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What dreams of milk and basic values ​​for dream books

Dreamed milk — the correct interpretation of the dream

Traditionally, milk is directly related to health. Bogatyr health and recovery, if you are sick, to the shaky health, if you have not paid attention to your body for a long time.

We’ll have to temporarily switch to milk pockets. Milk in a dream will give strength.

For a woman, milk has the additional meanings of a good pregnancy, a strong healthy child who has enough milk for good nutrition in infancy. At the same time, milk is always a reminder of your own health.

Consider milk in a dream pragmatically — you got a sign, pay attention.

For most people in Russia, the opportunity to drink fresh milk is preserved in adulthood. In this case, the value is preserved — health, wealth, happiness, harmonious relations.

For people with lactose intolerance in adulthood, the value can be changed to infantilism, dreams of childhood, the desire for unconditional love.

What dreams of milk and basic values ​​for dream books

Basic Values

  • Milk in a dream is a female sign. If a man dreams of a dream, he does not have enough female attention. For a woman, the meaning is opposite — the flowering of vital forces.
  • Drink, enjoy the taste — you are all well and harmoniously.
  • Seeing someone drink is jealous.
  • You want to drink, but you cannot reach the capacity — disappointments and defeats on the love front are possible.
  • Add when cooking, boil — pay considerable attention to the family.
  • Spill milk, spill — tranquility, erroneous payments, optional waste, which can be avoided.
  • Bathe a child or husband to milk — indulge too much, choke with care.
  • Boils, burns, runs away — take care of the family. Anything is possible if you leave your loved ones unattended. Increased vigilance on your part will save loved ones from rash nonsense.
  • Breastfeeding — may be nearing replenishment in the family. It will not necessarily be a child. Puppy or kitten is also quite likely.
  • Milk a dairy animal, collecting taut jets in a large container — you have found your place in life and a good source of income. If, contrary to your efforts, there is no milk or there is very little of it — change your job, refuse to help “in friendship” for a nominal fee.
  • To be in the machine milking shop — perhaps you are a big manager or working in the banking sector. You are tired, get out to rest. Without family, without children, without friends. Choose a secluded island or noisy discos, but in a place where no one will recognize you.
  • Condensed milk — soon you will not be able to deny yourself some not very useful, but extremely welcome pleasure. Maybe you can sit with friends in a bar, or maybe you can pick up something more interesting. In any case, you really want it. Maybe you should not torture yourself? After all, if you can not, but if you really want, then a little bit is possible.
  • To wash stains from linen and clothes — you hide treason, real or imaginary. Milk in a dream can be not only milk, but also sperm. You can completely hide your secret desires even from yourself.

What dreams of milk and basic values ​​for dream books

Nightmares with milk

One of the most common nightmares is the following — you are a baby, your mouth covers a huge chest, you are choking and choking. As an option — the nutrient mixture surrounds on all sides or is poured out of a bucket so that it does not breathe.

Such a dream should be taken as seriously as possible and immediately go to a cardiologist. Problems with vessels and, accordingly, with respiratory system are possible.

You do not have enough oxygen. Perhaps there is excess weight, which has become a hindrance to normal well-being.

This nightmare is reflected in the fairy tale with frogs in the pot. Variant of sleep — you dissolve in milk, like a piece of butter.

These are painful manifestations and alarming signals that your body makes.

What dreams of milk on dream books

  • The dream-books of all nomadic peoples are convinced that milk in a dream is the most favorable sign. Sweet milk, fresh — fortunately and peace of mind, tranquility and peace of mind, wisdom. Bitter or spoiled milk — unfortunately. Fermented milk — to difficult decisions and difficult choices, perhaps even to fights and battles.
  • Bathe and splash in the milk — indulge, be capricious, show effeminacy and bad taste.
  • Acidified milk in the female dream book means routine, boredom. A female dream book warns — a cat or a dog, lapping milk from the dishes of a family — to serious losses. You will try to fool skilled crooks who pretend to be friends.
  • Dream Miller believes that the milk in a jug or bottle can dream only a kind and responsible person. According to Miller, the main meaning is kindness and generosity.
  • Dream interpretation Hasse suggests possible health problems. This is especially true for people who neglect treatment. Milk in a dream — a sign that it is time to take up the mind and abandon a number of excesses.
  • Gypsy dream book promises happiness in love. Milking a cow or a goat treats a gypsy dream book as a long courtship of the subject of sighs.

What dreams of milk and basic values ​​for dream books


To see milk in a dream can mean infantilism for a man, the need for care and maternal love — unconditional and infinite. We all sometimes want to go back to childhood, where it was warm, soft and safe.

Play with your wife in the baby, let her change your diapers and give a horn with semolina. But the rest of the time, the man is responsible for himself and for his family, that is, he ensures the very state of security that you lack.

Try to take the adult position, you will like it.

For women, milk in a dream is a sign of beauty, joy, prosperity.

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