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What dreams of meat on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Aesop

In a dream I eat meat — how to decipher correctly by dream books

Meat, appearing in a dream, can have many meanings, and its eating is always a serious and deep symbol, the meaning of which is rooted in ancient times, since people ate this product from time immemorial. To unravel the secret meaning of the dream and find out what the meat dreams about, you just have to open the dream book and check all the details of the dream the day before.

General interpretation

The significance of the picture seen in a dream depends largely on how the product eaten in the dream world was prepared.

What dreams of meat on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Aesop

  • Not a good sign — to eat raw fillets in the night vision. Such a dream foreshadows tragic news, feelings for loved ones, a difficult life period. Disorder of plans, grief and failure are possible.
  • Dreamed of eating with boiled meat? For sick people, such a sign portends recovery, and for healthy people — strengthening financial stability, increasing profits.
  • Eating fried meat in a dream suggests that the dreamer often obeys someone else’s will, does not live by his own opinion. A different interpretation promises dishonest acts, sins.
  • Eating meat with blood is a symbol of physical and spiritual satiety. Perhaps the disease as the dreamer, and his loved ones.

One of the interpretation options is the interpretation according to the fat content of the food:

  • Lean lean meat promises poverty and poverty
  • A bold piece of fillet predicts a dreamer a good deal

Terrible dreams

Such a frightening and repulsive dream in which the dreamer was able to eat human flesh, surprisingly, does not portend anything terrible. The omen obtained in this case is auspicious — foreshadows a pleasant journey in a short time, a bright life strip.

Another terrible dream in which a person ate himself, promises a loss of property. For a woman, such a night vision is the personification of the dissolute life that she leads in reality.

From the point of view of esotericists, to eat in a dream the meat of the representatives of their own species — to comprehend in vain knowledge of secret knowledge.

Other interpretation details

Meat eaten in a dream is not necessarily a solid piece of muscle. It can be cooked in the form of a dish. The interpretation of night vision also depends on what exactly lies on the dreamer’s plate:

  • Goulash — independence, deserved and hard-won
  • Smoked meat is a small but pleasant cash flow
  • Oven baked fillet — fortunately in communication with loved ones
  • Baked ham — to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Ham — a meeting with rich relatives
  • Bacon — low self-esteem, inconsistency with its own ideal
  • Delicacies — happy completion of ideas, deeds
  • Sausages — to prosperity, well-being
  • Sausages — to joy and fun
  • Wieners — a sudden event
  • Cutlets — a good and happy marriage

What dreams of meat on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Aesop

In real life, no one chooses foods randomly — everyone prefers the meat of a certain animal, starting from his diet or taste preferences. Those who happened to eat meat in a dream, when choosing interpretations, should also consider whose meat they ate:

  1. Eating chicken meat is a good omen, foretelling a smile of fortune, an increase in the family or personal budget, good luck in business. According to another version, such a dream foreshadows a person receiving gifts.
  2. Eating pork — to lethargy and malaise, to the progression of the disease, if any. It is necessary to relax, adjust your diet and take care of health.
  3. A beautiful sign and an excellent omen — there is beef in a dream. Such a dream promises the onset of boundless happiness in any life plan — from romantic relationships to work and business.
  4. Wake-up call — eat camel meat. If the dreamer is going on a trip, it is worth fearing infection with an exotic disease.

Dream Miller

In the interpretation given by this dream book, eating meat is not the most auspicious symbol as a whole. If a girl saw such a dream — in real life, on the way to the set goal, it is expected to have unobvious, and therefore unexpected difficulties and obstacles.

If the meat that she dreamed was cooked, her dream would come true with a stranger.

The raw product foreshadows an adverse life span, difficulties and setbacks. Feelings for relatives and friends are possible.

What dreams of meat on the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Aesop

Dream Vanga

Bad omen — the meat is dark red. It portends a serious illness, a serious illness. A dream in which I had to eat the meat of a wild beast is also not the best sign.

He predicts a person who sees such a dream, setbacks, difficulties and problems. Possible loss of property or death of a loved one.

A much more positive symbol is to eat meat that is unfamiliar to the taste. He foreshadows a bright life strip, getting rid of difficulties and problems.

An anxious dream in which a stranger invites the dreamer to get treated to jerky — this means that in reality, evil spirits are trying to seize the soul of a sleeping person.

Dream Aesop

According to this dream book, to eat raw food is bad news, which will be hard to perceive. An unpleasant life span followed by troubles will follow.

It is possible that you will have to worry about people from the inner circle.

Meat with thin bones is often a dream to the empty numerous troubles, which will have to cope, and lies from the mercenary sly.

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