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What dreams of maggots from the dream books of Miller, Freud

What it means to dream of maggots: the nuances of interpretation

General interpretation of sleep. In real life, seeing the larvae of flies causes unpleasant emotions. In dreams they are basically the same.

Therefore, it is a reflection of your stressful psychological state in real life. There are many reasons for this.

For fishermen, maggots are a good sign, foreshadowing a rich catch, financial stability and success at work. The explanations for different dream books are different.

Much depends on the circumstances in which they have dreamed up.

Why dream maggots in a dream? After reading the following dream books, we learn about it.

Interpretation of various dream books

What dreams of maggots from the dream books of Miller, Freud

Modern dream book

  • The larvae of flies dream to unpleasant events. After such a dream, exercise vigilance in reality, trust in people around you should not be over-dimensional.
  • Maggots in a dream carry news of enemies. They are in close proximity to you and try in every way to harm you. Refrain to temporarily devote even friends to your plans. It will be safer for you.
  • Saw them in a bank or other capacity — you can become an accomplice in a bad event. Its consequence is unpredictable.
  • Touching worms in a dream speaks of your dishonesty towards other people.

Family Dream

  • To see the larvae of flies in large numbers portends problems that you could not solve before.
  • Maggots can also warn you about accumulated negative experiences and thoughts.
  • Try to find the causes of this condition and get rid of them. Otherwise, your business will go even worse.

Explanation of the psychologist G. Miller

  • You collected the larvae of meat flies for fishing — to a happy married life.
  • Seeing maggots near you promises serious trouble. You are unlikely to be able to avoid them, but still be more attentive when dealing with people around you.
  • Such a dream can also be viewed as a warning about the existence of imaginary friends, from whom at any moment you can expect a dastardly act.
  • In the dream, you calmly stepped over the accumulation of larvae — in reality you successfully surmount all obstacles, solve your problems.
  • We saw a room in which a lot of maggots. It symbolizes your doubts, foreshadows difficulties that will not be so easy to overcome.

Interpretation of the psychologist S. Freud

  • For females, these maggots indicate dissatisfaction with intimacy.
  • Men — a warning about the reduction of irrepressible desires in sexual life.

Interpreter of Azar

Maggots in a dream promise impending serious danger.

Explanation Vanga

Seeing these worms in a dream is a bad sign for business people.

The interpretation of the esoteric E. Tsvetkova

Seeing maggots on cultivated land is a good sign for agricultural workers. There will be a rich harvest.

What dreams of maggots from the dream books of Miller, Freud

French dream book

  • Dreams with worms flies — a sign with a positive color.
  • If they dreamed of the upcoming fishing — for a quick wedding, happy family life.

Psychoanalytic dream book

  • Seeing only one fly larva is a symbol of your unfulfilled childhood dream.
  • Many worms are a sign of your worries and anxieties.

Interpretations from other sources

  • To observe with curiosity for the larvae — to know your inner world.
  • They removed the maggots from their bodies without showing emotions — you are experiencing a crisis in love relationships.
  • Small-sized worms dream of little trouble, and large ones promise a difficult situation. Find a way out of it alone, you will not be able to.
  • Among the people around you will not be able to find a friend if you dream of magnets in your mouth.
  • Stringing moldy worm on a fishing hook — you will manage to outwit your rivals, overcome all their traps.
  • Seeing them in the garbage garbage foreshadows a rude conversation.
  • The crawling worms on the floor symbolize your arrogance.
  • It may also indicate your fatigue. You need a little vacation at work.
  • To buy maggots in the market promises financial stability, revenue growth.
  • Crush the larva that was under your clothes — means that your efforts will lead to a positive result.
  • Discover them in food — symbolizes your hidden enemy.
  • If you ate food with larvae and they were in your mouth — a sign with a negative color, which portends a serious disease. The treatment will be long.
  • To rummage in the garbage heap with maggots promises an unexpected financial replenishment, it is possible to receive a rich inheritance.
  • Woman to see on the body of a worm — to a small love adventure.
  • Destroying the larvae in a dream to men foreshadows success with the female.
  • See them under the skin of the face — to overcome all the obstacles in your way.
  • I saw a corpse with a large number of larvae and you did not experience disgust at that — luck and luck are on your side. Expect to receive material benefits.

What dreams of maggots from the dream books of Miller, Freud

Where the fly larvae met — it matters to explain sleep

  1. Seeing them in food personifies the enemy, which must beware. Think about who it may be from your surroundings.
  2. It can also be a warning about a serious illness that threatens you.
  3. They were in the fruit — foreshadows in a short time quarrels, scandals, offenses.
  4. Fish with maggots in it — close people constantly reproach you for your deeds.
  5. Worms on the body talk about your callousness, passion for enrichment, indifference to the feelings of others.
  6. Maggots in the mouth — recommends that you drastically change your life. This concerns the place of work and residence. Start living from scratch will benefit you.
  7. The larvae crawled out of your eyes — a sign that you do not want to see the obvious.

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