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What dreams of mice and rats: interpretation by dream books

What dreams of mice and rats: the interpretation of the image by dream books

To see mice or rats in a dream is an ambiguous symbol, foreshadowing minor troubles, efforts, disagreements and quarrels with people. Also, dreams can have positive interpretations.

It is recommended to take into account even the smallest details of the image seen in night dreams: appearance, condition, quantity, behavior and reaction of rodents, their own actions performed with them, the terrain, the situation, the plot. If the mouse eats or drinks — it is worth waiting for an invitation to visit and feast.

Wet mouse hints that the sleeper will soon be in a ridiculous situation, it will raise a laugh.

The meaning of the dream may vary according to the gender of the dreamer:

  • For womandream about mice is a harbinger of petty household chores and chores. Soon the guests will come or some event will be celebrated at home. Dream about rats — a sign that in the immediate environment there is a hypocritical girlfriend, dissolving gossip and rumors about the girl herself or her family, man, acquaintances.
  • The dream of mice for men — a sign of looming work, meeting with a competitor. To achieve the desired result, you need to work hard, make the maximum amount of effort, otherwise the plans will not come true. Dreamed a rat — to betrayal, deception by a friend, relative or partner.

What dreams of mice and rats: interpretation by dream books

Initially it is recommended to try to remember what the animals were in a dream, what they looked like. Options may be as follows:

Appearance and conditionInterpretation
Huge, disproportionately largeIn some situation, the dreamer or the dreamer will behave like no one expects
SmallTo modesty and shyness in public
WetTo shame, shame, laughing at a man
Killed, dissected, decayingSomeone will want to do evil to the dreamer: steal money or things, slander, break something memorable
Sick, weakBig purchase will hit the budget seriously, save money
Lively, beautiful, activeTo a pleasant pastime in the circle of loved ones and household chores
Without a foot or bloody, cut, injuredTo vain purchase or financial losses
Home, manualTo the appearance of a quiet and modest girlfriend, friend, colleague
WildA person will want to find a common language with someone, but this will not work.
Little mouseTo small household joys and happiness

To dream of a flying mouse — to rethink some old situation, a new look at familiar things.

It is also necessary to consider how many rodents were in a dream:

  • See one mouse or rat — to petty trouble.
  • A few — to mess in matters.
  • I dreamed of a whole pack of mice and rats. — The enemy can set up a friend against the dreamer or the dreamer.
  • See a lot of rats and one mouse — to the environment of bad people.

What is important in the compilation of the interpretation is what color the dreamed rat or mouse was:

  • White — to the lack of money.
  • Gray — to fear, heightened emotionality and sensitivity.
  • Redhead — there will be a cheerful, cunning and dodgy acquaintance.
  • Black — to anxiety, anger and irritability.
  • Spotty, variegated — there will be some significant event.

If the rodents in their sleep were of some unusual, atypical color, a surprise will occur in real life that will turn everything upside down.

What dreams of mice and rats: interpretation by dream books

The behavior of the animal in a dream can say a lot about the real life of the dreamer or the dreamer:

Behavior and reactionInterpretation
AsleepIt will turn out to rest after a hard week of work.
Eats, drinksFor a feast, a celebration of something, an invitation to visit
Steals foodTo commit an insignificant but dishonest act, because of which the sleeper will torment the conscience
Plays, runsFor a fun but empty pastime
Fights with other miceTo squabbles, swearing, conflicts in the team
Sits on the head of the sleeper or runs on itTo the appearance of obsessive thoughts, bad ideas
On the heels of running for sleepingAcquaintance with a tactless, obsessive and stupid woman
They climb from a living person (clothes, hair)By meeting with a morally weak man or woman
Get out of a dead manWill be able to find out the truth about someone with whom communication has long ceased
Bites hard to bloodTo a major quarrel, conflict; someone will be very mad, make you experience a lot of unpleasant emotions
Gives birth to little miceSymbol of fertility, profit or death of someone from distant acquaintances

What dreams of mice and rats: interpretation by dream books

Own actions in relation to a mouse or a rat in a dream should also be taken into account, since they are the key point in drawing up the interpretation of the image:

Kill the mouse, hurt her, tormentTo cruelty, increased irritability for its part
Iron, play, feed, careTo the long-awaited rest, spending time with pleasure
Catch, hold, observe, considerTo finding a friend or friend
Eat cookA man or a woman is ready to accept his current position, to accept him
To dissectIt turns out to find out the truth about someone, using not entirely honest ways.
To breedThe man himself creates trouble, chasing something unnecessary, empty
Poison, kick outYou can’t get rid of allusions from an annoying person with a bad temper, you’ll have to express your feelings directly to him

Hearing a loud mouse squeak in a dream is a sign that a person will soon do something bad. It may be theft in a flat, a betrayal of a friend, unjustified expectations through the fault of someone you know.

If an animal is silent, being on its hands, you should trust your intuition and forget about your own fears: close people trust the dreamer, believe in his skills and abilities.

Feed rodents snakes or other predators — to meet their needs at the expense of others. If a man or girl renounces the welfare of another person, in the future will suffer from this and will try to correct the mistake of the past.

You should not think only about yourself and your success — it will not bring the desired results and long-awaited benefits from the planned event.

Terrain and setting also play an important role. The mouse can dream:

  • At home in bed — Someone is strongly interested in the dreamer’s personal life.
  • In the basement cellar — to petty affairs on the farm.
  • In a refrigerator — to poverty and material difficulties.
  • In the laboratory — to danger.
  • In the forest or field — to an unexpected meeting with someone in a memorable place.
  • In a cage — to stability, routine, finding a comfort zone.

Mice and rats in sewer pipes dream of problems, troubles, bad luck.

There are other interpretations of the image seen in night dreams. Some well-known dream books interpret a dream in their own way:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudRats and mice dream of sexual problems, disputes and quarrels with their other half, sexual dissatisfaction.
MillerAnimals may appear in a dream in the event that a major quarrel with someone from close people, comrades, girlfriends happens soon.
WangiIn the very near future, there is a general cleaning to be done;
NostradamusRodents dream of poverty, financial difficulties, lack of work
LofaMice or rats in a dream — a symbol of exposing a hypocritical comrade
TsvetkovaDream interpretation Tsvetkova believes that such a dream promises difficulties, troubles, deception and hypocrisy on the part of a loved one

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