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What dreams of many rats in the dream books Tsvetkov, Medea, Meneghetti

Treatment of all variants of dreams, in which many rats appear

For a more accurate interpretation of the dream and a complete answer to the question “What dreams many rats?”, It is necessary to take into account the attitude of the dreamer to these creatures. Everyone knows that these small rodents are sympathetic to many, but also a large number of people consider them vile and are afraid of them.

Dream interpretation will tell you both interpretations, but which one is right for you depends only on the attitude towards rats.

General interpretation

If the pups in the dream were small and generally looked like mice — the dreamer should be more careful, you also need to be more alert to suspicious situations in life. Inattention can bring great problems to the dreamer’s life.

If white wool is in rats in a dream, and they are drawn to the dreamer, it means that intuition will not fail him at the right moment, and he will be able to avoid difficulties.

If many rats in a dream run in different directions, and the dreamer fails to catch anyone, even a small mouse, this image personifies the experience of the dreamer due to past failures. Perhaps, similar situations have appeared on the horizon, and you are afraid of failing again, but you should not upset yourself in advance and wind up unnecessary thoughts, you already have experience in this, and you will be able to avoid the recurring difficulties that you have encountered before.

What dreams of many rats in the dream books Tsvetkov, Medea, Meneghetti

In night dreams, rodents run around the bed — for women, this image foreshadows problems that make the dreamer strongly disgraced. If a dream happened to see a pack of rats the size of a small kitten, or even more, you should not be afraid of them if they are friendly to the dreamer and do not take any dangerous actions.

Such a vision suggests that the dreamer will make a wise decision in a difficult question.

If in night dreams kittens miraculously turn into huge rats, it means inevitable changes, and they are caused by a person to whom the dreamer has dual feelings. You feel a sense of danger and not security, but at the same time he is attractive and adore.

Other interpretations

If in a dream it was possible to see many rats dead for not clear reasons — it is worth getting ready for protracted failures and problems in life. Such an image speaks of a difficult stage in the path of the dreamer, who is to pass, hoping only for himself.

The meaning of such an image will intensify if the dead rodents were in a meaningful place for the dreamer.

If in the night vision it was possible to kill many rodents, it means that all the problems of the dreamer will be resolved without much effort, the enemies will not be able to harm him and will be exposed. Such a dream also personifies you as an uncompromising person who is not ready to put up with the shortcomings of people close to you — you should change your opinion on this issue, otherwise the dreamer risks losing all his friends.

What dreams of many rats in the dream books Tsvetkov, Medea, Meneghetti

The dreamer was surrounded by rats, among which there were also mice — the dream indicates many complexes from which it is necessary to get rid of. But first you need to try to look fear in the eyes, — in fact, everything can have not so frightening.

  • White rats in a dream — a symbol of deception, profit and betrayal. It should be more careful with new acquaintances, especially with girls. Unnecessary contacts can create many difficulties for the dreamer.
  • The rat was gray in the nightly dreams — the dreamer should be less withdrawn and less likely to doubt his decisions. You need to find support on the side and develop willpower.
  • If in a dream the fur of rats was black — it is worth refusing changes in life until the best moment, otherwise the dreamer risks making a lot of problems due to thoughtless changes.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

As this dream book says, many rats in a dream are an unkind sign. Such an image carries in itself spiritual longing, disappointment in its ideals, longing for close people.

Dream interpretation offers the dreamer to be ready for any troubles in various areas of life, it is also worth to enlist the support of the most expensive people.

If you had a chance not only to see a lot of rats, but also to kill them, this is a good sign. Such an image says that now is the best time for the realization of the most intimate desires that once seemed impracticable.

These actions will bring the dreamer not only a lot of positive emotions, but also take him to a new career level, increase financial well-being and also have a good effect on relatives.

What dreams of many rats in the dream books Tsvetkov, Medea, Meneghetti

Dream Medea

The witch assumes that the image of a rodent in a dream does not refer to positive signs. Such a sign indicates a violation of the psychological state and its vulnerability.

Most likely, the dreamer is angry with the people around him or your reputation has been stained, after which you are burned with shame in front of close people. It is also worth remembering how many rats surrounded the dreamer, since it determines how unpleasant he experiences this state.

If a rat in a dream lay dead on the floor — you should pay attention to your health and conduct a timely examination, otherwise there is a chance to get seriously ill. It is also worth less to burden yourself, your body can not cope with the load that you perform.

If the dreamer was able to kill the mob of rodents on his own, this is an excellent sign: in the near future he will be able to take on the correction of difficulties in life, and this will be an excellent example for loved ones, and will also be able to strengthen his willpower.

The dream of psychologist Meneghetti

Rodents are exceptional creatures — this is indicated by their desire to grow close to the person, food, the place where they have all the conditions for life. They tend to harm their roommates and the habitat they occupy.

Such an image is compared to a vampire capture, for the dreamer he carries unkind news and symbolizes destruction.

When an image of a rat appears in a dream, it is worth getting ready for the loss of luck, the appearance of guilt feelings, the difficulties associated with the health of the dreamer, the depreciation of a close relative. Also, such a dream speaks about the nature of the girl — perhaps she is trying to subdue the dreamer, but for all she hides under the mask of attractiveness and good nature.

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