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What dreams of long hair: interpretation of the dream

Why dream of long hair: the interpretation of the image of the dream?

To see long hair in a dream is an ambiguous sign that can foreshadow both positive and negative events. Usually such an image, seen in night-dreams, is interpreted as a symbol of vital energy, a surge of strength, a change in the internal state, psychoanalysis, self-digging and reflection.

It is recommended to pay attention to the smallest details of the dream: color, structure, number, location of hair, own actions performed with them, as well as the storyline.

There are other sleep decoding, if you believe various famous dream books.

The meaning of a dream can vary depending on the sex of a sleeping person, as well as his age:

  • Adult woman the image portends contentment with itself and its present position.
  • Man sleep promises success, a favorable outcome of all cases and increased motivation.
  • Little teen girl — to narcissism, beautiful appearance, joy.
  • Elderly man see himself with gray long hair — to the wisdom and respect for others.

The guy or the girl dreamed the hair of his second half — to the admiration of his chosen one or the chosen one.

What dreams of long hair: interpretation of the dream

Initially, you need to try to remember what your dreamed hair was. Options may be as follows:

Characteristics, hair descriptionInterpretation
ThickTo the emergence of some new opportunities, well-being, stable life situation
RareTo troubles, misfortunes, illnesses and troubles
Split, dryTo the appearance of some kind of problem
Beautiful, healthy, brilliantTo luck, happiness, prosperity, financial wealth and inner harmony
Falling out, weakenedTo diseases, adversities, disasters, lack of joy and happiness in the life of a sleeping person
WetTo change and occurrences
ConfusedTo troubles, troubles, disappointments and sorrows
Smooth, shiningTo success, fulfillment of treasured desires, luck

Died hair on the shoulders — to the realization of ideas. Up to the belt — to receive more than expected.

To heel — to the fulfillment of the cherished desire.

Also of great importance is hair color:

  • Black dark — to the charm of someone, the strong influence of someone else’s opinion.
  • Redhead — to the cunning and resourcefulness of the dreamer in some worldly situation.
  • Light blond, blond — To calm, inner harmony and openness.
  • Gray-haired —To wisdom, gaining new experience or knowledge.

I dreamed of dyed hair of some non-standard, unusual color — a symbol of adventures, incidents, surprises and vivid life.

What dreams of long hair: interpretation of the dream

The key point in the compilation of the interpretation of a dream about hair is the storyline, as well as the actions performed by a sleeping person. For example:

CombThe time has come for a great life change.
Wash, careTo care about yourself, active work, new plans and goals
Braid braids, do hairstylesIt is necessary to overcome difficulties, obstacles, after which something positive will come
Shear offTo trouble, unhappiness, weakness, poor health, and wasting a lot of money
Rip them out of my headTo irritability, aggressiveness, severe stress and increased nervousness
View, admire in front of the mirrorTo a sense of their own beauty, attractiveness, sexuality
PaintTo changes in yourself, reflection, self-digging
Watch stranger with long hairTo get acquainted with a charismatic and interesting person

Long, elegant hair that I had to cut off for some reason (because of tangles, dryness of something else) is dreaming — much to the disappointment of reality, not justified by the hopes and expectations. If they grew up in front of their eyes again, they could avoid difficulties and problems.

What dreams of long hair: interpretation of the dream

If the hair in a dream was not on the head, but on other parts of the body, it is important to consider this:

  • Long hair on the legs —To psychological discomfort or material needs.
  • On the genitals — to an awkward situation, dissatisfaction with yourself.
  • On the face —For fear, anxiety, excitement, anxiety.
  • On the back — to shame, awkward position.

If the hair dreamed not on the body, but separately, it is recommended to take into account exactly where they were:

  • In food — to disgust, regrets.
  • In the mouth —To reproaches, irritability and heightened emotionality.
  • In the drain stock —To troubles, misfortunes, illnesses, and poor health.
  • On the pillow — to experiences and search for a way out of any situation.

To walk down the street and see a long braid hanging from the window — to the charm of some nice girl.

There are other, different interpretations of the dream of long hair. Some popular dream books decode the image in a completely different way:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudThe symbol of depravity and looseness in intimate life. Sleeping man waiting for innovations, experiments in sex, the acquisition of new fetishes
MillerMiller deciphers a dream as a sign of frivolity, charm, short-sightedness and committing rash acts. Take care of hair — to think, think, correct your own mistakes and stupidities
NostradamusLong, beautiful, well-groomed hair (may be a girlfriend, boyfriend, girlfriend, boyfriend, man) dream of success, luck, luck, vitality. Tangled, dirty, dry — to misfortune, minor troubles, dissatisfaction with themselves and lack of initiative in business
HasseDream interpretation interprets the image as a sign of harmonious relations with loved ones, love, respect. To walk with loose curls or wash them — to anxiety and anxiety
LofaLong hair can dream of health problems. Curl curls, do styling or haircut — to a quick recovery
WangiDreams in which hair is present symbolize warmth, peace, well-being and inner harmony
AesopDream interpretation foreshadows sleeping man wisdom, prudence, meaningfulness in their own actions, vitality, happiness, inner harmony
MeneghettiTo see yourself with long braids in a dream — to attractiveness, narcissism, self-satisfaction
TsvetkovaDream interpretation calls to pay special attention to the details of sleep: gray hair — to minor troubles, combed and smooth — to grand life changes, braided — to overcome barriers and obstacles in getting what you want, falling out — to the loss of a friend, girlfriend, second half due to adultery, deception, betrayal

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