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What dreams of money — big paper bills

What dreams of money — big paper bills

Doesn’t someone love money? Even the most experienced and famous magicians sometimes feel a shiver in their knees if they see a pile of large bills in front of them.

These sensations are just as pleasant when crisp banknotes appear in the form of sleep.

What dreams of money - big paper bills

Particularly pleased that the dream, which includes a lot of money, almost always serves as an omen of something pleasant and joyful. It was noticed by magicians long ago, at the dawn of paper money. Since then, the view has arisen that a dream in which hands touch large bills will surely bring good luck and profits.

Why dream of big paper bills?

Big money is big luck

If the dream abounds in large bills, then this is a good sign. So good that you can even jump for joy.

Of course, there are exceptions, but we’ll talk about them in more detail below.

  • Big money — a symbol of success and well-being. Showing them in their dreams, higher powers hint at a quick replenishment of the wallet. The way in which profits will be made depends largely on the nature of sleep, as well as on the emotional state of the person.
  • A sleeping person finds money on the street. This means that the financial arrival will be sudden and very unexpected. Svetlana from Moscow saw a thick wad of five-thousandth bills. The next day, she discovered a large amount on her way to work. This is a very typical example, although, the truth is, the “finds” do not exceed twenty thousand.
  • A man holds in his hands a lot of money and can not understand where they came from. This sign foreshadows a quick increase in stable income. Perhaps a sharp promotion or increase in wages. Entrepreneurs can count on the conclusion of a number of lucrative contracts.
  • Money caught from the water. Sleep is ambiguous, but also speaks of financial growth. Most likely, you will have to make a little intellectual or physical effort to get money, but the result will exceed all expectations. One young American woman saw in her dream how she was trying to catch a package with a huge amount of hundred dollar bills from the lake. Three days later, the girl took part in a television quiz, where she had to answer five questions. The young lady won a half million dollars in a few hours of filming.

It looks fabulous, but the fact remains — the phenomenon of the dream of large bills means a quick replenishment of the budget. Examples show that these profits may be decisive in life, because we are talking about millions.

Fly in the wallet

There are “monetary” dreams that do not promise anything good. It is regrettable, but it is so: if the type of bills does not cause admiration, and the situation in which they are received, depresses and depresses, large losses and domestic failures are possible.

One of the regular customers of the famous interpreter of dreams, saw a large clearing strewn with large banknotes. The peculiarity is that the money was crumpled and dirty. Such a dream does not bode well.

A similar appearance of the bills indicates a loss and possible ruin. It happened in the case of a young man.

Two months later, his business fell victim to scammers, he lost profits, and the company closed.

The bills, which look quite decent, but come into contact with insects, speak about possible problems in personal life. There is a case when a woman who saw several large banknotes on which cockroaches crawled, found her husband after treason.

The family collapsed, and the woman fell into a deep depression. All this happened a few days after the ill-fated dream.

What dreams of money - big paper bills

When higher powers hint

Sleep is a reflection of life, its successes and failures. Higher forces seek to draw our attention to those moments that go unnoticed in everyday life.

For example, if you see in a dream a few large bills that are nearby, but it is impossible to take them in hand, then problems with colleagues or business partners are likely in the near future. This will lead to the fact that profits will fall sharply, and relations with people will deteriorate.

After such a sign, you should reconsider your relationship with others.

Dreamed that someone give money? It means that someone brazenly “throws” you.

Most likely, this is a very close person, possibly a child or spouse. And in a dream, money can be given to a completely stranger, but the catch must be sought exclusively in the environment of «our own».

You should be wary of dreams, but without fanaticism. If a bad sign arrives, sit down and analyze the situation. But never try to accuse others in people of deception, only on the basis of dreams.

Money is secondary, but relationships with loved ones are more important than anything in the world.

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