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What dreams of monthly: interpretation of the dream book

Sleep on menstruation: the interpretation of the image of famous dream books

To dream of menstruation is an ambiguous symbol, promising a person anxiety and concern. However, the image seen in night dreams can have positive values.

To compile the most accurate and specific interpretation, it is recommended to take into account all sorts of details of the dream: the floor of the sleeper, your own actions, the setting, the place, the plot. Treatments for critical days differ according to popular dream books.

The value of the image can vary depending on the gender of the person who saw it.

For an adult woman, the dream of critical days is a harbinger of loss, change, conflict, or difficulty. Soon there will be an event that will greatly sadden the girl, make her nervous. If menstruation dreamed of a little girl who has not yet reached puberty — this is to severe stress.

If the dreamer is pregnant, she will face unpleasant efforts, minor problems. And if a woman has reached the age at which menopause sets in, this is a sign that she will soon have to regret the mistakes of the past.

A man’s monthly may dream of unpleasant surprises, bad luck, vain hope for something. There is a high probability that the planned business will not bring the benefit that the dreamer expected.

Also, you should not confide with strangers, disclose your plans — this will be used against a young man.

What dreams of monthly: interpretation of the dream book

Initially, you should try to remember exactly how the menstrual flow looked in a dream:

  • Scanty bloody discharge (a few drops) — to minor troubles, adversity, difficulties.
  • A large amount of blood, copious discharge — to problems, bad luck, empty hopes.
  • Pieces, blood clots — to the confusion in the affairs, work, personal life.

If there was a smell of blood, tactile sensations in the dream, but the discharge itself was not visible — soon the person would fall into an unpleasant situation.

It is recommended to pay attention to the other details of the dream. For example:

  • Dreamed pads, tampons — will be able to find out the truth about something or anyone.
  • Dreamed of the menstrual cup — to contain emotions, the patience of something.
  • Dirty blood pants, clothing — to unpleasant communication with relatives.
  • Blood-stained skin — to the test of unpleasant emotions, grief and disappointment.
  • Dirty bedding — to shame, shame, ridicule.

What dreams of monthly: interpretation of the dream book

The key to the interpretation of the image seen in night dreams is what the dreamer did:

View your selectionMan reflects too much, worries, delves into himself
Consider someone else’s selectionTo trying to learn more about someone else’s privacy
Wipe, wash off the blood due to the fact that the monthly began unexpectedlyWe’ll have to look for a way out of an unexpected and very unpleasant situation.
Listen to comments about the dream (the dreamer) leakingTo ridicule, gossip and rumors, unflattering comments in real life
Wipe up a pool of bloodBecause of a series of accidents, a sleeping person will suffer greatly, will get a lot of problems
See someone else’s underwear in their bleedingTo victory over rivals, rivals, detractors
TasteTo emotional burnout, self-digging, bad thoughts, the emergence of obsessive ideas
Wash off clothes, underwear, sheetsTo attempts to correct their own mistakes
Prepare for the onset of critical days with hygieneTrouble will not take the dreamer by surprise, pass by her life
Observe the delayFor a short-term, but passionate romance or the resumption of romance in an already existing love relationship

If you dreamed of sex, during which the monthly went, — to the constraint, complexes, fear of something.

What dreams of monthly: interpretation of the dream book

The place, the setting, the plot of the dream also play a huge role in drawing up the interpretation of sleep:

  • Seeing yourself at home — to spend time alone with yourself and your thoughts.
  • In a crowd of people — to the awkwardness, shame, shame, shame.
  • In a circle of friends (working team or somewhere else) — to difficult relationships with someone from the people around them.

I dreamed of being in a toilet or bathroom — soon there will be a desire to hide something from a loved one, so as not to spoil communication with him.

There are other interpretations of the dream of menstruation depending on the dream book:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudThe psychoanalyst interprets the dreamed image as a sign of lateness, regrets about the loss
MillerTo see menstruation in a dream — to the losses, the victims of reality. But they will not be significant, although they will greatly grieve the sleeper.
AstromeridianMenstruation dreams of health problems, poor health, fatigue
AmericanSoon there will be global changes that turn the fate on its head.
MuslimSoon the woman who saw the dream would greatly regret her actions, words, deeds
EnglishSleep symbolizes zakompleksovannost, excessive shyness that interferes in real life
FrenchComing meeting with relatives. It will be pleasant or not — unknown in advance.
PersianCritical days are dreams of energy loss, emotional burnout, fatigue and fatigue
XXI centurySoon the person who had a dream will not feel very well — either physically or morally.

The value of sleep does not change depending on whether the critical days are going at a given time.

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