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What dreams of milk in the bank for the dream of Miller, Freud

Full Milk Bank: A Short and Expanded Explanation of Sleep

As a rule, milk in a dream is considered a good sign, promising wealth and health. But why dream of this drink poured into a can?

How does the dream book look at him — like a “locked up” luck, or vice versa, like the fact that you have everything under control?

What dreams of milk in the bank for the dream of Miller, Freud

General interpretation

  • Some interpreters say: this dream promises success. Others are sure: he hints at the dreamer’s sexual attraction to someone.
  • Was there a lot of it? The more the better for your future!
  • Was the bank big? A good amount of money will fall on you, but it will be a one-time “flow” into your budget. On the contrary, the bank was small? You will receive money, albeit a small amount, but regularly.
  • If you held a jar in your hands and could not drink from it, although you had drunk a lot of milk before that, this is an alarming sign: you will seriously spend money.

What was this milk like?

  • Cow (less often — camel): life will soon enter the period of the white stripe.
  • Goat Did you get them to enjoy? If yes, then it’s in the hat — you will have a happy and secure future!
  • More rarely encountered. Dog: you fear their strong foes. Pork: you may experience mental illness. Fox: a happy event will enter your life. Mare: you know well how to take advantage of success in society, and soon he will come to you. Lion: soon you «put in place» of all enemies. Serpentine: you will do something noble. Other beast (wild): a dream promises to strengthen your faith.
  • Milk was human: trouble can happen to you or your loved ones.
  • It was fresh: you live according to the principle “I see a goal, I don’t see any obstacles”. Indeed, there is enough inner fire in you to achieve what you have planned. Dare and do not be afraid!
  • Was the milk in the can in a dream paired? So, the most joyful emotions await you almost tomorrow!
  • Sweet (maybe even condensed), and you drank it from the can. You are an infantile person who does not want to decide something — it is easier for you, so that others will «rule» for you with your life.
  • If it turned out to be hot, this is not a good dream. Be wary of property problems. For example, you can «get involved» in an ugly quarrel.
  • A similar interpretation has a dream in which you feasted on sour (sour) milk. Disputes, quarrels, unpleasant conflicts — this is what it promises you.

What did you do in your dream?

What dreams of milk in the bank for the dream of Miller, Freud

  • Why dream of milk in a jar that you drank or poured? To a rich life! And your income will be more than you can even spend. The second interpretation of this dream: you are hardworking and well know what you want from this life.
  • Did you drink goat milk? Soon you will be «surrounded» by a rich man.
  • Was it kefir (sour milk)? You will have problems — fortunately, they will end just as quickly.
  • Did you eat condensed milk from a shop iron can? Beware of injuries!
  • If you drank your own milk, this is a bad dream, hinting: soon you can commit meanness.
  • If you shed it, and not on purpose, this is a bad sign. Soon you will lose money (in the figurative sense of the word). Let’s say someone asks to borrow them for a while, vowing to return in a couple of days, but will never return them.
  • If you poured milk into a can, say, from a bucket — a dream promises success in business and well-being. Second interpretation: fate will offer you a choice that will affect not only yours, but also those of others. Before you decide, ask for advice from respectable, wise people.
  • You held a jar, pouring milk into cups (glasses) and treating other people: in order not to get sick, you need to keep your sleeves. Your health depends on you! Eat right, do prevention — and you will not feed the pharmacy.
  • Did you buy a can of milk in the market? Beware of scammers who will look honest, like innocent sheep.
  • You carried the bank in your hands: funds invested in a business will finally begin to pay dividends.
  • If the dreamer guy helped someone carry a jar of milk, it means: just around the corner meet the one and only. If you already have a girlfriend (bride, spouse), your relationship will again become hot.
  • You put this milk to sour: life will save you a “rake”, but you will cope with all the troubles.
  • You boiled it: a conflict will start around you, but you will be able to immediately cut it off, put it out.
  • Milking a cow (goat and so on) right in the jar: you will be respected in your surroundings. Your word will be considered.

Negative impressions of the dream

  • The bank was cracked or chipped: you are unhappy with your loved one (loved one). But the problem itself does not «resolve» — ​​talk heart to heart, maybe you can still return love to your relationship.
  • Did this “tara” fall out of your hands and break into small pieces? Your couple can break up like this. Hold on — this is fate, you were not made for each other!
  • Milk spilled in a man’s dream: a spouse or a child may get sick.

What would a famous psychologist say about this?

What dreams of milk in the bank for the dream of Miller, Freud

At the end, we offer to know the opinion of world-famous psychoanalysts. Yes, they also wrote dream books, and very successful ones, which are still popular. And that’s what secrets they can reveal to you …

Dream Miller

  1. According to this dream book, milk in a can is a symbol of a prosperous life, as well as health.
  2. Did you drink this drink directly from the glass “container” without pouring it into the cup? In this case, get ready for a great trip! Well, if you do not go anywhere, then you are destined to success in business.
  3. If you spilled milk, or even broke a can, that’s bad. Something will let you down: either your own health, or “unscrupulous” colleagues or business partners. A dream is interpreted identically, in which you are going to drink milk, but you see that someone has already emptied the jar before you, and there are only droplets left at the bottom.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. As the father of psychoanalysis assures, any vessel with liquid in our sleep is our own unsatisfied erotic desires.
  2. If the dreamer — a woman pours milk into a jar, the dream says: she will have a long love affair with a guy or a man.
  3. For a dreamer — a man, such a dream also promises a love affair, but in this case it is already a short one.
  4. If you washed the “tara” from under the milk, your subconscious mind says that you very carefully select sexual partners for yourself.
  5. To see milk in a can, which you drank, for a woman is a sign that she is ready to become pregnant, since she has already “grown” to motherhood. To the man, this sign says: he often wants to indulge in amorous pleasures, without burdening himself with any obligations whatsoever.

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