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What dreams of many cats and how to find the correct interpretation of the dream books

Why many cats have dreamed: interpretation features

What dreams of many cats and how to understand a dream with these furry, divine animals in some countries. The cat is a symbol of home and comfort, both independent and affectionate, able to be selfless and playful.

If the cat disliked someone — her revenge will be sophisticated and eternal. Cats do not forgive mistakes, indifference, betrayal, do not rush to carry out commands or joyfully serve, like dogs.

In this case, cats can be loyal, loyal, sincere. Cats protect their own — people and other members of the pack even at the cost of their own lives, ready to fight.

They also hunt, kill mice, rats and gladly share their prey — a mouse from a dacha or a neighbor rabbit.

The intelligence of these small animals is greatly underestimated — a person is usually ready to consider only direct obedience and strict adherence to commands as a sign of intelligence. That does not honor the person, but it suits the cats.

Do not be surprised if the dream does not have an unequivocal interpretation.

What dreams of many cats and how to find the correct interpretation of the dream books

Basic Values

  • Cats walk behind you, look into your eyes and deftly dodge touch — a warning of serious danger.
  • You feel comfortable among a multitude of cats and kittens — a streak of luck has come to grief to someone who decides to cross the road for you or even just not respectfully enough.
  • Red cats dream of money. Big ginger cat — to exceptional health.
  • Black cat — recovering from a deadly disease.
  • White cat means vulnerability in the face of danger. White cat means loyal friend or deceased family member. Spend the evening remembering only the good that your loved ones did to you.
  • Gray purrs, if they are benevolent and located to you — mischievous and thieves by nature. They will steal valuables from enemies and bring them to you. Just for fun.
  • To drown kittens in their sleep is an extremely ambiguous action. This means that you are ready for cruelty and sacrifice, especially at the expense of others. You will get success in business by paying for it with a lack of real emotional connections, friendship, family feelings. Do not rush to agree to these conditions, now friendship and love seems to you a low-value asset that should be sacrificed for the sake of a real win. The day will come when you are ready to give all the material just to try to reverse this decision. Unfortunately, the acquisition of wealth is much easier.
  • You hear cats, but you do not see them, you go to the sound, you are looking for, it seems to you that cats or kittens are calling for help. Be careful, an experienced manipulator in your surroundings, which will force you to do whatever you want. In doing so, you will be almost sure that this is your own decision. Stay away from charity, social care, especially lucrative deals, loans and purchases in installments. Specify all financial details when traveling and hiking with friends in advance. Find out who pays for lunch, do not agree to shelter out of pity a large girlfriend. You will be surprised that your credibility will only increase as a result of your refusal.

What dreams of many cats and how to find the correct interpretation of the dream books

What dreams of many cats according to dream books

  • The gypsy dream book of cats frankly dislikes and unequivocally asserts that this is for trouble. Running cats means something is stolen. Sit and wash — make sure that you have order in affairs, because something is wrong. A lot of cats — to the broth and to fight.
  • Dream interpretation The Wanderer also considers purring to be a universal evil, especially when cursing black and white animals. But the Wanderer gives advice that you can ward off evil by stroking a cat in a dream or in real life.
  • English dream book says that the cat dreams of such troubles as female self-will. Perhaps your spouse even dares to conceal her savings from her legal husband, or even leave her husband on the beans and start a successful business herself.
  • Sigmund Freud is inclined to regard cats as a secret deciphering of human sexuality. The tenderness of cats means a strong desire for sexual intimacy. Aggressive cats mean propensity for some sexual aggression. Buy pink fur handcuffs and a funny palm flip for a change. Do not start with black leather and harness. Most people have enough plop.
  • Wang believes cats in a dream a sign that the enemies are close and almost look into the windows.

What dreams of many cats and how to find the correct interpretation of the dream books


To dream a lot of cats is a good sign if they are kind to you, purring, chatting, rubbing their feet or falling asleep with you. In a dream, this may mean that you have acquired a whole host of assistant spirits who can help you out of any situation.

Friendly cats will bring you good luck, help you cope with health problems, and be able to arrange people for you.

If cats are unfriendly — you will not hold back. Something you have done wrong and should urgently fix, while there is a possibility. Sleep is a warning sign.

Predestination in a dream does not exist. If you get a warning — you have a good chance to avoid problems.

You can literally take a dream.

What dreams of many cats and how to find the correct interpretation of the dream books

In this case, buy a large package of cat food and go to an animal shelter. Do something good for the kids in the yard.

Put on a fancy dress and hand out sweets or arrange a show of soap bubbles. You may be able to remember who you hurt and achieve reconciliation.

Quarreling with a lot of even the most ordinary cats is highly undesirable.

The cat itself is a strong sign and it only depends on you how much you can get along with it, whether you are ready to build relationships, respecting someone else’s independence and not demanding submission. If you are able to find enough strength in yourself — the cat will become for you the best and most positive sign.

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