emotional reaction, a strong but brief disappointment, perhaps even to tears.
  • Nut paste — you obviously know a lot about life and like to eat tasty food. You will need strength for a new day, this is a good sign. In reality, nut paste is better not to get involved if there is no extreme physical exertion.
  • Gilded nuts, cones — for a long wait for the holiday. If you have to wait too long, disappointment and sadness are possible. In this case, gifts, no matter how expensive and desirable they are, will not bring joy.
  • For lovers, nuts promise a happy marriage.
  • Playing with nuts is possible trifling quarrels, misunderstanding. The second meaning is pranks with expensive things that will not always end safely. Prick, split — positive value for women and negative for men.
  • Immature fruits — do not rush to decisions, conclusions, monetary transactions. Postpone the showdown indefinitely. Hurry up now, you risk destroying your happiness.
  • Empty shells are spoiled, bitter and moldy nucleoli — to strong disappointments, offenses. There may be serious problems with loved ones.
  • Worms and caterpillars in empty shells — you have competitors, people who are ready to enjoy your success, ahead of you. Look for detractors in the inner circle, pay attention to people who want to get closer to you, to cause frankness.

What dreams of nuts - the values ​​of nuts in a dream according to dream books

What do nuts mean by dream books

  • The dream of Miller promises prosperity and an interesting life, not without difficulties and obstacles, but you will successfully cope with the arising tasks and become stronger, stronger. You can refuse to expand and move forward, in this case you will relax for several years to enjoy the results of your work.
  • Dream Guide Wanderer promises difficult business negotiations and communication with difficult people. If you manage to break through the ice and cause sympathy — you can consider yourself lucky. Nibbling and chopping nuts means a possible need for heavy physical labor.
  • A female dream book treats nuts as a sign of good luck and happiness, gifts, wish fulfillment and beauty. Purified kernels mean financial gain. Try your luck, buy a lottery ticket.
  • Dream Interpretation of Veles promises winnings, receiving a bonus, possible minor problems related to the receipt of money and paperwork. If you are waiting for travel — entrust the paperwork to someone else, or wait a few days.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation promises emotional and sensual experiences that require a certain intellectual tension. If you are not inclined to sexual novelties — get ready for scandals and quarrels.

What dreams of nuts - the values ​​of nuts in a dream according to dream books


To dream nuts, especially a variety, is a sign of a happy and prosperous life, full of surprises, difficulties, but also gifts, joy, adventure and travel. Nuts dream of health, recovery from disease.

Whole kernels are preferable to crushed or ground. Nuts and shrubs dream to financial well-being. Overall, nuts in a dream is a great sign.

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