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What dreams of mom’s death: interpretation by dream books

In order to interpret why the mother’s death dreams, you need to remember all the details of the dream. A similar event in a dream promises a long prosperous life to one who dreamed of dead.

Death can mark the end of a relationship. The death of parents in a dream can symbolize the acquisition of freedom and independence from them.

Sometimes in this way the subconscious speaks of missed opportunities, unrealized plans. Special importance in the interpretation is given to the emotions of the sleeper.

Sleep can dream in anticipation of impending difficulties. If on the eve of a person experienced a strong shock, survived a quarrel, the death of a mother dreams as a result of these reasons.

Ahead of the dreamer awaits a period of establishing peace and understanding with her.

If in real life mom crippled the disease, death dreams to improve her condition, and also promises a long happy life. Under normal circumstances, the dream of living alive in reality, the mother does not foreshadow her death.

Violent death, death as a result of a catastrophe means that difficulties and obstacles are possible in the near future. It is recommended to postpone the planned plans, since the benefit from them will not be received.

If the death in a dream occurs due to a long illness, it is necessary to monitor the state of your health, to get rid of harmful addictions.

The death of the mother, occurring before the eyes of the sleeper, suggests that it is necessary to make efforts to avoid quarrels with loved ones. If the mother is not alive in reality — the dream calls for an end to the abuse of alcohol or smoking.

The death of a deceased mother in reality also dreams of omissions, conflicts; foreshadows the departure from the life of a loved one. HFrequently, a recurring dream is a sign of an impending important event.

The dreamer is also recommended to visit the grave of the deceased, remember, put a candle in the temple.

What dreams of mom's death: interpretation by dream books

It is necessary to take into account the nature of the relationship with the mother, interpreting the dream about her. A man who has had a dream should be more independent.

Son of this plot heralds a change in the biography of the mother. A cycle of events awaits her, and she will need the help of a child.

A girl dies the death of a mother to life changes: engagement, marriage, marriage, childbirth. Sometimes the interpretation of the dream for sleeping — to the death of her husband. When a deceased mother awake, a dream foreshadows difficulties and support from above.

Seeing her in the deathbed — to the deterioration of health asleep.

Often with a living mother a dream about her death dreams of a lack of communication with her.

Possible actions and interpretation of the dreamer:

  • Kill mother yourself — sign of internal conflict. It is necessary to set priorities in life, to refuse to communicate with people who do not cause pleasant emotions, to preserve the relationship from resentment, including with the mother.
  • Receive news of mother’s death — to the good news. For women with a dead mother — success in the personal sphere. It is recommended to put a candle in the church. Get the news in a dream about death, aching in reality — to a speedy recovery.
  • Choose attributes for the funeral — to large financial expenses. Someone will take advantage of the credulity of the sleeper.
  • Cry at the funeral — to receive financial assistance.
  • Talk to the deceased — sign of need for support.
  • Save from death — to the emergence of a difficult situation.

What dreams of mom's death: interpretation by dream books

To experience anxiety in a dream in connection with the death of a parent is a sign of aggression of the dreamer directed inside him; sometimes — the desire to eliminate any of the people.

Dreams of the death of parents often speak of rivalry between the son for the attention of the mother, and the daughter for the attention of the father.

Negative emotions to a dying person in a dream indicate an outdated relationship, a desire to get rid of guilt feelings, unpleasant memories. To experience the horror — there will be tests on the way to the goal.

What dreams of mom's death: interpretation by dream books

Causes of death of the mother also affect the interpretation of the dream:

  • Killing a Mother by a Familiar Person — in reality, she will complete a relationship or contact with him; other people killed the mother — this is a warning about future troubles.
  • Death at the hands of the killer, maniac — there are ill-wishers capable of harming the dreamer.
  • Parent knocked down a long illness — to serious illnesses.
  • Crash — dissatisfaction with personal life for a man. If a dream dreamed at the time of a quarrel with a parent — the desire of his son to regain confidence in the relationship.
  • Drowning — good news.
  • Heart attack — happy event.
  • Accident — a sign that it is not the time to start a new one, develop an acquaintance, change jobs.
  • Terrible diagnosis — for women — to favorable changes.
  • Old age — a sign that it is time to end a long-standing conflict.

If a mother announces her impending demise, a happy period will begin in her life.

The features of the image of the deceased in a dream matter:

  • if her voice sounded tense, angry — it is a symbol of warning about unsafe intentions, should be delayed or postponed;
  • friendly, friendly voice — a sign that the dreamer has chosen the right path: go ahead, take advantage of the chance.

If it is a dream that a person who is in a state of clinical death is dying — to the imbalance of the sleeper for a long time; dying sick — will face injustice in reality.

Other details of the dream and their interpretation:

  • someone talks about the date of mother’s death — the number means how long the hardships will disappear;
  • resurrection after death — gifts of fate and recognition of others; arrival of guests;
  • if mother calls for herself — health problems are coming;
  • see mother in a coffin — unexpected visit of long-absent people;
  • deceased in the house — the likelihood of thefts, breakdowns, emergency situations in the home; if she behaved with displeasure, she cried — a foreboding of quarrels in the house;
  • dies several times in a row — the plot is dreaming due to extreme fatigue.

The death of a mother can dream along with the death of other relatives:

  • mothers and sisters — a new round of events in the usual life; possible changes in the fate of the sister;
  • mother and brother — if there is a conflict with them, everything will be resolved safely; to improve their lives;
  • mother and father — if they were sick, a new stage in their life; in normal circumstances — a signal to the dreamer to rethink their actions.

Opinion of popular dream books and the meaning of the dream of mom’s death:

Dream interpretationInterpretation of sleep
WangiThe dream foreshadows adverse changes in the life of the sleeper and his mother, health problems
MillerThe dream of the death of a mother means the dream of the dreamer soon, if she is alive. If the mother died, the dream promises quarrels and scandals. Care should be taken in actions and statements. The late came to life in a dream — to unexpected purchases
NostradamusImportant changes for the better in personal life, awaiting the dreamer in the near future: the composition of the family will change, the position in the service will be changed. Some points will require urgent intervention. The deceased mother came to the house — to the trouble of a financial nature, losses, quarrels
FreudCouncil to pay attention to the mother. If the dream was attended by fear of what is happening — you should visit a relative who feels abandoned. Have fun in a dream — to joyful events. To see a dream of living when the mother is already dead — unexpected changes will come in the personal sphere
ModernDeath as a result of heart disease is an event that will bring much joy. Death by violence is a warning that efforts will not bear fruit. Death in the water — positive news is coming
PsychoanalyticMom expects a long and happy life

Sleep time also affects its interpretation:

  • from Monday to Tuesday — to problems in the family;
  • from Tuesday to Wednesday — often comes true, but it can be neutralized;
  • from Wednesday to Thursday — is not prophetic, displays household chores;
  • from Thursday to Friday — a complication in communication with the mother is possible, the advice is to reconcile with the parent;
  • from Friday to Saturday — often performed, you should pay maximum attention to the mother;
  • from Saturday to Sunday — sleep has the opposite and positive meaning;
  • from Sunday to Monday — a dream that should not be given importance.

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