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What dreams of nits and how to understand the meaning of nits in a dream

Dreamed of nits: features and meanings — how to interpret

Nits in dreams have two opposite interpretations. First, the favorable value of sleep promises wealth and financial well-being. Nits in the hair are almost as happy as lice.

The more nits you dream, the more money you get. It does not matter your real relationship to blood-sucking lashes.

Even if you hate insects in principle, and woke up with a feeling of deep disgust, it’s still a happy dream. But it is better to learn to experience positive emotions and enjoy future wealth.

In this case, it is considered to be money and gifts will bring you more happiness.

In the Middle Ages, it was customary to admire head lice, probably for this very purpose. To see nits and lice in a dream to have time to rejoice and get rich as soon as possible. Squeeze the nits in a dream or comb them — to increase the wealth, it is reasonable to spend money.

Particularly good sign was considered a dream in which you comb nits, and they are becoming more and more.

What dreams of nits and how to understand the meaning of nits in a dream

A more modern interpretation of dreams sees nits in a dream as unnecessary trouble, financial loss, monotonous and unpleasant work. Squeeze the lice and nits in a dream modern dream book interprets as a harbinger of the disease.

Modern interpretations of what dreams of nits

Let’s try to figure out what dreams nits really are. After all, lice and nits are no longer the norm and an unpleasant part of life.

In fact, nits and lice mean envy. If you see on yourself or on the surrounding nits — then you have become the object of envy.

You have a quiet full life, you are rich, envy you. Today, envy is not too tied to wealth, modern hygiene allows you to live a lifetime, never seeing lice and nits live, and nits in the well-groomed head of a modern beauty — an unprecedented affair.

Rather, it is necessary to agree with the modern interpretation. Nits and dirt — really dreams not of wealth, but of a possible disease.

Nits, which you see in a dream on your child, as a rule, signal excessive care. You are too worried and worried about your child. So much so that do not give it to develop.

Your anxiety is in vain. Everything will be fine. Release some reins and give freedom.

Freedom to fill the bumps and scratch your knees — this is also freedom.

Nits in a dream on your favorite pet indicate future tests, possibly a disease of the animal.

What dreams of nits and how to understand the meaning of nits in a dream

The main interpretation of situations with nits in a dream

  • Nits and lice on your head — a long, practically unsolvable conflict is possible. Problems will appear from nowhere and multiply from scratch.
  • Nits on strangers — they hate you and not without reason. You are too picky, hilarious, demanding, climb into your own business with your opinion. Do not communicate with unpleasant people for you. Perhaps you are trying to observe the rules of politeness and decency, diligently smile at people who are unpleasant to you, ask questions, listen to the answers. Your dislike is mutual. Stop torturing yourself and others. A polite nod and slurred welcome will be enough.
  • Lice and nits in tangled, dirty hair — you can overtake long-standing problems that you have long thought were solved.
  • Expect a dirty trick from distant acquaintances. People who believe that you owe them a lot can ask for an unpleasant or degrading service. Problems will arise in any case — whether you refuse to help, or agree to help. For example, you will be asked to sit with a child, and he will fill a lump. You will be asked to tidy up, and you will break an expensive vase. Better give up. Tedding of old offenses looks stupid in the eyes of others and not as convincing as a fresh offense.
  • The interpretation of nits, as betrayal, is reflected in the old expression «what did you turn out to be such a nit». The value of sleep — someone from the environment may be nit.

What dreams nits on dream book

  • According to Freud’s dream book, nits in the head or in the hair are annoying and repressed sexual desires that are difficult to get rid of. If nits and lice crawl on the bed — your abstinence is too long.
  • According to Miller, the dream book of nits means illnesses, troubles, financial problems, up to a debt prison, shame, hassle, meaningless excuses.
  • Female dream book warns of possible meanness of a man from the environment. Be attentive and alert. Do not confide at work and do not trust your secrets to strangers. Even if a wave of candor rolled over you. The information received from you can become a tool for manipulation, denigrating your reputation, defaming creeping rumors with more and more intriguing details. Bad reputation will destroy your reputation. Do not give gossip occasion.
  • Dream Vongi adheres to old traditions and considers nits to be a good sign, a sign of future financial well-being, rich gifts.

What dreams of nits and how to understand the meaning of nits in a dream


If you see lice and nits in real life, for example, you work as a nurse, veterinarian, teacher in a children’s institution, the meaning of sleep with nits is literal — you have to do the unpleasant work of breeding parasites with the danger of getting infected. You feel a little annoyance, fear, annoyance.

You may have an unpleasant conversation with the parents of a child who has lice, incompetency charges. Indeed, from the point of view of the parents, it is your fault that the child picked up such a horror, such a nightmare. Stock up on indifference to stupid accusations and buy yourself a bottle of antibacterial gel for hands.

Take care of the cleaning. It is soothing.

If there are practically no nits in your life, most likely it is shame, problems, unpleasant experiences from the past. Please yourself with something in a difficult moment.

Buy yourself a new perfume or sandals.

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