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What dreams of manure and the values ​​of organic fertilizers in a dream according to dream books

I dreamed of manure — especially the interpretation of different dream books

To understand what dreams of manure, causing disrespectful disgust to city dwellers, consider the basic real values ​​of manure in a dream. Manure in real life is a useful and safe fertilizer, the basis of a good harvest and well-being.

A lot of fertilizer also means a large healthy herd, that is, well-being does not arise suddenly, it is a logical continuation and development of your activity. To dream of manure — in most cases means hidden wealth, opportunities that, if used and applied skillfully, will bring a good result, an excess of harvest.

For success, you will have to put a lot of effort and knowledge, because the resulting surpluses must also be preserved and be able to profitably sell.

What dreams of manure and the values ​​of organic fertilizers in a dream according to dream books

Basic meanings

  • Heaps of manure — your field of activity. The more heaps — the higher the probability of success, but the scope of actions is assumed to be ambitious. Do not worry, fate will not offer you what you can not afford. If you are given opportunities, then you will be able to cope.
  • To walk on manure, rake it, scatter on the beds — these actions show your attitude to investments, investments. See if someone is working next to you. You may be able to find good partners.
  • Lying in a pile of manure, as if it is a comfortable sofa or a soft feather bed — you are prone to sybaritism, you have successfully placed the capital and you have a good chance to relax for a while.
  • With a bang to crash into a huge pile of manure, especially if it is warm and soft — you expect a luxurious holiday that will cost you decent money. Do not try to save — you risk to spoil everything. Enjoy. Sometimes you can afford to do what you want.
  • You are trying to feed the children with manure — you invest in the education of children, not taking into account their opinions and inclinations.
  • Horse apples — big money and meaningful gifts. If you admire horse apples, you are happy to demonstrate them to others, brag about it — you are not without vanity. Stop the ardor, until envious envy. Do a couple of good deeds and boast about them — at least you will have nothing to reproach.
  • Fertilizing flowers, especially in pots and pots, in greenhouses — you will succeed.
  • Search for something in the manure, discover value — your talent needs help and support from outside. Demand and get what you want.
  • Rake and take out the manure so that you see that it leaves the territory of your territory — to losses. Throwing cow cakes into the river is a waste. In the well — insane waste. Throwing pieces of fertilizer into people — wasting energy and money on senseless envy, striving to throw dust in the eyes, to demonstrate a high standard of living.
  • If in a dream, someone throws fertilizer at you — see if your clothes are dirty. If so, then problems are possible because of gossip and slander. If nothing sticks, you can pass by the gossip with your head held high — they just put the problems on themselves.
  • Putting a bunch of fertilizer on the dinner table — you are prone to disgusting lectures about how difficult you got everything, and how everyone should appreciate what you are doing. Most likely, you are really doing a lot, and you are underestimated. It is important to find another way to demonstrate your worth to others. Why do not you become a timeless vagabond at the time and not give up on the resort alone? If the state of affairs allows, do so.

What dreams of manure and the values ​​of organic fertilizers in a dream according to dream books

What does manure mean?

  • A female dream book claims that manure dreams to an enormous pleasant surprise. Maybe you will give a fur coat. Maybe a trip to Tahiti. In any case, one of your most intimate and strong desires will be fulfilled completely unexpectedly and suddenly. Spreading fertilizer on female dream book means the occupation of a professional activity.
  • The dream interpretation of the sorceress Medea assures that commercial quantities of organic fertilizers dream of being homely and serious people whose life will be exceptionally prosperous due to rationality, prudence and forethought. If there is very little manure, these are problems.
  • Dream Miller extremely favorably treats dreams with natural fertilizer. Pile up in a pile or flat cake — to profit, to see a pile of fertilizers on the road — to excellent prospects. If the smell of fertilizer is unpleasant to you, there may be problems and difficulties in implementing the plans.
  • Dung exotic animals — an elephant, zebras — you will be able to turn everything to your advantage. Feel free to grasp the chosen case. Your business acumen and ingenuity will allow you to succeed where no one understood how to achieve this.
  • Buried in the dung heap to warm up — to recovery, help from friends, you will be able to overcome the trials and achieve more.

What dreams of manure and the values ​​of organic fertilizers in a dream according to dream books


To see manure in a dream is a good sign, but you need to be able to use it wisely. It makes sense to ask the advice of relatives in the affairs.

Listen to all opinions, draw up your own action plan, avoid categorical people who are ready to take on the role of your boss and manager — they will also demand that you report on the implementation of your advice and recommendations.

Especially avoid the wise men who are willing to demand a share in case of your success. Use your chance to instantly recognize potential leeches, sticking and parasites. To secure a successful effect, use the ancient belief and try to visit the restroom on serious matters only at home.

It is believed that this will help maintain good in the family.

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