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What dreams of many chicken eggs?

What dreams of many chicken eggs?

Eggs are a symbol of the birth of a new life, the beginning of a new one. In Christianity, the main attribute of Easter celebrations are painted and consecrated eggs in the temple. Why dream a lot of chicken eggs?

This may mark the beginning of a new business, a new acquaintance or a meeting. Details of interpretation will depend on the features of the picture of what he saw.

What dreams of many chicken eggs?

General interpretation

It is believed that the image of eggs in a dream is especially favorable for businessmen / entrepreneurs. This heralds the conclusion of a bargain, the signing of a promising contract, profit.

For single people, this story spells a new meeting, and for the sick, a quick healing and body renewal.

What could be the features of the plot of the seen picture in a dream? The sleep scenario may be different:

  • you saw a lot of eggs;
  • you saw an egg of unusual shape;
  • the color of the egg had a certain shade;
  • the egg was rotten or somehow special;
  • you made concrete actions with the eggs.

See a lot of eggs are a good sign. This spells success and new beginnings in all areas of the dreamer’s life.

What can happen in life? The birth of new projects and plans, finding reliable business partners, meeting with profitable people.

Sometimes this story is a dream just to the arrival of guests in the house.

Unusual Egg, incredibly large, dreams of extraordinary events in the life of the dreamer: expects either incredible success or great luck, or something out of the ordinary — but with a positive value.

Have seen nest with eggs? This is a family well-being or finding a family for single people.

A nest is considered the most favorable symbol in dreams if it is not empty, but the testicles in it are whole and clean.

Collect testicles — to search for new in life. It can be a search for a new workplace, a change of place of residence, a new sensation in love, a life vocation or the second half.

Favorable sign: the search is crowned with success.

What dreams of many chicken eggs?

What does the color tell?

The color of eggs in a dream can be decisive for interpretation. See eggs of unusual color and forms foreshadows surprise, unexpected events and unforeseen circumstances.

Easter or gilded egg foreshadows happy events in the life of the sleeper. Black Tone Egg nothing good can bring to life a dreamer, except for the negative: sadness, pain, separation, trouble, and even trouble.

What does painting eggs in a dream? This story prophesies changes of a positive nature, luck and well-being.

Bright colors spell out bright unexpected events, joyful and favorable: a bright band comes in life.

Painting in black — a dreamer with his own hands will ruin his life. Be careful in conversations and actions.

To paint and decorate eggs for Easter is a good sign: a change in personal life awaits.

Snow white egg foreshadows success, fulfillment of aspirations and financial success, brown (dark red) — you have to make an effort to achieve the goal.

Broken and rotten eggs

  • Rotten eggs of any color carry negative symbolism in sleep and in reality. The integrity of the shell and the deceptive appearance of a rotten egg show: not everything is as good as it seems at first glance. A dream can warn of a false friend, a loss-making business, disappointment in love and even illness.
  • Eggs with blood inside show the inner state of the dreamer: the willingness to go over their heads, take advantage of the results of other people’s labor, to deceive for the sake of profit. Think of your soul — you will have to answer for everything.
  • See cracked shells — your business is in danger, you will not get the long-awaited result. Everything will go to dust. Sleep warns of unreasonable risk: be careful in transactions and your actions. All or nothing is a bad motto. Sometimes it’s better to just be a prudent person.
  • Broken eggs — failure in business due to mistakes or incorrectly chosen direction. However, you should not worry: everything is fixable, and there will be a holiday in your street. Sometimes failure in business frees the way for new beginnings, in this case the misfortune turns into profit.

What dreams of many chicken eggs?

The events in the dream

Remember what you did with the eggs? The plot may be different:

  • buy / sell;
  • Cook food;
  • search / find;
  • clean / eat / drink.

Buy testicles in the store / on the market — the willingness to accept changes in life, happily expect change.

Sell — you can miss the opportunity to become a little richer: fate gives a chance, but does not impose.

Find the eggs in an unexpected place — get a chance of financial enrichment. Also, this story may portend an important meeting with a new person who will become part of the dreamer’s fate.

Boiled eggs — a symbol of failure, emptiness. Moreover, the failure will comprehend the dreamer by his own misstep or negligence.

What could be a failure? In any sphere of life dreamer.

Brush the eggs — not good. The dreamer can become a victim of fraudsters or suffer financial losses through his own fault.

Likewise, a dream may portend boring, tedious work without the prospect of a good income.

Drink in a dream raw eggs — to important events. The interpretation will depend on the sensations of the taste of the product.

If the taste was pleasant, the important thing will end safely. If the dreamer drank and felt an unpleasant taste, the outcome would be unfavorable.

Other details of the dream

  • See dirty testicles — to obstacles and trouble.
  • See the germ — do not rush things, not time to reap the benefits.
  • Hatching chick — pay attention to only one case, do not grab everything at once.
  • The hen laid an egg — success is guaranteed, family happiness will be strong.
  • Around the yolk — to delays in business.

See in a dream chocolate eggs — to a romantic acquaintance and pleasant pastime. For couples who are in a relationship, this symbol foreshadows a new page of romance and love, new sensations and fresh feelings.

You reopen each other.

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