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What dreams of mice in large numbers by dream books Miller, Vanga

Dreamed mice in large quantities — transcript by dream books

What dreams of mice in large quantities? After reading the dream book, we learn about it.

The image of mice is often endowed with mysterious content. They often became an attribute during divination. Many mice dream of difficult times and problems of different nature.

This can be a warning to be careful about money spending. The color of the animals will also matter.

For an accurate interpretation of such dreams, it is necessary to recall all the nuances of the vision.

Interpretation of various dream books

What dreams of mice in large numbers by dream books Miller, Vanga

Opinion psychologist G. Miller

  • Such visions foreshadow unpleasant problems at work or in family life.
  • It can also warn about the cunning of close people.
  • You killed many mice in your sleep — you will triumph over all your rivals.
  • A lot of these animals ran away from you — your way to the chosen goal can lead to a dubious result.

Explanation of the psychologist S. Freud

Many of these rodents predict adultery, the intrigues of enemies, the deterioration of the financial situation, failures in new projects, unsuccessful marriage. From them you can expect some trouble.

Interpretation Vanga

A large number of them predicts the death of the crop or damage to food stocks.

Dream for the whole family

A large number of mice — wait for complaints and comments at work and at home. The best way to keep calm in this case is to not pay attention to them.

Opinion writer Aesop

To see these animals in large numbers promises a good solution to all the problems of the dreamer.

French dream book

Such a dream predicts the malicious intent of a loved one in relation to you.

Explanation of Nostradamus

Many mice in a dream foreshadow a hungry period, war.

Persian dream predictions

A flock of mice in the house ate your clothes — to the near demise.

The dream of the Jews

A large number of mice — a warning to the dreamer, that against him detractors are preparing unpleasant surprises.

What dreams of mice in large numbers by dream books Miller, Vanga

What promise such visions in the financial sector?

  • Visions with a similar plot foreshadow a difficult stage in the life of the dreamer. Problems and various troubles are waiting ahead.
  • It also warns of financial difficulties.
  • The attic of the house was flooded with mice — a warning about extra money spending. You need to think about the effectiveness of your budget.

There are a lot of mice in the house.

  • There are many of them, but they do not annoy the household with their presence. Probably there is some unresolved problem in your home. Such a dream foreshadows her positive decision in the near future.
  • If they bring inconvenience with their presence and are not translated in the house — a symbol of a mysterious ill-wisher.

The color of mice is important for explaining sleep.

  • The animals were gray — a harbinger of failures and problems.
  • White, their color will symbolize success and happiness, the likelihood of marriage in the near future.

Interpretation from other sources

  1. A large number of mice, and small ones, dream of small, but frequent, cash expenditures.
  2. It may also portend health problems, body fatigue.
  3. They can also personify the envious dreamer, who can never equal him in status in society.
  4. To disperse these rodents means to refute all the slander in his address and restore the good name in society.
  5. Many mice may dream of rising food prices or disruptions in their supply. It is urgent to make a home supply of provisions.
  6. For women, such a dream may be a sign of disgraced honor and dignity.
  7. A flock of animals pounced on the table with food and eats everything. Such a scenario is a precursor of good news.
  8. During this, the dreamer chased them and eventually caught one mouse — the symbol of the end of idle life.
  9. Out of the whole pile of animals, one fell into a mousetrap — the forerunner of financial success. Possible expensive gift.
  10. They ran randomly throughout the apartment — will be a guest at the wedding in the near future.
  11. Himself chasing mice around the house — to the wedding of the dreamer soon.
  12. A flock of animals attacked you — unfortunately.

What dreams of mice in large numbers by dream books Miller, Vanga

What was the behavior of animals in a dream?

  1. They did not pay attention to you — a sign with a positive color, which heralds a change in the dreamer’s life situation for the better.
  2. If they were hostile to you, a recommendation to show a wait-and-see attitude.

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