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What dreams of menstruation blood: interpretation of dream books

What dreams of menstruation blood: the interpretation of dream books

One of the ambiguous interpretation and mystical is considered to be a nightly dream, in which menstruation blood dreams. According to esotericists, menstruation is a sign of female energy, the course of life, development and constant renewal. Such dreams are directly related to women’s health.

In popular dream books, the interpretation of sleep about the beginning of menstruation is different. What matters is the personality of the person who started menstruating, what was the nature of the discharge and where did the blood appear.

Menstrual blood seen in a dream can be interpreted in different ways. Interpretations in popular dream books:

Dream interpretationDecryption
MuslimRegards menstruation as something unclean and sinful. According to Muslim canons, a woman who dreamed of menstrual blood is evil, and she should pray and repent
AmericanHe interprets such visions as a sign of rapid changes — moving to a more comfortable place of residence, promotion, new acquaintances, marriage. But if the bleeding is abundant, then this indicates loss of vitality, lack of energy.
WangaIf a woman sees in a dream on her clothes the traces of menstruation blood, then she should be careful. There is a high probability to make a rash act that will adversely affect the future life
XXI centuryForeshadows a woman acquaintance with an influential and wealthy lover or a passionate romance, which will take a lot of strength and energy
PersianSuch a dream indicates a serious misconduct committed by a woman in reality.
EnglishThe menstrual blood flowing down the legs indicates that the dreamer made a mistake that has serious consequences.
EverydayIf a woman sees in a dream the monthly periods that started in her, then in real life she will be in trouble, due to her own fault. If at the same time she scrubbed someone else’s furniture with her blood, then soon she would need help asking for which she would be ashamed.

What dreams of menstruation blood: interpretation of dream books

Dream Miller interprets such visions depending on who had a dream:

  • Married woman — promises the onset of pregnancy.
  • Girl — is a signal that should pay attention to their own health.
  • Man — symbolizes his squeamish attitude to the opposite sex in the intimate sphere. If a man is married, this vision indicates problems with the reproductive function of his wife.

Painful, unpleasant, and abundant bleeding in a woman in a dream is a sign of serious female diseases in reality.

Sometimes this vision does not make any sense and visits the beautiful half of humanity simply because the time has come for the onset of menstruation.

What dreams of menstruation blood: interpretation of dream books

The interpretation of the dream depends on the personality of the person who started the period:

Who started the periodTreatment
Pregnant womanTo see in a dream, when bloody discharge suddenly began, it means an easy course of childbirth and the birth of a healthy child. There is a possibility of early delivery, but it does not affect the health of the woman and baby
Friend or relativeIf a lady has stained with blood the chair on which she sat or clothes, then she needs the help or support of the dreamer
StrangerMenstrual blood of outsiders, causing disgust, warns of imminent problems and troubles related to the intervention of others in the personal or intimate life of a sleeper. Perhaps the woman has a rival spreading rumors, or a man who has dirty intentions regarding the dreamer

If a girl dreams that menstruation came in an inappropriate place or was taken by surprise, then there is a chance to get into an awkward situation in real life.

A man who saw in a dream how a girl began to menstruate, or cowards and bed stained with blood, does not have respect for her on a subconscious level. He lost interest in her or suspects her of dishonesty.

Drinking your own blood — to the dangers and trials. Such a dream warns the dreamer that he needs to be vigilant.

What dreams of menstruation blood: interpretation of dream books

Treatment of sleep also depends on the place where the blood was found:

The place where there was bloodInterpretation
GasketThe blood on the pad speaks of the dreamer’s interest in the secrets of someone else’s life. Most likely, in reality a person has a reputation as a gossip. A dream indicates that you should pay more attention to your problems, and keep curiosity in check
Intimate placeIf it was assumed that during sex blood flowed from an intimate place, then we can expect a quick cooling between the partners. In real life, they will have a misunderstanding that will lead to a break.
LandIf the monthly leaked to the ground, it means a win or profitable business.
EnvironmentEverything was dirty — awkward situation, shame, shameful secret
ArmsSuch a dream is a dream for the arrival of guests

Decoding sleep depends on what was the menstrual blood in appearance and nature of bleeding:

Type and nature of bleedingInterpretation
AbundantTo losses, damages, parting with a loved one
Black blood clotsVisible black blood clots portend illnesses, personal losses or official troubles. They can be a symbol of financial losses and any negative events.
Pure bloodTo meet with relatives

Violation of the menstrual cycle dreams to the occurrence of difficult situations, to choose from which will have on their own.

To experience in a dream a great joy and a rise in feelings means a favorable outcome of the case in reality, even if the individual objects and details of the vision have negative symbolism.

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