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What dreams of money (trifle)?

What dreams of money (trifle)?

What dreams of money — a trifle? It is believed that seeing a trifle is to tears. Most dream books adhere to this interpretation: a trifle dreams to trouble.

However, the plots in the dream can be different, and the interpretation of the dream will be based on the fine details of the picture.

What dreams of money (trifle)?

Popular interpretation of dreams about trifles

A trifle in a dream foreshadows great disappointment in reality. However, this applies to copper banknotes.

If the dream was a vision of gold coins, the interpretation has a different meaning and is associated with wealth.

The interpretation of the vision of copper or iron fines will depend on the details:

  • where was the money;
  • who gave or took them;
  • what actions were made with money.

Placer trivia on earth foreshadows misfortunes and tears, loss and frustration. If the dreamer just looked at the coins, the troubles would not affect him and the family.

If it happened pick up money from the ground, This foreshadows hard times: you have to tighten your belt and get ready for financial problems.

For a businessman, this dream foreshadows a ruin — a crisis will hit the business, companions will let you down, unforeseen circumstances will arise.

However if among the copper coins came gold or old, this bodes well for the effort. You are lucky.

See little thing in his house — to big troubles and troubles. Often, such a dream warns of a disease, the treatment of which is expensive. We’ll have to get into debt or squander savings.

May be treated by a dentist.

Recount copper coins — remember the injuries inflicted by relatives. To give someone a coin — to unpleasant quarrels with clarifying the relationship. Quarrels will occur with relatives / colleagues / relatives.

However, the differences will not be long and reconciliation will soon come.

Throw out coppers — to get rid of trouble. You will be able to independently overcome all obstacles encountered on the way.

Yes, and the obstacles will be minor.

Give alms to the poor — to release from problems, to the onset of a bright line in life. You will soon be on your feet and be able to help your loved ones.

Get paid in trifles — in reality, you will receive a much smaller amount than you expected. It will bring frustration to tears. However, you can rectify the situation: recount the trifle and give to the poor near the church.

This action will fix the situation.

Get change in small change — the money will go through the fingers. However, if the change was given gold coins — this is an unexpected profit.

You will receive a generous reward for your work.

See foreign or unusual coins — to amazing events in life. Perhaps you expect a trip abroad or meeting with a foreigner.

Collect coins in the fountain — to the great contentment, joyful events and happy coincidence of circumstances.

What dreams of money (trifle)?

Interpretation of monetary dreams according to dream books

Dream Miller interprets the money find as a sign of good luck, but not without hassle. Receive gold coins — to great prospects in life.

To steal money — to big trouble, a dangerous situation awaits. To see a trifle — to dissatisfaction in affairs, personal problems and troubles at work.

Persian dream book Taflissi He considers the vision of coins in a dream a sign of future wealth, especially if there were a lot of them. To receive coins from a high-ranking official — to get rid of problems and hardships.

Gold coins promise respect for others.

To see dark coins or old ones — to conflicts. If on a dark coin the profile of a person is clearly distinguished — to violent conflicts.

A crooked coin spells slander and blackening of the dreamer’s name, communication difficulties, and also probably imprisonment due to a false denunciation.

A very small coin foreshadows the birth of a child. Recount money — to family conflicts. Lose or steal money — deliver their own chores children.

Return stolen banknotes — to restore trust with children, to resolve an unfavorable situation.

Dream interpretation of Simon Canonit distinguishes the interpretation of sleep according to the metal from which the coins are made. Copper money — to trouble, silver — empty efforts, gold — to unprofitable business, false — to the loss of property.

Paying for a purchase — income growth, a lot of coins — to unexpected wealth, counting coins — to make good money, losing money — to failure, to lend — to hassle.

Numerological Dream considers Soviet coins of 2 kopecks as the conclusion of a bargain. The more coins, the more contracts can be concluded.

Also, these coins predict familiarity with profitable partners. To see foreign currency in denominations of $ 2 / penny / pound sterling — for the arrival of relatives.

The more such coins, the more trouble this visit will bring.

What dreams of money (trifle)?

Psychoanalytic dream book associates money with love energy, time. If there is little money or small dignity, it is associated with a lack of energy for the realization of the plan.

Sleep anxiety about money is associated with a waste of vitality. Counterfeit money symbolizes an incorrect assessment of the situation.

Waste of money in a dream — to waste of love energy, spiritual emptiness and loss of sincerity of feelings. Spoiling love energy happens when promiscuity.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova interprets silver money as a foreshadowing of tears and troubles, copper ones — there will be no luck in what was planned, gold ones — to grief, to give money — to wealth.

Dream Aesop believes that the vision of any coin spells tears: even gold. To see the rotten coins in the chest, which are scattered by touch, is in vain hopes and false dreams.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century interprets a trifle to unplanned expenses. To see pennies — to tears, brass — to deception, silver — to conflicts, gold — to wealth.

The glitter of money promises deception, the ringing of coins — to a losing business.

French dream book thinks: to collect money from the floor or the ground — to failure.

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