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What dreams of love in the dream of Miller, Winter, Tsvetkov

Love in a dream — meaning, interpretation of the details of sleep

Someone wise said that all art in the world talks only about love and death. Love permeates our whole life, starting from birth.

For many, it is synonymous with happiness, the purpose and meaning of life. Therefore, it is not surprising that love occupies an important place in such a secret and mystical area of ​​our life as dreams.

If even insignificant objects and phenomena in a dream have their own meaning — what to say about such a multifaceted and comprehensive phenomenon as love. Not only the objects of the dream mean something, but also the feelings that you experienced while traveling in the realm of Morpheus.

Find out what dream of love, you will help the dream book.

General interpretation

With the greatest likelihood dreams of love are dreams of those who are in love. When waking all thoughts of a loved one, they will not leave you in a dream.

If you dream of a man whom you loved before, it means that your feelings for him have not yet passed. The interpretation of the dream depends on how this person appeared in a dream and on his actions:

  • If your former sweetheart is in a great mood and you talk to him — a good sign, you will have pleasant meetings and moments that will bring only joy.
  • If this person in your dream was not in the spirit, and you want to quickly escape from his society — there is a danger of quarreling with loved ones and relatives, try not to provoke conflicts and not to succumb to provocations.
  • If former love in a dream insists on returning past relationships, unpredictable changes are waiting for you in life.
  • If in a dream you are again immersed in real events related to the person you loved before, and you are pleased to be in that dream — such a dream cannot foretell anything good, be prepared for trouble.
  • If you dreamed of a person with whom you were in love, but this did not outgrow anything serious — ambiguous situations will be resolved in your favor.
  • And if the dream was visited by the first love — this image is associated with nostalgia for the past. If such dreams are repeated, then it is time to stop living in the past. Also, this dream may lead to a meeting with a person who has not appeared in the dreamer’s thoughts for a long time, or exacerbation of problems that seemed to have been resolved.

What dreams of love in the dream of Miller, Winter, Tsvetkov

To love in a dream and to confess your feeling means that your good deeds will not be ignored and you will be generously rewarded for them. And if someone confesses his love to you, a close person will undermine your trust.

Interpretation of the love object

The correct interpretation of what was seen the day before will also depend on the person to whom the dreamer felt love.

  • If a sleeping person has a chance to see love for strangers, then trouble and quarrels await.
  • To be in love with a famous person — your hopes will come to nothing. Also, this night vision may mean that the envious persons secretly intrigue you.
  • Loving the child in the night vision — you are waiting for the most brilliant prospects.
  • If in a dream the parents have warm feelings for the dreamer — his actions will be correct and honest. And to feel the same to them — happiness will be stable and durable.
  • Experiencing touching feelings towards an animal — the success of a sleeping person is recognized by society. If the object of affection is a dog, a true friend will appear in life, and if the cat is a rival.
  • If, in a dream, your acquaintance, whose relations were not intimate with reality, was suddenly a loved one, you may have much more in common with him than you think.
  • A dream in which you love your close relative, says that you subconsciously want to learn something from him.

What dreams of love in the dream of Miller, Winter, Tsvetkov

Interpretation by action

From the actions of both the dreamer and the object of love, the interpretation of the dreaming dream will also change.

  • Carnal pleasures in a dream are a good sign, even if you are not engaged in them, but contemplate how they are doing next to you — such dreams foreshadow the successful completion of all undertakings.
  • If in a dream you are loved, and you do not reciprocate and say a decisive «No,» you will be lucky, but it will be unexpected.
  • If in sleepy dreams you succumbed to a frivolous fleeting feeling, your success will be just as short-lived, but it will be remembered for a long time, because it will be a real triumph.
  • Dreams of marital infidelity can leave an unpleasant impression, but they portend improved understanding between spouses, as well as wealth in the family.
  • An unexpected surge of tender feeling in a dream means the same unexpected loss of confidence in what you hoped for.
  • If you see those in love in a dream, failure awaits you, but if you find them in a moment of quarrel, you will not feel the need for money.
  • Mutual love in a dream speaks of happiness in family life, and not mutual makes you think about whether people close to you restrict your freedom.

Dream Miller

If you dreamed of a loved one — you feel comfortable surrounded by those near you.

If you rejoice in someone’s love, the dream book interprets it as freedom from pressing troubles in the near future.

If you are loved in a dream, and you do not experience anything in return — you will have to face a difficult choice between family and career.

What dreams of love in the dream of Miller, Winter, Tsvetkov

Dreams of Dmitry and Hope of Winter

If a bright and pure feeling in a dream inspires you, the dream book prescribes to preserve this state after awakening, then all your affairs will go like clockwork. This dream foreshadows a happy life filled with interesting events.

All-consuming passion in your dream promises quarrels and failures in business. And if this passion is directed in your direction, all your plans will be ruined by an unexpected event.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

According to the interpretation given by this dream book, love is a good sign. If you had a dream about falling in love, both from your side and towards you, consider yourself lucky — only happiness awaits you, and your work will be rewarded!

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