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What dreams of nits: white, large, on the head, push nits in a dream

Parasitizing insects do not cause positive emotions. However, when interpreting what dreams of nits, one can be surprised at the very positive interpretations of some sources.

Miller treats nits as a strong dependence on the opinions and monetary subsidies of outsiders. Combing insects out of your head — to financial difficulties.

According to the dream Wang a lot of nits is a positive omen. At work, expects success and cash reward.

But if the lice larva is found in a single copy or there are only a few of them, small obstacles and minor problems will arise.

According to dreamo Longo fleas and nits are a good sign. Nayawa is waiting for success.

What dreams of nits: white, large, on the head, push nits in a dream

Dream David Lofa contains a rather unexpected interpretation. The pastor claims that lice and nits in the marital bed are a pleasant surprise.

According to esoteric Evgenia Tsvetkova parasites — to profit. If you dream of nits, which had to crush your hands — in reality show persistence in achieving the goals.

According to Madame Hasse see parasites on themselves — to change for the worse. Discover on the other person — to well-being.

Whites nits in a dream symbolize successful development of affairs in real life. You can win the lottery, receive a prize or an unexpected prize.

Yellow nits are the harbingers of discord in personal and professional relationships for petty reasons. To see a single sunny-colored larva is an indication of the need to urgently solve a long overdue problem.

Bad symbol are considered black nits Coming offensive is not the most favorable period, and the beginning of new cases is better to postpone.

Large nits — to the successful outcome of the project. True, a large insect warns that in order to achieve success, laborious and a little monotonous work remains. Huge nits also personify hard hard work.

They point out that efforts will end up richly rewarded.

Small nits that are difficult to distinguish in a dream are not a very positive prophecy. A small life will be overshadowed by small troubles.

When dream nits on hair, the discovery of which was a surprise, a dream means an increase in job responsibilities, which will lead to an increase in financial well-being. However, the plot also warns of the need to control costs, and not to squander income on unnecessary trifles.

Nits in the head personify painful reflections on the inability to quickly get what the dreamer dreams about reality. For the bride, insect parasites in the hairstyle serve as a warning. It is necessary to look at the groom without rose-colored glasses.

Probably the best solution would not be a wedding, but parting with an unworthy person.

For parents of nits The child has — a reflection of the unrest for him. The rest of the lice larvae on children’s heads promise a solution to a long-standing issue, but not too fast.

Detect nits in person stranger — a symbol of secret, but strong influence on the sleeper. Someone is trying to control the decisions made, and it is not difficult to determine the identity of the manipulator.

Nits on animal fur is a bad sign. There will be financial difficulties.

When dream nits on clothes, This is a warning about a serious illness. It is advisable to prevent the disease, take preventive measures or undergo a scheduled physical examination.

Nits on the body treated like a romantic adventure. However, it is worth remembering that concealing the fact of treason from the second half is unlikely to work out.

For people who are married, find nits on the bed — to discord in the family. Lonely dreamers such a plot foreshadows dizzying, but fleeting romantic relationship and passionate intimate relationships that will not lead to anything serious.

Unpleasant emotions in reality foreshadows a dream in which it was necessary crush nits myself. The sleeper will experience disgust and shame, even if just becomes an eyewitness to someone’s disgusting act.

Kill nits in a dream on another person — a tip about the lack of freedom of his own will. This is how dependence is created, most often material.

When the sleeper sees how he is being treated for nits, and the process is successful, this is a good vision. Soon it will be possible to cope with many small tasks and bring well-being closer. If insects remain alive, a series of troubles will be delayed.

The main thing — do not give up and do not retreat before overcoming obstacles, because the dream indicates that the trouble will not be too significant.

After reading what dreams nits on the interpretation of various sources, you can see the lack of a unified point of view. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the emotions experienced during the dream.

The absence of a feeling of disgust softens even the most positive prediction.

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