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What dreams of murder on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud and others

Dreamed of killing: what does it mean for different dream books

The interpretation of why an unpleasant dream like murder can be a dream may depend on many factors: who kills, who is killed, etc. If you are a murderer in night vision, it promises liberation from the stereotypes imposed on themselves that interfere with personal growth and self-development.

To determine what foreshadows such a dream, you need to study the dream book in more detail.

What dreams of murder on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud and others

Dream Interpretation: Murder

If in a dream you kill a child, then you want to overcome unacceptable childish behavior.

Killing your parent in your dream is a symbol of the fact that now you want to improve relations with them and achieve mutual understanding. Try not to blame yourself for it.

A modern dream book believes that murder is a very positive symbol, not a negative one. If you dreamed that you were killed, then first of all you need to become the master of your life and more often make vital decisions on your own.

Collect all the will into a fist and control your destiny. It is better to become a winner, not a defeated one.

Dream Vanga

  • The murder of the dream Vanga, can lead to trouble caused by enemies and ill-wishers.
  • If you dreamed that soon someone will strike you with a fatal blow, but you can still stop it, then soon you will have a strong experience. Try to mentally prepare.
  • Any dream about the killer is trying to warn you. Remember that you can wait for the machinations of enemies, which you do not even suspect.
  • If in a dream you killed someone, then in reality you should get rid of relationships that you are already pretty tired of. In vain you try to convince yourself that there is still something to fight for. In fact, you and your partner have long fallen out of love with each other and your relationship is no longer settled.
  • According to Wanga’s dream book, if in a dream you feel that a killer’s blow is waiting for you, then a difficult experience awaits you.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Freud’s opinion is similar to that of Vanga about murder in a dream. If you killed someone in your dream, then you should end the relationship you are already pretty tired from.

Not for the first time you try to convince yourself that you can still save relationships, but in truth, what you used to hold relationships for a long time is over, and you and your partner are thinking about changes in life. Becoming a witness to a murder in a dream means that there is too much violence in your thoughts and dreams. With all this, you do not feel that your rudeness is not like everyone.

This is especially true of sex — do not be selfish in bed.

What dreams of murder on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud and others

Dream Miller

Murder in a dream according to Miller foreshadows the sorrow caused by ill-wishers. It is even possible that violent death will occur before your eyes. If in a dream you are the ones who committed the murder, then you will be involved in shameful events that will be hung in your name.

If the night vision killed you, it means that your enemies are doing everything possible to spoil your life. Depriving in life of an armed attacker who attacked you or a dangerous beast usually foreshadows good luck in all things and a quick climb up the career ladder.

If you learn about the suicide of your friend — wait for long unrest in the period of solving a very important issue.

Predictions of Lynn and Maya

To see murder in a dream can mean different things. Dream interpretation Lynn advises to remember what exactly you felt during sleep.

This is very important, because it is experienced emotions that are the key to the interpretation of sleep.

A dream in which you are an intruder, very often promises deliverance from unnecessary ideas. Such a sign is evidence that at present you are rather quickly wasting your own energy potential.

The interpretation of what dreams such a dream, give the Maya people. They are convinced that this image has different interpretations: good and bad. If in a dream you are trying to uncover a murder, then in reality you can expect good news.

And if you dreamed that you are killing a person or any animal, in reality you will make an immoral mistake, which you will regret for a long time. Try not to let this happen.

Dream Medea

If in a dream you witnessed a murder means that this object is unpleasant to you in real life. Very often killed is the personification of those qualities that you want to get rid of.

If you kill strangers in a dream — in reality, your fears will leave you, and life will become calmer. If you killed someone close or familiar — wait for a quarrel with this person or fail in some business.

What dreams of murder on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud and others

Different interpretations of dreams

The dream book Wanderer promises the acquisition of unexpected wealth or inheritance. If you dreamed that you were immured someone, then in reality you will have to hide something.

If in a dream you poisoned someone, you will try to save a long-cold relationship.

If in your dream you killed a bull, and then ate its meat, then in real life you are waiting for a very large profit.

If you dreamed of killing a horse or an ass, you will soon drink alcohol and have a good snack, in other words, some kind of feast awaits you. If a turtle is killed, there will be mourning, a little sparrow — wait for the problems caused by your other half, the death of a rooster or a duck — to incredible happiness!

The subject with which you have deprived someone of life is of great importance for the interpretation of sleep. If, for example, the murder was committed with a knife, then expect success in an intimate relationship, the attraction to your partner will increase significantly, and this will happen mutually.

If the murder was a pistol — soon get rid of the problems in sexual life.

According to the Dreambook of the Seasons, a dream in which you strangled someone means that in reality you definitely need to diversify your intimate life, for example, try something new or change poses.

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